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Faul McCartney's Abbey Road Shoes

On Late Night with David Letterman in July 2009, Faul said the Paul is Dead "rumor" started when people noticed he was not wearing shoes on the cover of Abbey Road, which is actually not true, but that is beside the point.

Abbey Road has been viewed as an important source of PID clues. It has been theorized that the four walking across the street on the album cover represent a funeral procession. John could symbolize the funeral director, Ringo the undertaker, Faul the corpse, and George the gravedigger. Faul's being shown barefoot is believed to be a clue of Paul's death because corpses are buried barefoot. It may also be a Sicilian and Mafia symbol of death. [source: Officially Pronounced Dead] (To see more death clues on Abbey Road, please visit Officially Pronounced Dead - Abbey Road)

Faul has given a couple of different explanations for why he appeared bare-foot on that album. In this interview, he said "I was bare-footed because it was a nice day. And on a nice day, I don't like wearing shoes." From paul is dead - the rotten apple 32 n, at 03:46:

In the interview with David Letterman, Faul says it was a hot day, so he kicked off his sandals and decided to walk across the street barefoot. I find it hard to believe that someone would choose to remove sandals (or flip-flops) and walk across hot pavement that perhaps had broken glass, cigarette butts, or the like.

Then Faul's sandal story changed again. In an interview from November 25, 2009, he says, "I had a pair of uncomfortable shoes that hurt my toes. After [a] few minutes I decided to walk barefoot." [from Paul McCartney : A new Interview in an italian newspaper] So, what was it? Was it that it was too hot or that the shoes were uncomfortable? Or was it indeed a clue to the fact that Paul was dead as so many have surmised?

On a side note, it is interesting how Paul & Faul had different size shoes.

paul is dead - the rotten apple 74

Here is a reverse-speech clue about Paul being dead, in which George Harrison sings, "He never wore his shoes, we all know he was dead"

It's Johnny's Birthday (Paul is Dead Clue)


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  1. Great as usual, Tina!

  2. "So, what was it? Was it that it was too hot or that the shoes were uncomfortable? Or was it indeed a clue to the fact that Paul was dead as so many have surmised?"

    But why publicize the clue or clues and then deny their significance?

  3. "But why publicize the clue or clues and then deny their significance?"

    It seems the Illuminati reveal the Truth in coded symbols, even if they openly deny the significance. There are too many PID references in songs & on album covers for it to be "coincidence."

  4. "It seems the Illuminati reveal the Truth in coded symbols, even if they openly deny the significance."

    Why reveal the truth at all if we're not supposed to know it? Why reveal the Truth in coded symbols or in any manner and then deny its significance? What's the point in doing that?

  5. I think it's a matter of honor for the Illuminati. They do consider the sheeple to be too stupid to figure it out, but they also don't want to be figuratively shooting people in the back. They reveal the Truth with their coded messages symbols. Then it's up to the people to figure it out - or not.

  6. Tina, Tina Tina, Tina, Tina, Tina, Tina sang Eric Burdon in River Deep Mountain High. You are a Gemini and so was Paul. Is Faul a Scorpio or an Aries? That Abbey Road barcode had an inverted 666 but you knew that.

  7. Hi Tina,

    I have looked at many of your comparisons and I must say that they look quite good. Do we have any proof of certifying that some of these comparisons are 100% (or close) accurate, besides the forensic evidence? Such as the foot comparison, pupil distance, height differences etc. I know some of these were made by devotees of PID but they need to hold up water in order to retain their legitimacy. Are these completely dead-on accurate? I would love them to be.

  8. A couple observations:

    Faul is just as tall (if not a smidge taller) in this photo than both George & John. And a pair of shoes probably would have given him an *extra* 1.5" in height. Weren't all 3 supposed to be the same height??

    Also, look at their positioning (you can tell by their feet). You'll notice Faul is the furthest away from the camera -- which gives the optical illusion that he's shorter than he is in reality.

    Conclusion? They didn't want a tall Faul!

  9. Have you heard about this clue Tina?

    It's from George's solo song Johnny's birthday

  10. I think Paul was replaced in 1962 and his replacement replaced in 1964.

    1. There is no evidence for that. I think that is just disinfo meant to confuse the issue.

  11. I think most of the evidence for multiple Paul's and Faul being there since the beginning comes from Doctored photos. Photos of Paul Made to look faulish and photos of Faul to look like Paul. When you look at Vintage Photos You only see to Paul's Paul and Bill.

  12. I have gone way past the stage of just wanting to know if he is really dead so I could properly Mourn him...I have moved on past the car accident theory, I am in firm belief he was Murdered and the stage was set to look like an accident...My question is...In the picture of the Dead Body(supposedly Paul's) who wrote the Magical Mystical Boy across his upper torso.


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