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Say Say Say What? Funny Faul Flubs (Paul is Dead/PID)

Faul McCartney is constantly dropping hints that he is not the real Paul McCartney. He admitted to being the double on Late Night with David Letterman in 2009:

Faul said "I had a couple of jobs in factories" before becoming a Beatle. I have yet to come across a biography of Paul that says he had one factory job, much less "a couple!"

In a 1963 interview, Paul was asked about working. He did not say anything about having a factory job.

Q: "But you've been working since '58, haven't you?"

PAUL: "Well, yeah... not working, you know. I mean, strictly speaking we've been out of work since '58 and we've been doing this as a hobby. 'Cuz we've only been doing it as semi-pros. I left school and went right into it. And we were only sort of picking up a few quid a week, you know. It really wasn't work. I think the main thing is now that, as we've got ourselves a bit of security... we don't really have to worry, at the moment anyway, what we're gonna do after it. So we don't."
Faul says the Beatles were a "set up affair" when he joined them. This definitely does not jibe with "official Beatles history." Paul joined the Quarrymen. He co-founded the Beatles. There is a difference. Someone who started a band would not say they "joined" it.

This is a video of Faul in Red Square (Moscow). At 2:48, he's asked about what was the most unusual rumor about himself. He says he "can't think." Personally, if there were a world-wide rumor going around that I was dead, I would probably remember it. Also notice how he flips off the interviewer. Then at 4:45, he's asked if he's "natural or double." He says it's a "secret and he can't tell you." Then he "baas" at the sheeple.

Faul winks at the camera when the interviewer mentions all the time they'd been Beatles:

From "Sir Paul McCartney confronts the ghosts of his past": "People who know him say there is the real McCartney and there is Beatle Paul. 'I’ve learnt to compartmentalise,' he says. 'There’s me and there’s famous Him. I don’t want to sound schizophrenic, but probably I’m two people.'"

From the November 2007 British GQ magazine article, "Sir Paul McCartney Man of the Year 2006": "... And here I am, after the Beatles, after Wings, the whole thing. It's just fantastic. I can't believe I'm him - but I am, baby..."

Faul says he thinks of Paul McCartney as "him." He says he wakes up thinking "am I really that guy that is in the same body as I'm inhabiting?"

In this interview clip, Faul says: "But you know, I don't imagine I am him 'cause otherwise it would just blow my head off."

Is that a clue as to what happened to Paul? [See Paul, they had him murdered]

In this interview, Faul admits to not being Paul:

"In America, I was asked a thousand times if I was Paul or his clone. I prepared a ready-made answer: 'I am neither Paul nor his clone, but I went out last night with your wife.'"

If Faul were Paul's clone, he'd look more like him!

In this interview off of the Anthology, Faul says he was 1 1/2 years older than George. George says Paul was 9 months older than him.

Paul McCartney was born 18 June 1942.
George Harrison was born 25 February 1943.

I think maybe Faul is forgetting details of his cover story.

Faul admits to not having written "Yesterday":

Notice how he flips off the interviewer in the beginning.

In a 1996 interview Faul said: "I've always had this thing of him and me; he goes on stage, he's famous, and then me; I'm just some kid from Liverpool. Occasionally I stop and think, I am Paul McCartney, feckin' hell, that is a total freak-out!” [quote at]

Our boy Faul admits "Paul McCartney's dead, of course."

Faul's explanation for the why he was wearing a black carnation in "Your Mother Should Know" from the Magical Mystery Tour turns out to be... unpersuasive. Brian Moriarty caught him out:

Then there's the black flower on this Magical Mystery Tour photo.

Paul offered a curt explanation for this oddity in the Life magazine article.

He told the reporters, "I was wearing a black flower because they ran out of red ones."

At the time of the scandal, the Mystery Tour film had been unavailable for nearly two years.

It was out of public release until 1974.

If it had been accessible, clue hunters might have wondered why Paul believed they had run out of red flowers, when the movie clearly shows him being handed a substantial bouquet of red flowers, and then dancing around the room with them, during the same scene in which he alone stubbornly continues to wear a black one.

Are we really supposed to believe that Paul McCartney, the director of the movie, could not have obtained a matching flower to wear in this scene ... if he really wanted to?
[Source: Who Buried Paul?]

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Faul admits to not being HIM. He's just masquerading as the famous guy:

Faul said he joined the Beatles at the same time George Harrison did in this video at 3:14:

However, according to official Beatles' history, Paul joined the Quarrymen 6 months earlier than George did:
20 July 1957. Pete Shotton ...happened upon Paul McCartney on his bicycle in Woolton, stopped him and said that Lennon wanted to invite Paul to play with The Quarry Men.

Paul, of course, agreed and was right to do so. After all, we all know what happened next. The greatest performance and composing duo in the world - Lennon-McCartney - was born on 7 August 1957 at the Cavern Jazz Club, Matthew Street, Liverpool!...
January - March 1958, Liverpool. The Quarry Men continue their performances... Incidentally, on 6 February at Wilson Hall, George Harrison, a fanatical guitarist and close friend of Paul McCartney, meets The Quarry Men for the first time. It is here, after a short and very good-natured and friendly session playing the guitar with the group - as every one recalls it - George is accepted into the group. The Quarry Men now include John, Paul, George, Len Garry, Eric Griffiths and the pianist John Lowe, nicknamed "Duff", who played with them occasionally...

I think Faul is forgetting details of his "legend."

Update 1/20/12: Faul has made another statement referring to "himself" in the third person. It seems bizarre unless one realizes that he is simply a Paul McCartney impersonator.

Paul McCartney to release a new song he sang to wife Nancy on wedding day
by Simon Boyle and Mark Jefferies, Daily Mirror 21/12/2011

In the radio interview last night, McCartney also said he found it strange singing Beatles songs that he composed so long ago, saying: “In a way, someone else did write them - it was a 24 year old me.

"And I look back on him and think, I’m looking at his writing as if he’s, like, another person, some of the lyrics thinking ‘that wasn’t bad - it was good the way he did that.”
Yes, Paul was quite the talent!

Sir Paul McCartney reveals the special way he wrote The Beatles hit songs with John Lennon:

“So it was like a repeat of that process, and so he was John, basically, and I was Paul.”

Faul has also admitted that the Beatles' 1965 Shea Stadium concert was before his time.


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  1. The American in the Imagine video with Lennon is on the ball in his private investigation of PID. It is unfortunate that Lennon had to refer to such truth seekers as "fooking middle class kids coming to my door with long hair waiving a peace sign" to paraphrase. Whatever you believe. Lennon was not completely honest in interviews.

  2. Lennon's last words: "I do not want to be a martyr!" Yet that is exactly what Yoko has made him (in the name of commerce). The NYPD was corrupt. It is only since Rudy and 911 that the Big Assle became the gentrified corporate dickmasturbatorship that it is now. As for Faul, Pepper Boy can kiss my ass. James Paul McCartney listes shaving as one of his dislikes. However, Faul is seen shaving with a brush in the Red Rose Speedway booklet as well as the Little House on the Wee-Wee inspired video for Gay, Gay, Gay.

  3. Larry King, clueless fellow that he is, thought Something was written for Olivia. Faul's favorite Beatles song is "You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)" an unmelodic and gay piece of crap released three years after it was recorded as the B-Side to "Let it Be". "For You Blue" is about Paul (the hue of Faul's Pepper uniform). "I Me Mine" is the superior Harrisong from Let it Be. It is seldom played on the radio.

  4. If Ringo was murdered and replaced, perhaps it was in Canada where he was the victim of anti-sematism based on his looks. Yes I know he is a gentile. I may believe in the Zionist conspiracy theories but do not let such posts encourage you to be bigoted. Judaism is not satanism. There are always a few rotten apples controlling otherwise well-meaning religions.

  5. Astrology and other esoteric tools of spirituality are withheld from the masses by the Vatican. Read Linda Goodman's Star Signs. She said Satan hims-elf would be in a high position in the church (karma).

  6. In The Lost Beatles Interviews by Geoffrey Guiliano, Denny laine says that the genius of Paul is in his simplicity. Perhaps songs like "Blackbird" are easier to compose, play and fake on left-handed accoustic guitar if you are a right-handed pianist. The best thing Denny Laine did was playing second-fiidle to Faul? I think not. Stealing Bessie Smith's thunder with "Go Now"? I think not? Shagging Jo Jo? Yup(py) is what you are, bitch!

  7. Faul barely plays bass in the studio in Let it Be. It's mostly guitar and keys. He runs through the notes of "Long Winding Road" on the bass. Paul McCartney was a courier after the Beatles were deported from Hamburg. He of course used the alias Paul Ramone in Hamburg. Joey Ramone nicked the name. I was a courier in the States in the 90's. I delivered to an office in Hillsdale, NJ in which there were framed LP covers of Faul's unholy trinity of Let it Be, McCartney and Ram (it up the ass).

  8. "Substitute" is about Faul. "Penny Lane": "The Fireman never wears a Mac." "Fakin' It" by Paul Simon has lyrical allusions to "I am the Walrus" and musical allusions to "Strawberry Fields Forever." My mate was standing on the corner in Manhattan in 1990 when he spotted Faul through a restaurant window. The vegetarian winked and gave my bud a thumb's up (a gesture Heather Mills later told him to refrain from on stage).

  9. Back in 93 I inquired at a local Cockbuster Video outlet as to obtaining Let it Be. The young lad panicked and told me they were in the process of re-editing the movie before it's re-release. I bought Magical Mystery Tour on VHS in 84/85 when it first became available. I noticed Faul in the back of the bus and that he told the old lady he was thirty despite that James Paul McCartney would have been only 25 at the time. The video wasn't available until then (mid-80's) and shortly thereafter disappeared. A version was shown on TV shortly after I bought the video at a Mom and Pop shop in Hackensack, NJ (I had to order it). Bitch in store was paranoid too. The version on the telly was higher def than my VHS copy. Why is Faul caged in a device in the water when he is interviewed in the Anthology movie? For more Faul in Kenya pics consult the Anthology book.

  10. Still I wonder why the PID clues pre-date 1966? There is the Hamburg photo of Paul playing dead while the other three pay respects in a mock funeral pose. Was that just facetious in light of Stu Sutcliffe? Butchy's Tunes aka Yesterday and Today predates his alleged death in 66. Rubber Soul is from 65 as is Help! A still-sealed copy of the US Help! from the 60's is being sold on Ebay for over $1300. The Capitol logo on the cover compromises the BE AT LESO clue as do the Flowers in the Dirt on Pepper.

  11. People think Faul is lucky and a genius. James Paul McCartney was born on the 18th. Not a fortunate numerological vibration according to Linda Goodman's Star Signs. It is tje Jesus Christ number and surely JPM was crucified. Faul would be a genius if he wrote and performed both the pre-1966 and post-1966 songs. Call me a conspiracy theorist but no one can prove the truth as the powers that be are corrupt. SOE = Special Operations Europe + Sony Online Entertainment = Sorcerer of Evil.

  12. Back in the early 90's me Mum played me a cassette of a Christian woman who claimed there was a young woman in her parish who was rejected from entering a satanic ritual backstage (under the stage in a hidden corridor) at a rock concert because the satanists picked up on her Christian vibes. The woman on the tape said the group was the Grateful Dead but she was incorrect.

  13. Here's a small one:

    In 1967, a fan wrote to Faul (posing as Paul) if "his" songs were influenced by the works of Shakespeare. Faul wrote back that "he had no interest in Shakespeare". Paul on the other hand, loved Shakespeare and theatre plays in general.

    If I find the link, I'll post it here.

  14. James Paul McCartney R.I.P!!!!

  15. I think if there was Paul McCartney look alike contest today this would bring awareness to the masses on Faul posing as Paul. We could definitely find a better double today than Faul thus proving the obvious. Any good ideas on who to pitch this to?

  16. Plastic Macca,

    I am recently researching on how Faul treated Paul's family and the things he went to are atrocious. JPM treated his stepmom Angie and his stepsister Ruthie with much kindness (and of course Jim, his biological father) but with Faul it's just horrific!

    In the 1970s, after Jim died (Faul didn't even attend his funeral), Faul kicks Angie and Ruthie out of the house that JPM himself bought them for a lot of money. They were reduced to living in a vacant building and applying to the labour exchange. In 1980, when Angie asked for financial help, he refused her with a nasty reply.

    No wonder JPM's family didn't dare cross with this son-of-a-you know what!

    I swear if JPM ever knew this, he'd be doing 360s in his grave.

    Have you ever found something like this, PM?

  17. An amusing piece from an interview last year:

    Billy Boy claims to have almost quit the Beatles in the mid-60s due to "stage fright", but was "fine" when they went to the studio to record Sgt. Pepper. This guy just loves to beat around the bush, doesn't he? Using "stage fright" as a code for the switch is pretty clever to use on the sheeple fans. And anyone who knows anything about the true Paul knows that he was undoubtedly the most enthusiastic performer. He also had the hardest time accepting the idea of not touring anymore in 1966, in fact he was the only Beatle who wanted to give it another shot.

    Yet some more rewritten history from our favorite imposter.

  18. Found a rather hilarious quote from Billy Boy.

    In the mid 1970s, when told by a fan that she loved "him" since 1963, Faulster replied "Oh! I can't remember back that far!"

    Oh the delicious irony of it all.

  19. Born in the late 70's, I was not around when this conspiracy theory first made the media rounds. I was at first a little freaked out about the possibility that this was true. I've done some research on my own and read others reviews and have come to the conclusion that the movie “Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison ” is a hoax. Perhaps PM really is Faul. But the voice in this movie sounded like an actor and much too staged to be real. And with modern technology as great as it is, I don't understand how taking the tapes to three different forensic labs could prove inconclusive. After all, there must be many hours of old t.v. appearances, interviews and such to compare it to.

    1. My guess on this one is that it is a fake target. By moving the discussion into 'is or isn't' (to be or not to be) one frees the mind to hear the content of what is being said: it doesn't matter if it is Harrison or not. It's the 'song' that is important here, not the singer. The whole story makes more sense there being Faul. As to the dates, we are in a Relativistic Universe: time doesn't move necessarily forwards, but up and down and sideways too, in our mental lives. It is only the body that gives the impression of ageing.

    2. I'm the same as May 2012 10:49 PM above, Miguel Oniga from Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. On second thoughts, the only bit of information that would make a near-perfect fit of it all would be if Paul's death occurred not in Nov. 66, but in Nov. 65: that justifies the clues appearing as soon as Rubber Soul, leaving open the question of the 66 tour, which was so disturbed by Lennon's Jesus remark that maybe the confusion helped. It's still a bit moot, though. Let's keep on and see.

  20. ^ The general consensus among PID Truthers seems to be that “Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison" is disinfo meant to discredit PID. It's a bad "George" voice & they float ridiculous theories - they're trying to distract from sound forensic evidence Paul was replaced.

  21. A few years back we could have put Faul on Trisha an' given 'im a DNA test, an' some rice 'n' peas.

  22. In Nov '12 a new movie is coming out, "Faul of Paul McCartney". I wonder if it too is going to be a disinfo flick.
    See trailers on youtube.

  23. The latest album from Sir Paul McCartney is titled "Kisses on the Bottom". This phrase comes from the lyrics of the Billy Williams' song "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter". All very legitimate-sounding. However, I wonder if it is not Faul's way of saying "kiss my ass" to the millions of sheeple that he has successfully managed to fool and fleece for all these years. Its the kind of thing the arrogant Illuminati would do.

  24. Also, the album is laid out in such a way that it looks like Faul is telling Paul to kiss his ass. Unacceptable!

  25. The evidence is overwhelming and the Kisses from the Bottom LP immediately rang with me - Kisses from the bottom of the grave. It immediately jumped out and made me wonder - is he telling Paul to kiss his ass; and he has pulled off the greatest impersonation of all time? It certainly appears that way to me and the Heather Mills interview where she states "I had to get out - I was deceived. It was not that he committed adultary; it's something where if the world new; they would never believe or accept it anyway."

    RIP are missed.

  26. Am I correct that the tapes of George were made in the hospital just after George was attacked? How composed and relaxed would you sound just after being stabbed in the chest/lung several times? Also, if George wanted this to be public, he would have made sure it was verifiable.

  27. By God! Anon 12:46 is right. Faul exudes such arrogance and BS.

    When he famously baaaah'd at the crowd after that question period why didn't anyone ask him in a fairly loud and unfriendly voice,"Hey, who do you think you're baaahing at? Us? You better not be!"

    Too bad I wasn't there. I speak up about things like 9/11, WACO, Apollo MoonLies, Cancer Fund EXTORTION etc. Nobody can shut me up and I don't care who they think they are.

    I think people really are sheep sometimes, though.

    Best Regards to all!

  28. I think all of this could be true about faul!! However sometimes you just have to say let it be.....
    miss u John and George.
    p.s. That definately was'nt harrisons voice

  29. what about this thing with heather mills that you are discussing about ? did she give any interview about the subject ? and if she did,where can i find it and read it ? thank you -

    1. Just look up Heather Mills she was born in 1968 how cold she ever be the mysterious Rita....


  30. I'm really grateful for the existence of this website. I've done some research and the more I dig in PID, the more I see the truth. It's a shame that there aren't many out there who know the truth because maybe they are in denial or just plain sheeple who are easily manipulated.

    RIP Paul...

  31. I was 8 when the Beatles hit america. I loved the music, and Paul. After Sgt. Pepper I lost interest in their music. I never gave very much attention to the death rumors. After looking into this just recently I'm convinced Faul is not Paul. I came with an open mind, I had no per-concieved ideas either way.

    After looking at the 1965 Shea Stadium concert, the Aug 1966 Candelstick Park concert and, the 1966 LA interview. Among a zillion hours of other info and interviews, etc. They are all Faul. So, they were phasing in the faul guy with the whole groups consent. My theory is that Paul wanted out of the group, the rest wanted to stay in so the faul alternative came into play. In the 1966 Memphis interview Paul looks bone tired and fed up, tired of being asked about the Jesus statement, being mobbed by fans, etc.

    I don't think they knew who they were dealing with in concocting this deception of replacing Paul. I believe he was assassinated, (they weren't going to let him live and possibly mess up their deception), and, it was made to look like a car accident. I believe it was done on September 11, 1966. (They love that date.) Hence the announced date of November 9the is a flip on the real date. The rest of the group figured out Paul didn't die by accident. I believe Brian Epstein's was also murdered.

    Also, all the little obnoxious clues Faul gives I believe is his way of asserting himself. He doesn't want to completely lose himself in a false identity. A way of not being completely subsumed into the Paul identity 100%. Because then he would go insane. He says so many times.

    -Rebecca Beckweth

  32. Its definitely not the same guy pre and post 66. The one pic post 66 the supposed jpm looks more to me like Donovan.

  33. Rebecca I'm a new person to the blog.I had the same experience-I was eight also growing up in NYC. I loved Paul as a child--the perfect little girl crush--o sweet with those big eyes! My older sisters and I always have made fun of Faul. We call him Grandma Paul because of his blousey post surgical face. His music post Beatles has been silly and saccharine. I thought how could he sing this crap--now I know.It takes a while to see it the change-then when you do wow! I actually mourned JPM for several days. Has anyone does an analysis of Help! ? The sacrifice to Kali etc. I watched it a year ago and noticed that throughout the the film John alone, not Ringo, is wearing something red,a cap, a scarf etc. Was he the real sacrificial victim?.

    Thank Tina--great job! .

  34. Well, at least he came up with something more than "It's a drag, isn't it?" for George. Notice he's holding the microphone in his RIGHT hand when answering questions in the USSR, if that's where it was. I'd heard that George died at Faul's house to prevent deathbed confession.

  35. Interesting to see Rebecca's comment and another poster's above. I was ALSO 8 years old when the Beatles hit the States. I loved them, of course, but John was my favorite - I loved his looks and his sarcastic sense of humor and smarts. Loved that nose too, lol. I was about 13 when the PID controversy broke the first time and was quite fascinated by it then - all the DJs were really hooked into this and going over the material in depth - but I didn't believe it. I just thought it sounded nutty and it was a PR stunt. Frankly, as Rebecca said, I also lost interest in the Beatles after Sgt Pepper. I missed the cheerful, high energy, positive pop and didn't like the meandering, kind of negative psychodelic stuff they were putting out. Although I've always loved A Day in the Life and Strawberry Fields - possibly because they're just such creepy, otherworldly songs.

    Somehow, within the past year or so, I became aware again of the PID controversy and have done a lot of research. Thank you, Tina for making all this material available to us and doing SO MUCH WORK! Phenomenal job! Now, in maturity and with the Internet available to review all this info, I can see that Paul WAS replaced and the rumors were true. I basically came from the same position as the two Italian scientists - not believing this idea, but then the facts force you to. These are at least, 2 different guys....and maybe more. Reading the Memoirs of Billy Shears also confirmed it for me as there's just too much detail in that for it to be fiction. It would have to be the greatest work of fiction EVER!!!

    I understand also the significance of this - if they can replace someone as famous and recognizable (we think) as PJM....who CAN'T they replace?

    I guess everyone has their theory about what happened. I'm not sure Paul actually died, but just wanted to retire, or possibly got too sick to perform. I remember reading that he was having a lot of health problems in '66, esp on tour. Maybe he had some real sickness and that's what he was staying at DOCTOR Asher's house! Not to see Jane, but to get treated by Asher, who was also a hypnotist. Paul might even still be alive today which is a reason for so much confusion.

    Or maybe he did die in a car crash as so many think and as the original rumor ran. I ALWAYS listen to rumors because I find that they usually have a core of truth. Unless the govt plants them, but the original PID rumors in London seemed to be organic.

    I also wonder, considering how into the occult and magick the Beatles seemed to go as time went on, if Paul was a sacrificial victim to "pay" for the Beatles success. Sounds awful, I know, but sometimes I think these extremely successful people have to pledge something or someone they value greatly to pay for their success. Maybe beforehand, maybe afterwards. Look at how many celebs suffer such tremendous losses, esp of children. I'm not even saying that there's real devils involved, but just that the people who believe in this occult stuff, may be perfectly willing to make the sacrifice of a loved one. Maybe, as the Beatles probably did, they regret it later but you can't take that back. Part of me really suspects this is what happened.

    At any rate, just looking at all the physical evidence it's clear that Paul had doubles, perhaps they all did. It's very common with celebs at that level, esp politicians. Paul probably missed some performances, a double stood in. And eventually the double took over. We can SEE it.

    Again, Tina, thanks for the phenomenal work, and you've made a tremendous impact!

  36. Paul in Red Square, Moscow - that is a right-handed man - no question - he holds the mic in his right hand.
    But the giveaway - watch particularly how he is caught by surprise and catches the bouquet that is thrown to him - and how he first carries the guitar that he is given as he walks away - that's a right-handed man!


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