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PID Shout out from Stewart Swerdlow

A couple of weeks ago, this appeared on the Stewart Swerdlow website at

Paul McCartney
Posted: December, 21, 2009
I have just been doing some research on Paul McCartney may of died in a car accident in 1966 and was somehow replaced with a double in 1967. He was replaced by a man claiming to be called Bill Sheppard. They say a row broke out between band members and Paul walked out of the studio in a drunken frenzy got in his car and drove very fast he also picked up a women hitchiker. Theirs rumours that the original Paul didnt want to go along with the agenda in promoting the hallucinative drug LSD at the time and the entertainment industry wanted to use The Beatles in promoting it apparentely.

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Stewart's Reply: True, I wrote about this a while ago. It is a very old story, but one that appears to be correct.

I am very excited that PID is getting more exposure. I would also like to thank Stewart Swerdlow for linking to this blog. It is only a matter of time before the Truth will come out about Paul's & other people's replaCIAments.

~ Tina
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EDIT: This was posted on Stewart Swerdlow's site recently:

Paul McCartney
Posted: January, 03, 2010
Having spent a fair bit of time examining the evidence for and against the Paul McCartney is dead theory my conclusion is that it is extremely unlikely that he died and was replaced. Just look at him and see if it seems to be the same genetics being expressed. To my eye and ear his physical characteristics and mannerisms match completely.

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Stewart's Reply: I have also examined it and see a big difference in bone structure, facial features and height. To me, it looks like a different person than the original. I guess we each have to decide for ourselves.

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. WOW! This is the first I have heard about Paul McCartney being replaced. I have been going to Stewart Swerdlow's site for a while now and trust his information. I will also have to look into this and decide for myself now.
    Here is an older post from on the topic as well:

    Paul McCartney
    Posted: July, 09, 2008
    What do you know about the theory that Paul McCartney is dead (and a double lives on in his place since 1966)?

    Inquring minds would like to know.

    By the way, Heather Mills stated in a recent radio interview that if the public knew the real Paul they would not be able to handle it. Hmmmmm..........

    Stewart's Reply: I think this was on my site last winter. I do believe it is a good possibility that he was replaced. The physical evidence is impressive.

    Thanks a lot for opening my mind to new possibilities, I'll be going through your site and researching this for a while.
    I have started my own blog about the Illuminati and power of the mind with inspiration from Stewart Swerdlow. Come by and check it out

    Keep up the great work, and keep digging!

  2. I do not know for certain if the Living Man known as Paul McCartney passed away in 1966 or not... However, I have a VERY GOOD EYE AND EARS, and I believe the real Paul may have gotten tired of Beatlemania and so much attention. What if, he decided to leave the Beatles and they found a good replacement? The real Paul does not have to be dead for this scenario to work. In some photos, it appears to be the actual Macca, in other photos, it is obviously a different Macca... I was in my late teens in he mid to late 60's. When Magical Mystery Tour came out, I thought something had happened to McCartney.. He didn't look right and his vocal differences were in my face but, I never thought for a moment, that it was a different Paul......... We=mc2

  3. Stewart Swerdlow is a con artist, a fake, a fraud, a liar and a scammer. His opinion on Paul McCartney is irrelevant and as usual is a wishy washy response because he does not know what he is talking about. Just ask his ex-clients about how useless Swerdlow's advice is. He has no interest in really helping people and could not care less about his ex-clients. Why would you value the opinion of a total nutter like Stewart Swerdlow who tells everyone he sodomized to death 300 children on the Montauk Project? The Montauk Project never even happened and was a fake story made up by Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and Stewart Swerdlow. Go to Bielek Debunked and you will realize that Swerdlow is a scammer who dupes and hoodwinks people with his fabricated backstories:

    The list below also shows how Stewart Swerdlow is a fake, a fraud, a joke, a great pretender and a con artist. No wonder Swerdlow the Swindler makes such useless predictions and has so many upset ex-clients:

    1) Stewart Swerdlow cannot speak 12 languages or understand the basics of Hebrew.
    2) Stewart Swerdlow does not have any hyperspace language capabilities at all.
    3) Stewart Swerdlow is not psychic or clairvoyant and has no ability to read people's auras.
    4) Stewart Swerdlow was not on the Montauk Project because it never actually existed.
    5) Stewart Swerdlow plagiarizes and steals other peoples research all the time and pretends it is his own.
    6) Stewart Swerdlow never had a great-uncle called Yakov Sverdlov in Russia and has no genealogical connections to Russia.
    7) Stewart Swerdlow has no ancestors from Russia and has no other famous ancestors anywhere whatsoever because his genealogy has been researched.
    8) Stewart Swerdlow is not entirely heterosexual and his wife knows this and so do his ex-clients who think he is a highly perverted homocentric weirdo.
    9) Stewart Swerdlow despises the work of true researchers, psychics and clairvoyants and belittles them whenever and however he can because he is jealous of them.
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    11) Stewart Swerdlow has no empathy or compassion and uses his clients for money for his own lifestyle and fake superstar prestige.
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    14) Stewart Swerdlow actually thought that dihydrogen oxide was toxic and dangerous when it is actually the chemical name for water.
    15) Stewart Swerdlow believed that a frozen wave was photographed on the shore of Lake Michigan and used this to justify his fake climate theories.
    16) Stewart Swerdlow thought an artist's painting of an underwater iceberg was real and mass promoted it without realizing it was fake.

    Whatever happened to Stewart Swerdlow being a 'hyperspace intuitive'? If Swerdlow really was a hyperspace intuitive how is it that he has never made a prediction that has actually happened? Why do most of Stewart Swerdlow's ex-clients have awful testimonies concerning the terrible advice Swerdlow has given them, which have caused them psychological problems? Well the answer is Stewart Swerdlow is a deceiver and a con man who is not qualified to give advice to anyone. Now Swerdlow has gone and got himself a fake doctorate in alternative medicine and deprogramming when in reality Swerdlow stole his hyperspace information from Maryanne Johnston who was a half German, half Native American healer that Swerdlow knew. She was a real extraterrestrial experiencer. People should ignore Swerdlow.

  4. Nothing that Stewart Swerdlow says should be acknowledged. Swerdlow plagiarizes his information from many other researchers and then writes crap books like Blue Blood, True Blood. All Swerdlow did was take lots of information segments from other researchers and then stick the information together in BBTB. That is why when you read that book it is a chaotic mish mash that meanders all over the place. Many people who are close to Stewart and Janet know both of them are scammers and deceivers. Swerdlow has always been known as a con artist, liar, fraud and fake anyway.

    Stewart Swerdlow tells people he has three souls in his body and then has the DNA of 22 alien races. Now Swerdlow the Swindler is telling people he has Scorpion DNA, Bear DNA, Lion DNA and Dolphin DNA. If any human had all those different kinds of DNA they would obviously not look remotely human. Swerdlow is a total bullshit merchant who has zero clairvoyant abilities and relies on buzz words, lingo, gimmicks, constantly reinvented fake backstories and his foolish stage act of always trying to appear profound.

    Many of Swerdlow's ex-clients state he likes to deprogram them in the bathroom of his and Janet's place in Wyndwicke Drive, Saint Joseph, Michigan whilst filming the deprogramming. Apparently according to two ex-clients of Swerdlow the Swindler, he likes to have sex with female clients and uses the Preston Nichols homoerotic deprogramming techniques for male clients. So Swerdlow is obviously bisexual. Most people have realized that Stewart Swerdlow is a con artist and liar because he has made up so many lies about himself to pretend he is someone special, that in the end Swerdlow has lost all his credibility and become a total joke. His books are so full of disinformation that it is ridiculous. Like when Swerdlow talks about the U2 spyplane that was shot down in the 1960s over the city of Sverdlovsk. Swerdlow is a complete idiot because the U2 spyplane he is referring to was actually shot down in 1960 south west of highway P-351 and Verkhneye Dubrovo, which is an urban locality in Beloyarsky of the Sverdlovsk Oblast. An oblast is a county or large political region. It is not a city like Stewart Swerdlow stated. This shows Swerdlow is a complete fake, a fraudster and a con man who cannot even get his facts straight when inventing his silly backstories.


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