Saturday, July 10, 2010

PIAgents at Macca Funhouse

Paul McCartney (left) vs. "Faul" (right)

Macca Funhouse (MFH) is a forum that was established on Proboards that "specialize[s] in debunking the PID hoax clues and theories." MFH members attempt to keep the fact that Paul McCartney was replaced from becoming common knowledge by using harassment techniques to intimidate and dissuade PID Truthers. MFH members have a history of defaming their opponents, violating privacy rights, and violating Proboard’s terms of service agreement and community guidelines.

Two MFH members,
SilverHamer" (sic) and “TheBug©®," posted my name, address, photos of my house, and other private information on an MFH thread that has since been deleted by Proboards. Their intent was clear. Because publishing private information raises some safety concerns, they were obviously hoping to intimidate me into silence.

The disparaging remarks about my professionalism and business that were on the thread constituted per se defamation, which is a false and defamatory statement concerning another’s professional character, which is published to a third party without permission. Defamation is an on-going problem at MFH.

In publishing private information and engaging in libel, “SilverHamer,” “The Bug,” and various other members have violated Proboard’s Website Terms of Service (“TOS”).
They are specifically in violation of 18. OBJECTIONABLE CONTENT, in that they violated the agreement to
[N]ot use the Website or Services to upload, post, transmit, display, perform or distribute any content, information or materials that: (a) are libelous, defamatory, abusive, or threatening,... harassing, .. ; (h) violate any provision of this Agreement or any other ProBoards agreement or policy, including without limitation ProBoards' Community Guidelines; or (i) is generally offensive or in bad taste...
Under 19. PROHIBITED USES, members agree to “not: (a) "stalk" or otherwise harass any person, .or contact any person who has requested not to be contacted; ... (f) harvest or otherwise collect information about ProBoards users, including email addresses and phone numbers; ...” The MFH member, “Kathryn,” has engaged in stalking, in that she contacted me numerous times in the past after being asked to stop.

MFH members have also violated Proboard’s Community Guidelines
, by posting prohibited content, which

... [i]s libelous or defamatory, or violates the privacy or publicity rights of any third party; ...Depicts ... contains comments or images that are offensive, abusive, threatening, harassing or menacing...Violates in any way applicable laws or regulations...Violates any provision of this Agreement or any other ProBoards agreement or policy...Is generally offensive or in bad taste.
MFH has committed multiple violations of the TOS, community guidelines, and state and federal law. I guess it is all in a day's work for PIAgents. Regardless of their efforts, people are catching on that Paul was replaced.

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. Excellent post, T ! Macca's Funhouse has been posting personal attacks since it's inception.
    In fact, it should be called "Macca's Madhouse" due to the behaviour of some of it's members ! < rolls eyes > !

  2. Hey T, they are something aren't they? They'll insult any little thing they can get a hold of while we comment on the nuttiness they post out there. It's also revealing of what they'll allow over there while having hissy fits over whatever's up their butts today. For a laugh I swung by there and lo and behold their 'Kathryn' was posting about how she did in fact send numerous emails all of which were repeating herself as saying "leave me alone" (obsess much?) and yet she never leaves anyone ALONE! Go figure! Literally any logical thinking person would send ONE email stating they want left alone and LEFT it AT THAT! Glad to know you have evidence of her harassment and stalking. Kathryn shows her obsessive stalking techniques and fully admits it there too! lol!

    As a matter of fact, I have yet to see any evidence of her whacked out claims but let me guess, we're all supposed to believe everything she espouses on the www? They all seem to present their "evidence" through the same tactics she uses. For a laugh I skimmed through some of the posts. I can't believe that particular member isn't in a looney bin by now. OMG she thinks you've met the Beatles or something and went sour. Wonder where that's coming from?

    P.S. My local church is holding an event over beginning sometime this week and I'll probably not be able to get all the videos up at YouTube until I get back. See you then, God bless!

  3. I personally can't believe that the Agents are now trying to character assasinate Paul. They are now trying to send out mud slinging propaganda and tabloid garbage against him, now that they tried (and failed) to character assasinate the Truthers. Maybe they think that this will discourage us from fighting for Paul but they couldn't be more wrong. Not to mention that it is REALLY REALLY LOW to say nasty snide remarks about someone who was murdered. Typical discrediting tactics from the Elite.

    In other news, Formosan Termite has now been banned! Don't be surprised though if he tries to sneak his way around.

  4. Hey Plastic Macca,

    I see that Dakudo is back at the ATS/BTS PID forum. Just so you know, he is getting his photos from the Beatles Photo Blog (google it, there's great photos of JPM mixed in there, but Faul is in there too). In case you haven't checked, he posted a photo of Paul (he's sitting in a chair biting his finger) and is trying to get readers to decide if it was Paul or Faul.
    The answer is Paul from the awry Manila Tour in 1966.

    Just wanted to let you know!

  5. ^ Thanks for the information. It's getting rather pathetic how he keeps trying to convince people they're the same person, when it's so obvious they are not. The people on that thread are serious researchers interested in figuring out what happened to Paul & why. We're not interested in playing his stupid games.

  6. Anyone who thinks that the Illuminati (or the Elitists or whatever you want to call them) don't slander or pay their own to lie about others, I have two words for you.

    Michael. Jackson.

    The vendettas against him alone should be a clue that there is an underground group of elitists that are trying to discredit good people, and anyone with a brain knows that the allegations against him were completely 100% fraudulent. Heather Mills is another one. The media didn't even give her a chance, but their Golden Boy Faul McImposter was lauded and applauded every single time. The Iluminati never slander one of their own.

    That's why you should never, ever believe ANYTHING you read about Paul from "official biographers" or so-called "publicity agents" because chances are it's 100% Faul-approved (and we all know how he loves rewriting history), and will accuse JPM of everything from being buddies with drug dealers who sold LSD, cocaine and heroin to 10 year olds, being an avowed Satanist and alleged "Antichrist" who idolized Aleister Crowley (!!!), to being mentally unstable and abusive, and involved with the sexual harassment of young girls.

    It's....unbelievable. These guys get so vicious and incredibly cruel with their lies that...there are no words. And yet anyone who has researched the Real Paul and have studied his own words knows that these claims are an enormous crock of BS, not to mention extremely hurtful. Yet Faul gets off scot-free for taking over another man's life. Maybe part of this whole tabloid junk is to make Paul look as horribly as possible, and to make people accept the imposter as someone much more deserving of the title of "Paul Mccartney".

    Sick, sick, sick all around.

    All Truthers should keep up the work and not become discouraged when shills like these attempt to pull out their magic bag of tricks and bring others down.

  7. You know, I just realized something.

    Paul's death, the ensuing coverup and the mysterious deaths of surrounding people in the Beatles (as well as the Beatles themselves) remind me A LOT of the JFK Assasination and the people who got "whacked" as a result of this. There's even photo tampering and rewriting of history involved. Also, very interesting to note, that Sir FAUL has not even been touched by these guys. I don't think any of Paul's friends or family spoke out because they knew what would happen if they did. Look at how Paul's dad and stepmother were treated during ol' Sir's reign of terror.

    Yeesh, considering all the assassinations in the 1960s, it was certainly not a good time to be outspoken.

    Have any other researchers ever considered this?

  8. It just came to me that whenever and wherever I search "Paul is Dead" (without websites claiming it to be a "hoax"), it doesn't matter where or when I'm looking it up but automatically the webpage disappears and I'll have to start all over again. It also doesn't matter what websites I go on to look it up, it still does the same thing. This is what happens.

    *google PID*
    *webpages come up*
    *If the webpage hasn't shut down by this point, click on website link*
    *Usually by then, the webpage will completely poof from sight leaving a blank internet screen*

    This has been happening more and more in the last few months. This also happens whenever I'm looking up photos of the true Paul. I simply type in Paul Mccartney 1963, 1964, 1965 or 1966 and automatically the page disappears. Again, it doesn't matter what computer I'm on or what site I'm going on. I'm starting to wonder if the higher-ups are cracking down on IP Addresses who look up JPM more than what's considered "regular" in their eyes.

    Faulcon/Plastic Macca, have you noticed this happening to yourself or anyone else you know who researches this?

  9. ^ I have not heard of that issue before. Thank you for bringing it up.

    I think we should do one of those Alex Jones google bombs on PID - just keep entering "Paul is Dead" in google to drive it up in the search rankings. Alex Jones has been able to drive the news by doing that w/ certain issues - such as the TSA abuse of passengers.


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