Monday, February 27, 2012

John Lennon book - call for entries

Someone who is writing a book on John Lennon's death asked me to post this call for entries:
For those interested in possible publication in a book about John Lennon’s death, please email your personal experiences to Of particular interest are answers to the following questions:
What were you doing the day John Lennon died? Did anything unusual or out of the ordinary happen to you on that day?
Did you have any striking dreams prior to or immediately following John’s death?
I am also interested in receiving any dreams you have had about the Beatles.
All submissions will receive a response from the author.

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. You can see in the Anthology India visit group shot, as the camera pans right to left, that
    Jane Asher has her arms folded with her head resting on them as if she is crying. Faul is to her right with significant distance between them. Maureen Starr is to Jane's left and she and Ringo show a brief concern for her. Jane has her head on her arms the whole time the camera pans their position. I felt as though she was (or could have been) comparing Paul with Faul and broke down.

  2. Not very scientific, I know. Actually Faul is to Jane's left and Maureen is to her right. Sorry. (Didn't know where to post this so it's here.)

  3. Scientific schmientific, Jim! Half the game of TPTB, I've begun to think, is pushing everyone toward an aspergery fixation with left-brained minutia, to the utter eclipse of the red flags your right brain frantically waves. 911: melting points, kinds of planes and their properties, Who Shot John and etc; to distract the unwary from the great weight--hell, tonnage!--of circumstantial evidence and the wrong *feel* of the whole thing. Or the fussy-Trekky quibbling about the Apollo missions, when what's being claimed--a quarter-million mile trip to the moon and back, with a soft landing on the surface and subsequent re-linking with the orbiter and safe return trip to earth, SIX TIMES, with nary a casualty--beggars belief and is utterly belied by the somber, sweaty Apollo 11 press conference; if only we can stop cogitating so hard and just see what's in front of us.

  4. Let's put it all together. All four Beatles were murdered and replaced in '66. Lennon was replaced with Charley Brill of the Swingin' Blue Jeans who had a hit with "Hippy Hippy Shake." George Harrison's double had acne. Ringo's replacement had a smaller nose.

  5. ^ Ringo's replaCIAment had a much bigger nose!

  6. Fanned Fingo Fuzz Fizz Fame Foe!

  7. Al Jill Broughterockove EVOL!

  8. Fingo Farr (Can you dig it? to quote Faul FcCartney Fromme (Lynette anyone?) "The Common Wealth Song" courtesy the FEatlesleg "Sweet Apple Trax." was not Jamie Farr the Fingo Starr of H.A.S.H and the game show circuit of the 70's and early 80's? ...urinated on a future glue sniffing victim that was chained to a toilet along with golden raining president Reagan (then pronounced Regan)< Larry Flynt and a whip donning former blowjob marijuana queen first lady Nancy Raygun!

  9. I was 5 and I remember it because my brother was a huge fan of his. When it came on MTV, I had just come in from playing and asked why they were showing the wrong spot.

    Don't remember why I asked it, but when I was 5 I was convinced the entrance they showed was the wrong one, and Lennon didn't die at that one, but the one on the left side of the building. (I don't even know if there is a left entrance, TBH).

    My kid sister asked me about this not too long ago.


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