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Get Your Freq On: Music, Beatles, and the War of Good vs. Evil

The Beatles deeply touched very different people from all over the world. Their music went past cultural cleavages and spoke to people with whom they had very little in common. Musicologist Daniel J. Levitin recounted, “On the bus recently, the radio played ‘And I Love Her,’ and a Portuguese immigrant about my grandmother's age sang along with her eyes closed.”
The Beatles seem to be something beyond ordinary people. They manifested an unexpected love and energy, and an ability to touch people's souls. “Beatlemania” showed the level of admiration and enthusiasm for them and their music. Was it just inspiration or was something else at work?

In this article, Exopolitics founder, Michael Salla, explores the possibility that “Celestials” might be intervening on Earth to “raise the consciousness of those ready to assist the Earth’s evolution by balancing technological progress with spiritual awareness.” The theory that Paul McCartney (and the other Beatles) might have been celestials/light beings on a mission to elevate humanity to a higher level of consciousness was discussed in Were the Beatles Angels? As musicians, the Beatles were engaged in the war of Good vs. Evil on the battlefield of popular music, because, unfortunately, music has been used by the Power Elite as a weapon against humanity.

Music can be used to affect the human body because of its vibrations. The body is made up of nearly eighty percent water, and water is a liquid crystal superconductor. The frequency of the music can impact consciousness, biology, physiology, health, and behavior. Music can and has been used to manipulate culture and consciousness.
The Elite have used frequency to exert power and control over the masses. Thomas D. Schauf explained that, “[a]s a result of this influence, the arc of Western Civilization has gone from ‘ascent’—belief in God—focused on the higher centers of love, joy, purity and selflessness, to descent . . . focused on the lower centers of consciousness like those of power, wealth and physical gratification.”

The powers that be have militarized music for cultural manipulation, in part, by making A=440Hz “standard tuning” the international ISO 16-standard (done in 1953). This refers to the musical note A above middle C. A=440Hz frequency music conflicts with human energy centers (chakras). Musicologist Brian T. Collins complains that “[t]he current tuning of music based on A=440 Hz does not harmonize on any level that corresponds to cosmic movement, rhythm, or natural vibration.”
A= 440 Hz stimulates the third eye chakra, thereby working on the ego and left-brain “thinking” function. At the same time, it suppresses intuition and creativity. This frequency also causes listeners to experience greater aggression, psychosocial agitation, and emotional distress. At this frequency, the body vibrates musically, audibly and subliminally to a frequency that resonates with aggression and in dissonance with love. This can predispose people to mental and physical illnesses.
More natural musical frequencies that further health, harmony, and peace have been suppressed. However, “[m]usicians who are spiritually-sensitive to pitch are compelled instinctively to reject intrusions to pure creativity in harmony with the flow of sacred cosmic energy.” [Source] Such musicians intuitively prefer tuning up or down from A=440Hz to more natural alternatives, such as A=432Hz. The Beatles were just such musicians. Cliff Richard may have thought they were “out of tune” at times, but the Beatles were actually playing in 432 Hz, such as on the album, “Help.”

The Beatles - Yesterday (432 Hz)

A = 432 Hz is a healthier, more life-affirming frequency because it vibrates on the principals of natural harmonics, being mathematically consistent with the Fibonacci golden spiral and universal design. Music at this frequency has been described as “nicer for hearing, softer, brighter and more beautiful than music in 440 Hz.” 432 Hz music also has greater clarity and less noise pressure than 440 Hz. “Mozart and Verdi both based their music on natural vibration,” writes Collins, “and A=432 was nicknamed the ‘Verdi tuning.’”

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A = 432 Hz natural tuning has profound effects on both consciousness and on the cells of the body. This frequency “unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code and consciousness.” 432 Hz stimulates the heart chakra, and listening to music tuned to that frequency will further spiritual development. Collins advocates using A=432Hz tuning in music therapy to further spirituality. Those in ancient times knew of the benefits of 432 Hz tuning, and musical instruments from ancient Egypt and Greece were tuned to that frequency.
Music can be used to advance health, spirituality, and peace if musicians tune to more beneficial frequencies. The Beatles, in tuning to the “good vibrations” of 432 Hz, used frequency in their effort to raise consciousness regarding a number of issues, such as love, spirituality, and even government oppression. They also used an “intricate and beautiful interplay of rhythm, harmony and melody” and incorporated classical elements, such as Bach-like countermelodies and plagal cadences into their songs. As L’Osservatore Romano put it, “Forty years later, the Beatles... are a consolation against the continual assault on music lovers by the record industry.”

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  1. paulista/paulicistaApril 9, 2012 at 1:59 AM

    Interesting article. I've always said that The Beatles bring me happiness everytime I hear them. It's like love everywhere. I can't explain it but I know many of you are able to understand what I say.
    I miss them... :') Even if they were not together when I was born.
    (sorry for my poor English... It's also too late in the night)

  2. The new masthead looks great!

  3. Here is a voice test i found: Paul McCartney Vs Faul McCartney, Forensic Voice Comparison...over the years <3

  4. Hello from Spain, Plastic Macca. Several months ago I research on this subject, I'm still checking the veracity of the clues, as there are many and unfortunately I have had to discover many fakes.

    I have intended to write a great article about PID for Spanish-speaking Internet users, as we have in our language is limited and in many cases false (you see how far the influence of disinformation).

    I want to congratulate you on your blog, It’s fine, very comprehensive and serious. Thank you for providing so much data to help us confirm what we already know.

    I wanted to ask your opinion about the videos Youtube account "Litleneutrino", talking about the connection of the 3 remaining Beatles -John, George and Ringo- with Klaatu. They are plausible, although I found several flaws. What do you think?

    Regards and sorry for my english ;-)

  5. I did not know that blood could boil until I picked up a Beatles calendar in a store and saw that they morphed Faul's face on to that of Paul's. That is why we must fight the good fight. PID stands for Pain in the Ass as far as I am concerned. However many conspirators there are endeavoring to pull the wool over our eyes can go to hell, and the ninth circle at that for an extremely long time. You see, Sir Paul McCartney is a very candy arsed individual. However, that is all a ruse, for it is a dangerous game to expose the truth. The good news is that the pen is mightier than the sword and that the illuminati best stock up on Depend undergarments as we will blow their cover.

  6. re: Anonymous
    I, too, saw this in the recent salute to 'Paul McCartney' by LIFE magazine. Every single photo pre-'66 was doctored to make JPM look like Faul - it was that obvious! Now, I've seen some nicely done retouching jobs that looked as if they were completely natural, but the stuff in this magazine was just simply shoddy and slip-shod and, if my guess is correct, was rushed to market to counter the PID/PWR information.

  7. There is a book by John Blaney that was published in 2009 called John Lennon: In His Life. It is a pictorial work and it should be called Photo Shop of Horrors. You see an "early" photo of "John" on the cover leaping in the air arms and legs outstretched like he's making a snow angel in the sky. Supposed to be from the Twist and Shout EP or A Hard Day's Night. However the face (and possibly the torso) is of the guy from Magical Mystery Tour. Open the book and find more classic photos retouched with the replacement's signature third eye mole and prominent Adam's apple. Of course the preface was written by Yoko Ono Lennon. I call her Foko, not because she is a double, but because she makes me see double. Freak Yoko Ono.

  8. "No Reply! No Reply!"

  9. I do want to mention a thing for the believers that no one has mentioned. In 1999 the McFarlane toy company issued a series of Beatles figures based on “The Yellow Submarine”. While some have pointed to two Paul’s during the “All Together Now” sequence, this line of toys may contain another clue for you all.

    Before the release of these Beatles figurines a toy fair picture of the proto-types was shown on the Internet. The first series figures were the Beatles and a second series, the Sgt. Pepper band. Each figure contained an additional character from the movie. The proto-types showed Old Fred and Lord Admiral too but when the toys were in stores the Lord Admiral character was gone and another Paul was paired with Old Fred. So if you were to collect all the figures in the two series you have a total of three Paul’s, one as Paul McCartney, one as a Pepper character, and one superfluous Paul. Could that be Faul?

  10. Does anyone know if ALL the beatles music is A=432hz?

    It is only recently I've discovered the 432 vs 440hz controversy, and I have to say, it's an interesting subject.

    Allegedly Bob Marley also tuned at A=432hz. I'd be interested to learn what other artists may have done so. I've looked around for a list or something, but with no success.

    If you look, you can find many songs on youtube which people have "converted" to A=432 tuning using software like Audacity. I have a playlist of some of my favorites, and I've been converting my own collection, which I may upload at some point....

  11. Hi Tina,

    The late Andy Gibb ( the baby brother of The Bee Gees ) first ballad in Australia, 'Word And Music' shares the same quality of pre-1966's Beatles' song

    Word And Music 1975 :

    Undeniable harmonics.

    Sadly, cocaine and alcohol destroyed him and killed him slowly. *_*

    His ex-wife's statement in August 1989 made me thinking of something : Is Andy directed into the path of destruction because he seems like 'a threat to the status quo' ? Is there were somebody in attempt to destroy Andy's good image, and replacing it with devilish one ?

    She said, "The hangers-on in the rock industry are like piranhas, they hang around stars and offer drugs as a way of making friendships. I suppose they think the stars will become dependent on them for drugs." It took Kim a while to understand what was happening. "I kept finding buckets of bleach around the flat. I finally understood that's how cocaine was tested for purity. If a substance floated to the top, then talcum powder had been added. If the drug sank, it was pure. So we argued. But he was trapped so quickly. Some people have addictive personalities and he was one of them. He wasn't a bad person, he was a wonderful person. I just don't think he could handle the fame, the pace - everything - so quickly. It all happened so fast. He seemed to have it all, but really, he had nothing."

    Source :

  12. Our hearts generate strong electric and magnetic fields in our body which can change the structure of atoms; through heart emotions (as opposed to just thoughts) we contribute to the larger field around us, and can create peace and healing. (Gregg Braden)

    I believe also that the biggest crystal in our body is the heart, so it is not surprising that "they" want this crystal unbalanced and undercharged

  13. Great post, Tina.

    Dunno if you know ...

    1. The family reference, "grandchildren on your knee", in "When I'm Sixty-Four" is sung with a Scottish touch: "grandchildren Ahn Yrr Nee", likely a deeper-felt reference to Scottish upbringing or partly Scottish childhood experience, maybe even deliberately a revelation.

    2. I ONE IX - HE DIE (11/9 He Die) can't be Nov 9 (US), but rather Sept 11 (UK), 1966 -- on Sgt P. Reinforcing this conclusion for us is that 1 year later (anniversary, i.e., observance), Mag Myst Tour film started filming, and it has lots of homage to Paulie, and death/resurrection themes, along with a clip of Paulie himself (the Wizard scene, obviously having to have been filmed for some purpose before 1967). And two years after, on Sept 11, 1968, Johnny went into the studio to record "Glass Onion", the one place he admitted to deliberate clues. (Of course many references to the death are as much a kind of regular grief and homage, as they are deliberate clues. Some seem just to be deliberate revelations, though.)

  14. Gonna go home and retune all my guitars!

  15. Awesome 432Hz Article... 432Hz Artist, Angels and Heros Please TuneIn with me on (FB) Mic Stockwell


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