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Paul is Dead/PID and The Palette of Narmer

What follows may be directly relevant to PID or it may be some odd coincidences, perhaps synchronicities, or it may be nothing.

I don't know why, but isn't uploading the photographs for this article, but I will let you know where to find them, as we go along.

First, I would like to mention that Aleister Crowley is featured on the cover of the Sergeant Pepper album and his image has also been projected behind Faul in live concerts over the last several years. Crowley is well known to have studied occult aspects of ancient Egypt. The same can be said of Luciferian filmmaker Kenneth Anger.
Another Faul reference to ancient Egypt is, of course, his song on the Venus and Mars album, Spirits of Ancient Egypt.

In addition, the scarab beetle is quite significant in ancient Egyptian myth in relation to Ra, the sun god. As you know, there are many references to the sun in Beatles' song lyrics.
Use google images to find: The Palette of Narmer. What is it? Well, it is one of the oldest ancient Egyptian art objects that uses pictography (carved pictures and hieroglyphics) to tell the story of the pharaoh, Narmer. It dates from circa 3000 BCE and is now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
Narmer was the first pharaoh (king) of ancient Egypt. He is thought to have unified upper and lower Egypt. One could think of Faul as unifying the Early Beatles with the Psychedelic or Late Period Beatles. Faul may have been the unifier and observers have said that when Brian died, Faul filled the void as the leader (or as apropos to this article: 'king') of the Beatles.
A palette is a sculpted stone that was used by the ancient Egyptians to grind pigments on for cosmetic makeup. The Palette of Narmer is thought to be a special, 'royal' palette never actually used to make cosmetics, but used as a ritual object that retained symbolically the 'theme' of makeup. Of course, there are many examples of Faul using stage makeup, just one example being the official video for Say, Say Say with Michael Jackson.
As we examine the main side of the 2-sided Palette of Narmer, we see Pharoah Narmer as the large, main figure. He is depicted as about to slay an opponent, or as may relate to PID, he is symbolically slaying 'the past' as a show of new dominance.
The smaller figure to the left of Narmer is a royal servant holding the sandals of Narmer, as what's happening is that the pharaoh has chosen to be barefoot while projecting his dominance. You will find close-ups of the Palette of Narmer on google images.
Now, obviously there is a Faul parallel to Narmer having taken off his sandals, preferring to walk barefoot when one considers the Abbey Road album cover. Art historians say that Narmer going barefoot signifies that he is victorious over a seemingly insurmountable problem in the past and now feels so self-confident in his victory, dominance and mastery of a situation that he can set his sandals aside and walk barefoot. In the Palette scene, his sandals have been picked up and are held by an assistant, the sandal bearer. Narmer is a hero 'unto himself', indicated by his choice of being seen barefooted as he slays any and all opposition.
Faul, interviewed on national TV by David Letterman, admitted that he arrived at the Abbey Road cover photo shoot in sandals, then chose to remove them and go barefoot. This is proven by photos you can find of the Beatles participating in the shoot. Faul's explanation to Letterman is that it was a hot day and he kicked off his sandals to have cooler feet on the pavement, which is absurd, as it is just the opposite of common sense. The pavement would feel hotter to the soles of the feet barefoot and cooler with sandals protecting the soles.
The garment worn by Narmer is described as finery by art historians. It bespeaks of royalty. This is not unlike the tailored business suit worn by Faul on the Abbey Road cover, certainly an expensive garment.
To the left of the sandal bearer is a rosette. One can see a rosette parallel on the cover of Faul's Red Rose Speedway, in which he sports a red rose in his mouth at the 'straight on' angle of a rosette.
You will notice a falcon to the right of Narmer on the Palette. This falcon symbolizes the god Horus.
Clutched by Horus is a special tool that was used by ancient Egyptians to pry open the mouth of a corpse during embalming. According to art historians, the significance here on the Palette is that Horus is in full control of the speech of the dead. In other words, the spoken words (and singing) of the conquered dead are now being controlled by Horus and thus can be changed to suit the victorious Narmer. This symbolizes 'propaganda', which was thought by pharaohs to be necessary, similar to Hitler and Goebbels believing that propagandistic lies were necessary for their success.
Search on google images for the official coat of arms designed by the official agency that creates these for the British royalty and government. Faul's coat of arms was presented to him on December 31, 2002, having been approved earlier in the year on his birthday. Just do a google images search for 'Sir Paul McCartney coat of arms' and you will notice the same figure of Horus in the same posture as we see on the Palette. Horus, the falcon, is seen on the Palette not only dominating the speech and song of a dead man, but the man is bearing papyrus. Papyrus was the paper used by ancient Egyptians. In relation to Paul, it could signify sheet music of songs written and published by Paul, but now dominated (via Horus) by the victorious Pharoah Narmer or in our modern connotation, Faul.
You can also see in the Palette that Horus is the 'paper back rider' in that particular hieroglyph.
Under Narmer, in the underworld, we see twins, which could symbolize one is dead and the other someday will be dead, as well. Their fingertips are almost touching which one could interpret as when Faul dies and is buried or cremated into the underworld (afterlife), he will join Paul, who is already dead. At the moment of their meeting, the fingertips of the 'twins' (the real Paul and his impostor) shall touch.
On the reverse panel of the Palette, we see a ritual procession of men shown in profile and marching in lock step with each other. This parallels the four Beatles on the Abbey Road album cover, shown in profile, marching in lock step.
To the right of this procession in the Palette, you will see dead, naked bodies lying on the ground headless. Our Beatles parallel here would be the strange, headless, naked upper torso, with "magical mystery boy" scrawled on its chest in the brief, but eerie rocking horse scene at the end of the music video for Blue Jay Way in the film Magical Mystery Tour. Lately, I have wondered if the body seen in MMT could be a morgue photo of Aleister Crowley, who was chubby and had a hairless chest that would have been consistent with that photo in the Beatles' film.
Also on this side of the Palette, powerful lions with long necks have been tamed and equalized. Perhaps we could think of the Hofner bass of Paul having a long neck and being as powerful as a lion roaring and it has, in Faul's eyes, been matched equally by the powerful playing (from Faul's point of view) on the same long necked Hofner instrument. Faul's ritualism may have required him to perform with the exact same instruments Paul used before his untimely death.
The circle in the middle reminds me of the sound hole of an acoustic guitar, perhaps the Epiphone Texan Paul used to sing Yesteday in concert and used again (the same acoustic guitar) many years later by Faul to sing the same song in concert.
Finally, at the bottom of the procession side of the Palette, we see a bull that lords over a man. This represents the strength of Narmer (Faul) in 'bullying' his way through life, easily dominating any circumstances encountered. It also represents the fear of people who stand in his way.
I'll leave you with one final, chilling note. There is a video clip (used by iamaphoney and others) of Faul reacting to a paparazzi he has just been annoyed by. Faul is heard muttering, "Poor guy, he's going to get clubbed to death." On our 'side one' of The Palette of King Narmer, the pharaoh is shown with a raised mace (a club) about to club to death his enemy.
Thanks for taking this little comparison journey with me. Like I said at the beginning of this article, the coincidences may mean something or may not, I don't know. But I hope that the strange case of 'PID and The Palette of Narmer' is as interesting to you as it is for me. There has to be a reason that Faul took those sandals off and we suspect it wasn't just "a hot day" but that there was more to it than has yet been revealed.

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  1. The Egyptian Pharaoh's were not human beings native to planet earth. They travelled here from other spheres during that time as other beings were as well. And when they left they left quickly and completely. Hence the sudden and undocumented fall of Egypt. I have studied the time period, visited museums of Egyptian artifacts, been intrigued but never convinced or comfortable of their intentions, motive and goodness.

    Akhenaten was a god of sorts and wrote wisdom (not for me though); if he was a terrestrial human then I am the walrus.

  2. Interestingly, there is a YouTube video called "The Masonic Apocalypse: The Hidden History, Teaching and Destiny of York Rite Masonry!" which features the Palette of Narmer. Hmmm, now we have a Masonic connection?

  3. Incredibly insightful post! It was a pleasure to read and it has the ring of truth to it, I might add... As Tina often says: Faul is one dark character! A true Satanist and servant of the Archons, if he isn't actually one!

  4. Thanks for the comments, everyone. The removal of sandals is what caught my attention. Faul shows up to the shoot in a business suit and sandals? Do people, even hippies, wear sandals with a business suit? It's too weird unless he's doing some arcane ritual or planting the clue that bodies in England are buried in suits but no shoes. I researched that too, and in most cases they have socks on in the caskets. I think the use of sandals is significant.

  5. O.K., so I'm still looking into this ancient Egypt stuff and I find an article that says one of the Egyptian words for the afterlife translates in English to the word "Rushes" --- ring a bell? Faul's 1998 instrumental album he made as the Fireman (with Sonic Youth) is entitled Rushes. There is also a reference to "wings" in ancient Egyptian funeral services in that wings take the soul to the underworld (the place of afterlife). I'm not saying all of these ancient Egyptian coincidences are proof of any connection, but they are interesting and creepy, nonetheless.

  6. Go to

    click on The collection

    click on Abbey Road Anniversary Collection (14 photos)

    photo #6 walking off the curb in bare feet

    photo #7 now wearing sandals (obviously this scene was shot multiple times)

    Fake Paul, Fake Lennon, maybe real Harrison and Starr (hard to tell)

    I am viewing the Beatles now as more of a traveling theatre troupe than a band. The theatre always has their main characters and backups when needed to fill-in for various reasons. Few would disagree that the original is always the best. When you clone anything it is always one removed from the original. Look what happened to the cloned Dolly the sheep.

    I saw the play Equus and I went because the lead was going to be played by Richard Burton or Anthony Perkins; that’s really why I went. Well, we were informed neither would appear and we got an English replacement and it wasn’t Anthony Hopkins either. I don’t remember the actors name but it turned out the guy was great but I was still disappointed. This is an example of replacement but not Beatle type deception.

    I think the entertainment and political arena has always used replacements and we the viewers have been and can be fooled quite easily.

    However things have changed. The governments are afraid of the Internet because for the first time in history we can do instantaneous research and accumulate information 100 times faster than 20 years ago. What I can do in one hour would have taken one month at the library. Hence the new Internet and Smart phone kill switch legislation you are now likely reading about.

    The fact is that most people don’t want to know the truth or are too apathetic, or way too self absorbed to seek out what is real. Proof in point; Faul keeps attracting record setting attention from fans, political leaders and the media.

    Scary to think so many people on the planet can be fooled. Stay vigilant. :{}

  7. Thanks for the insight, Anonymous.

    I got a Blu-ray DVD from Netflix today, Paul McCartney: The Space Within Us, which is Sir's 2005 concert video, and I watched it tonight in surround sound. Great sound, crowd pleasing songs and superb performances by his back-up guys, but you don't get a nice, feature length concert. No, what you get is parts of a concert broken up by self-promotion video clips, hero worship or 'cult of personality' video clips, space shuttle and international space station tie-ins with Sir doing live interaction with astronauts, visits to homes of families where each member of the household has been indoctrinated in extreme 'Paul worship' and we see the helicopter shots of the touring trucks and the police escorted Sir waving at fans and then at the end, of course we have Sir doing his trademark dance into the sunset, which is to remind us of his (or someone's) dance on the hill in Magical Mystery Tour. The whole thing is propaganda to make sure all the believers believe that this is the real Paul. If he's real, why do they try so, so, hard to convince viewers that we're all in the presence of 'Paul the genius you know from 1964'??? Why is it necessary to remind viewers every few minutes in the DVD that 'hey, you're looking at The One and Only Great Paul of Beatles Legend!?!? Why the need to stoke the most brainwashed fans? Aren't they orgasmic enough over this guy?

    Whatever this sham is, it's egomania beyond anything since Adolf and is sadly psychopathic. Remember the grounded, thoughtful, intelligent Paul on the David Frost talk show in the early sixties saying he looked forward to retiring? Well, this ain't that guy. Who this is in the 2005 video, is Mystery Man with his Drooling Sycophants.

  8. Certainly, the palette and other Egyptian themes would be of interest and copied in some ways by Faul, and have been.

    However, the shoes issue is a different one:

    John Lennon's private drawing ( -- Dec 2013 post) shows dissheveled Beatle boots, and possibly broken or dislocated ankles, in the loops of the lower leg at the ankle. "I am the Walrus" film section in Magical Mystery Tour has the shoes set apart, with Faul playing in socks, and in the picture in the booklet of the same scene, blood red has been added over the shoes. On Abbey Road album, Faul goes shoeless. And in multiple enactment photographs, video/film (including "Spies Like Us" video promoting the film, and Julian Lennon's "I don't wanna know" music video and another scene from one of Faul's videos, I think) the implications of the Abbey Road cover itself are played out, with a car driving over the area Faul walked, or actually about to hit him. In the photos, the dead Paul is in literally shown on the road, dead (one photo of John in front of his psychedelic Rolls Royce, one of him holding a stethoscope to the road in front of a white car -- almost always a white car -- a VW Beetle to symbolize Paul as Beatle).

    His injuries in the private John Lennon drawing suggest a sideways head injury with a flap of parietal bone lying prone on one side, though the figure is righted (made to stand) for the effect of the overall symbolic meanings of burial and comfort by a dog.

    Broken ankles and twisted legs are typical of many impact deaths.

    It is likely, therefore, that the "feet down below his knees", a strange image given the context of "Come Together" as Paul's death, is a remark on feet specially as if separate from the legs or dissociated and dissheveled partly, and that the missing shoes was a way to show this, on the Abbey Road album, since having any shoes at all would be hardly making the point of what was, all things considered, likely in reality a dead-man's driven-over or impacted body's dissheveled or dislocated feet.

  9. I really enjoyed reading this article, so thank you very much--I realize I'm very late getting into this subject, but I am so glad, and grateful to you, that so much has been researched and gathered together here for us to look through as we learn more and more about what may have happened to Paul, and even possibly to the other Beatles as well!

    I watched a video of Yoko[who now admits to being a witch, etc.] and John with Dick Cavett many years ago--at one point, Cavett talks about how interesting it is when letters in signs are reversed, and a whole new meaning, or word, comes out of that--at that point, John quipped about how "Starr backwards is Rrats!"--when he said that I remembered that someone in an article a read just the other day, had said that, faintly, the in background on a song off one of the albums made after 1966, they thought they could hear a phone conversation between Paul and John, and at the very end of it, Paul seems to say something about keeping an eye on Ringo--but the most disheartening thing occurred when Cavett asked him about the rumors of Paul's death, and John just calmly and with no show of any emotional whatsoever, said that he had no idea where the rumors started, and that he and Paul both wondered about it--he also said that he had only learned about it from the newspapers--the entire time he's saying all of that, he's as cool and emotionless as a cucumber!--my heart sank more than a bit as I watched him deny knowing about any if it, including the clues he, himself, seemed to have hidden in the songs on subsequent albums that seemed to just be screaming out that Paul was dead, how he died and that he missed him so much--hearing him deny even those clues was almost too much for me to take!--but, I guess, if you are surrounded with the enemy on all sides, you might tend to 'bend' the truth out of terror for your life, and the lives of those you love--

    --one last thing--Paul had this wonderful way of wiggling his entire body as he sang on stage--you could just see the love he had for performing like that, and it showed in the movements of his whole body--I had to think that possibly the double could never managed to imitate Paul's effervescent 'Jeux de Vie' and that couldn't be missed by anyone!--so, that could possibly be one more reason why they could never perform in public again, and why the concert at San Francisco must have been a real disaster!


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