Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Putin Is Dead! part 1: Ex-wife testifies to all

It's not that hard to find a double for anyone.

Putin Is Dead! part 1: Ex-wife testifies all. Listen to the truth!

Putin Is Dead! part 2: Last Putin Before Execution

"Russia’s hardman leader Vlad is not the man we all thought him to be according to shocking theories which state the former KGB spook has actually been dead since 2014...

But the current Vlad – who recently boasted Russia is now the most powerful country in the world – could actually be a doppleganger, according to conspiracy theories..." Read more.

For more information about Putin having been impostor replaced, please see The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor-Replacements by Tina Foster, Esq.


The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. word on the street is that Putin is dead.... IDK

  2. Well, as Admiral Adama said to President Laura Roslin: "Well, if I'm a Cylon, then you're fracked."

  3. Very possible. Here are three Putins with three distinctly different ears. One of them maybe the real Putin but really how do we know which one?


    Also the more that technology advances it seems ears may be just as good or even better than fingerprints at uniquely identifying a person. Here is one of many related stories.


  4. omnamasivayababaji.

  5. Maybe I am over the top here to some but Putin is a digital creation just exactly like Obama they are fake people,not just body doubles.Both of these creations especially obama try and see if you can any pictures on yahoo or where ever that are not inserts in the photography.Obama is just a composite and Putin was never real,in fact he is still getting younger.lol
    The Strange Case of Benjiman Button played by Putin

    1. Your assessment could NOT be more correct, so I agree with you STRONGLY (and I REALLY mean this from the VERY bottom of my heart). Our world has been taken over, hijacked and ruled by artificial lifeforms such as:

      -Organic Robotiods
      -Synthetic Humanoids
      -Clones (who look more like human beings, live longer [for 1-3 years, on average] and actually have SOULS -- that usually go on to burn in hell after they die, are killed and/or disposed of in some Satanic, demonic blood sacrifice by the Illuminati -- unlike the previous two artificial lifeforms, who tend to look FAKE, ARTIFICIAL and SUPERFICIAL, and don't live as long, with their lifespans usually being measured in weeks or months.
      -Fleshly Androids or Cyborgs (who look similar to -- or simulate -- real human beings on the outside, but on the inside have electronics, wires, controls, etc. operating within them).
      -Others are just Computer-Generated Composites and/or Holograms (like the individual K/J-Pop star, who was NOT a real person, but indeed was the perfect combination of

      All I have to say is that most any and everything is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, cheap, plastic, artificial, superficial, low/poor-quality, synthetic, man-made, shallow, etc. in our world today. We have FAKE food, FAKE celebrities, FAKE politicians, FAKE people, FAKE animals, FAKE precious metals and stones/gems, FAKE jewelry, FAKE woods, FAKE products, FAKE animal skins, FAKE leathers and hides, FAKE sugars, etc. and WHAT do ALL of these things have in common? They are not only MAN-MADE, but DETRIMENTAL, POISONOUS or TOXIC to the health of humanity, and in EVERY way possible, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, psychologically, and spiritually, and this is EXACTLY what the Illuminati intended to bring about their stupid, precious New World Order and the rule of the Antichrist, Martial Law, Totalitarian Police State, FEMA Concentration Camps, a One World Religion, and the Mark of the Beast.

      Even so, PLEASE come back and TAKE ME AWAY/OUT of this stinking, smelly, hot MESS called this sin-cursed world, Lord Jesus Christ... I can't TAKE it no more!

      And P.S. - Since there are too many video links from YouTube to post about this stuff you folks will have to go over there for yourselves and research the aforementioned subject. And before I go, look at this eye-opening video by Dr. Peter David Beter {born: June 21, 1921 - died: March 14, 1987 and Jewish}, who sums up remarkably how artificial lifeforms function and operate.


      Take care, people. :D

  6. Can you make a post about Ringo? Do you know when and how he died?

    1. All four of the Beatles were executed simultaneously.

    2. "All four of the Beatles were executed simultaneously."

      I am VERY interested of where did you get the info from?.. I also think that they were executed simultaneously, but you sound like you KNOW. Is it so? Looking forward for your reply.

  7. Look-alikes are quite amazing. We see them in celebrity look-alike contests, and they even occur among celebrities. There is this actor that I don't remember the name of, the 1st name probably Bill, who looks remarkably like Robert Vaughn. There are 2 actresses who look remarkably like Grace Lee Whitney, 1 was in an episode of Seinfeld, and the other is Mary Lynn Rajskub. Jill Haworth and Kelly Rippa are like twins. And in our high school in the '60s there was a girl who looked astonishingly like CeCe Frey--it was like seeing her all over again. Look-alikes don't look exactly alike, but they are unbelievably similar. Jeff Greenhalgh is an incredible McCartney imitator. You can see him on You Tube (Paul McCartney Lookalike-Bells on a Hill by Antony Greenhalgh).


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