Friday, May 22, 2015

Jeff Rense & Robert O'Dowd ~ Paul is Dead (PID) on The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer

The truth about PID is making headway ~ this was sent by a friend today:

Sorry for the long intro; I know everyone's busy. But this is important, in my opinion. BECAUSE ON AIR YOU ARE SEEING HEAVY HITTERS LIKE RENSE BECOMING AWARE OF PAUL IS DEAD AND HOW IT'S OBVIOUS TO THEM AND PEOPLE WITH HALF A BRAIN ONCE THEIR NOSES ARE PUSHED IN IT. Can you imagine how this is going to spread? Rense has a huge audience, and I'll bet you this subject comes up on Alex Jones who has a huge audience, since Fetzer's either going to be on there or has been, and will return.

OK, this episode is entitled Jeff Rense Robert O'Dowd. O'Dowd was a writer for Veterans Today whose article on Jade Helm alerted the Powers That Be that some writers on VT were too good and had to be, um, terminated, shall we say.
However we're interested in Faul here, so the first segment is Jim talking to Jeff.
It's hard to put a finger on exactly when PID comes up, he weaves in and out of it, because the P.I.D. subject is CENTRAL to the VT problem and is a great one for Gordon Duff to use to make fun of Fetzer and  uses it to question Fetzer's sanity, on air, literally. Rense, to his great credit, knows full well who tried to have him, um, terminated, and yet has Duff on the program a couple of nights ago to hear him out.

It was awesome: Duff, who was clearly nervous to be on, because he-knows-that-I-know was going on, and STARTS PICKING ON FETZER'S SANITY OVER THE P.I.D. STUFF AND RENSE, QUITE LITERALLY AND FORCEFULLY "PINS DUFF'S EARS BACK" AND SAYS, "HEY, WAIT A MINUTE, IT'S OBVIOUS!" IN HIS OWN WORDS.

It was awesome. I'll try to find that and put that up too.

Anyway around twenty minutes (if you're that pressed for time) is where the heart of the matter comes in. I stopped at 22 just to get this email off. I'll find Jeff and Duff and send that off in a subsequent email

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. go tina go!!! duff has put out a lot of good stuff, but he has also put out a boat load of crap, and I am glad someone is calling him on it. paul is dead. there are no ifs, ands or buts. faul, faux, fraud is a total imposter. duff will lose credibility over this. no one with an iq above room temperature in july can possibly believe that the sir paul is paul McCartney. keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Tina! I just wanted to let you know that Rense recently had Fetzer on his show and the Paul is Dead info was talked about again. The interview is posted here: The focus was on Fetzer's new book "And I Suppose We Didn't Go to the Moon Either," which also includes info on Paul is Dead (I hope he included the forensic evidence). Also, fyi, I emailed Rense and recommended you as a guest. I'll keep my fingers crossed on that one. I also sent him the video with Faul saying the Beatles were already a set up affair. It would be amazing if he covered this topic further b/c he has such huge audience.

  3. Yup more exposed by some and then immediately countered with more fixating exposure. Do a google search on"McCartney says he's given up pot now that he's a granddad". This is the latest story sent around the entire planet to affirm and reaffirm to the masses that here is your darling Paul McCartney still doing positive things.

    Faul has some very powerful people behind him keeping this illusion going. I have to say it's the world population that disappoints me in their inability to discern in detail the world around them.

    Someone once said it's easier to lie to people than convince them they have been lied to. Faul is the gold standard proving that aphorism.

    1. ''I have to say it's the world population that disappoints me in their inability to discern in detail the world around them.'' The mind control goes even down to simple fundamentals like the pronunciation of French and Portugese. You take a listen to the audio for Montreal on Wikipedia and anyone can tell the é is short like the i in the English ''pin'' and the a is short like in the English ''pan'' in the N. Am. pronuciation. But we're supposed to believe the phonetic transcription is right (if it was, it would be the iota and the ash (ligated ae)symbols) and that there's no short a nor short i in those languages. So all the publishing companies, French teachers, and websites go along with this farce. It grossly misrepresents these languages and holds them in contempt. There's nothing to gain politically, it's just an exercise in mind control and deception for its own sake.

  4. The good news is more and more people are noticing and spreading the truth. One way to tell is to look at the dates of posted youtube videos on this generational criminal Faul/Paul deception.

  5. Jeff Rense is a disinfo agent. Alex Jones is a disinfo agent. David Icke is a disinfo agent.

  6. I heard about P.I.D. 25 years ago on the radio. 25 years ago there was no internet, no youtube, no way to look at it. Things are much easier nowadays. I came here because the latest U2 album mentioned the Ramones. Saw that the name Ramones was also used by the Beatles. I looked up a song of the Beatles and saw I link with P.I.D. Over the past 6 months I wasted hundreds of hours investigating it myself. My conclusion: I hear two different people and sense two different personalities. Paul's voice is lower, and he had a little melody in his voice. Paul also always looked straight at the audience. Faul keeps looking at his guitar. When Paul is singing I like it and I keep listening. Don't know why, but when hear Faul singing or talking I wanna switch it off.
    So yes I agree: Two different persons.
    For me, Paul is the only one of the Beatles who changed. With John or George I don't hear different voices.
    But I'm having a hard time trying to understand it all.
    Why did they replace Paul ?
    Why did so many people around the Beatles die ?
    Was Paul's death an accident ?
    Was the replacement of Paul planned ?
    Why the album clues ?
    Where did Faul come from, was he an Englishman, a Scot or an American ?
    What is the real name of Faul ? Is it William Campbell or William/Billy Shepherd ?
    Where is Paul buried ?
    Was there any black magick / witchcraft involved ?
    Why so many weird people around the Beatles, like Jimmy Saville ?
    Did MI5 / CIA play a part in it ?
    Too many questions. And too many answers. Up till now I can't make a clear picture out of it, but I'll keep looking.

    1. What about Fingo a.k.a. Tara Browne?

    2. 1) They replaced Paul becaused he exposed the illuminati.
      2) They were friends of Paul.
      3) It was pre-meditated assassination.
      4) From the beginning to the end.
      5) Sublime seduction.
      6) He is a native Scott.
      7) William Martin Campbell
      8) Strawberry Fields
      9) Yes..
      10) Birds of a feather.
      11) Yes.

  7. I keep thinking of Jane Asher. She's never spoken of Paul. But I just looked at her dates. She was just 17 in 1963 when they met and a while later her mother invited Paul to live in their home. Was she a cover of some sort, a handler or was her father a handler? With his expertise in hypnotism. Did the public know her age? Yikes! By most accounts Paul was a real ladies' man with possible love children all over the place. Why would any family want their teenager involved with him? Money? Of why would he want to be tied down to this family when he clearly was having a lot of fun sowing his wild oats?

  8. Lord Forsake the Police! If the illuminati run free, why should the innocent and Noble be held in captivity?

  9. ''Why would any family want their teenager involved with him?'' That's pretty much what I always thought, too. And also he was into drug abuse and she wasn't. And they never got along. David Malocco writes that her parents were telepathic and psychic and never trusted McCartney. At the time she was a minor actress, having done only a few movies and only guest shots on TV series, most of which I saw at the time. Miss Foster suggests it was to advance her career. I imagine there was some real attraction there, too, tho.


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