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The Tragical History of PID - Part 4 - The Clues

Over the years, many people have investigated Paul McCartney’s death. They have found  such PID clues as backwards messages in songs and photographic clues on album covers. More than 400 clues have been found [Alessandro De Arcangelis, “The Great Hoax: The Beatles Death Curse,” Newsblaze, February 07, 2010,].

Joel Glazier, a well-known PID researcher, has said, “Even if somebody could explain away one or two of the clues, how can you explain 70 [or 400] of them? There were no coincidences when it came to The Beatles - everything was a precise, conscious decision, from the music to the album art" [DAVID BRINN , Is it McCartney or is it an imposter?, Jerusalem Post, Sep 24, 2008 (no longer available)].

For example, the song, “Revolution #9,” was said to disclose the sounds of a fiery car crash when played backwards. The oft-repeated phrase, “number nine, number nine,” revealed the dark message, “turn me on, dead man, turn me, on dead man,” when played backwards. One can also hear church music playing, which is reminiscent of a funeral.

The song, “I'm So Tired,” concealed the backmasked message, “Paul is a dead man, miss him, miss him, miss him.” 

The White Album itself is said to be a clue because white is a symbol of death in some Asian cultures and in Ancient Egypt (see It is also a *double* album.

The following is an accounting of some of the PID clues, but is not meant to be an exhaustive list. 

"Strawberry Fields Forever" (1967) contained the phrase, "I buried Paul,” at the end.

"Penny Lane" (1967): Denny Laine is the new Paul; Denny Laine “is in my ears and in my eyes” -  it is no longer Paul; "A four of fish" could mean that the four Beatles are fishy (see Denny Laine as Faul McCartney: Clues in "Penny Lan... for more info)

"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) album": the back cover photo shows three of the Beatles facing forward, but McCartney turned backward, the words "Without you" are printed next to his head 

“Sgt Pepper” reversed: "Paul is dead, really really dead"
"Sgt, Pepper Reprise" reversed: "it was a fake mustache"

Billy Shears, mentioned in the song "With a Little Help From My Friends," could be “Billy’s Here” (William Campbell or Shepherd are said to be two possible names for Paul's double) or an allusion to William Shakespeare, the pen name for Sir Francis Bacon - an alias. In the reversal of "Gratitude," P/Faul says "Who is this now? I was Willie Campbell." 

Ontario Provincial Police patch - Faul was wearing the OPP patch on the Sgt. Pepper album cover;  OPP  was tampered with so it looked like OPD, which stands for “officially pronounced dead”

If one uses a mirror on the drum of the original release of the Sgt. Pepper album, one sees "IONEIX HE^DIE" in the image.

Paul is seen on the cover of "Sgt. Pepper" with a hand raised above his head, supposedly an the Egyptian death sign.

In "The Magical Mystery Tour" movie (1967), the scene in which the Beatles are singing “Your Mother Should Know” shows Faul wearing a black carnation, which is a symbol of death. McCartney explanation for why he was wearing a color symbolizing death when all of the other Beatles were wearing red carnations was, “I was wearing a black flower because they ran out of red ones” [“Paul McCartney, ‘I Want to Live in Peace,’” Life Magazine, November 7, 1969, p. 105]. This explanation has been criticized by some as being unpersuasive. Researcher Brian Moriarty asked the following:

[W]hy Paul believed they had run out of red flowers, when the movie clearly shows him being handed a substantial bouquet of red flowers, and then dancing around the room with them, during the same scene in which he alone stubbornly continues to wear a black one.

Are we really supposed to believe that Paul McCartney, the director of the movie, could not have obtained a matching flower to wear in this scene... if he really wanted to? [Brian Moriarty, “Who Buried Paul?,”]

At the end of "I am the Walrus" (1967), a recording of King Lear is heard saying,  “Oh, untimely death” ( Oswald, King Lear, Act IV, Scene VI by William Shakespeare); when the song is played backwards, one can hear "Mac is new."

In the chorus of "Blue Jay Way" (1967), one can hear "Paul died, Paul is very bloody"; in reverse it says again that "Paul is bloody." In addition, the song is about waiting in LA for friends that never come. This may jibe with a late August 1966 death date for Paul - when the Beatles were on tour on the West Coast of the USA.

There were clues in the "Yellow Submarine" movie and "Sgt. Pepper" alluding to Beatle doubles:
Sgt. Pepper album cover - wax effigies of the "old" Beatles
Yellow Submarine - duplicate Beatles band playing in a bubble

The White Album contains a picture of a mystery man (thought to be Faul) on the inside with glasses; he is also shown in the video for “Free as a Bird.” 

The song, "Glass Onion," tells us the "Walrus was Paul." "Walrus" backwards is "Sir Law.” Sir Law is probably a reference to Sir Bernard Law Montgomery ("Monty"). Monty had a famous double (ME Clifton James). Are we being told that Paul had a double?

"Helter Skelter" reversed reveals "He's dead, he's dead."

"Ob La Di, Ob la da" sounds like "Oh bloody....oh blah da..."
"The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill" could refer to the "continuing" replacement of Paul. "Bungalow" may refer to "bungle," which means to "botch up" or "perform ineptly.” If so, the message may be that Faul has botched up the job of being Paul's double.

The cover of the "Let It Be" album shows red behind P/Faul, which has been taken to refer to blood and considered a clue that Paul is dead. In addition, the photos were tampered with (see Not Fauling for it: facial features give Faul McCa... for more info).

The "Abbey Road" album cover was also interpreted as containing many clues as to McCartney’s fate. In fact, P/Faul McCartney has claimed (albeit incorrectly) that the “Paul is Dead” rumor began when people noticed he was not wearing shoes. The cover shows the four Beatles walking across the street, which has been interpreted as representing a funeral procession. John Lennon, leading the procession clad in a white suit, was said to symbolize the funeral director. Ringo Starr, wearing a tuxedo with tails, was thought to be the undertaker. McCartney, who was wearing a suit with no shoes, was said to symbolize the corpse because people were thought to be buried barefoot. His eyes are closed, as if dead, also out of step with the others. George Harrison, who was thought to represent the gravedigger, was casually dressed in jeans. Behind them is a Volkswagen with the number plate "28 IF", signifying that Paul would have been 28 years old if he had lived. The lookalike Paul is holding his cigarette in his right hand, whereas every Beatles fan knows that the real Paul is left-handed.

The song "Octopus’ Garden" may be telling us that Paul was dumped in the water and is "swimming with the fishes." It may also be a clue as to who was behind the death, in that the Illuminati is often likened to an octopus because they have their "tentacles" in everything.
“How Do You Sleep?” states outright that "Those freaks was right when they said you [Paul] was dead!"

In the "Imagine: John Lennon" movie, George Harrison mocks “Beatle Bill” with his #5 hit in Sweden. John and George also mysteriously allude to themselves as part of the "Fab 3."

Ringo Starr claimed in 2011 that he was the last remaining Beatle (see Ringo: "I am the last remaining Beatle." Repeat: "... for more info).

There are also references to plastic, which makes one think of plastic/fake people, or plastic surgery: John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band and Plastic Macs on P/Faul's “Coming Up” video.

The song, "St. Paul," released by Terry Knight is also considered a major PID clue. See St. Paul - Terry Knight revealed Paul was dead for more info.

Please feel free to add more clues in the comment section.


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  1. Truly enjoy your posts. Keep up the good work!

  2. In I am the walrus one of the lines is "man you been a naughty boy , you let your grow face grow long" referencing the difference in Fauls face compared to Paul.


    Uncovering the Hidden
    Psychic Touch

    For those to whom the Walrus is a totem,
    there will come opportunities to uncover what is hidden,
    to find hidden treasures in the things around us.

    Walrus people have a need to be among like-minded people.
    They feel safe and comfortable with their own kind (mental and spiritual not physical).
    However, they must be careful not to become insulated and anti-social.

    Walrus people often have a form of psychometry –
    the ability to sense objects through touch.
    However, instead of using their fingertips,
    they should place the object against their cheek or forehead.

    Trust your inner senses.


    “Walrus symbolizes money because of the bounty of his body, which offers abundance to those who hunt him. Walrus is comfortable with the idea of money and views it as one more tool to be brought into balance.”
    (Copyright: “Power Animal Meditations”, Nicki Scully)

    “Walrus Dreaming encourages us to seek the wisdom of someone, more experienced than us, and who is willing to share.”
    (Copyright: “Animal Messengers”, Scott Alexander King.)

    Walrus’ wisdomiIncludes:
    Appearances Are Deceiving


    1. I think you mean isolated and unsociable. ''Antisocial'' used as meaning introverted or unsociable is a smear. Introverts are not antisocial. Antisocial behaviour belongs in the abnormal extraverted personality type (aka choleric or undercontrolled). The DSM criteria for antisocial personality and sociopathy do not include any introverted traits. The idea that antisocials are loners is a fantasy propogated in the media by shows like Criminal Minds and NCIS.

  4. Nice list.
    Totally off base however is the Denny Laine thing. Simply not true.

    -"Small Paul" in the original cartoon series.
    - "I WAS" sign under MMT Faul
    - spliced-in Faul in "You're gonna loose that Girl" vid in Help!
    - reference to being 4-5 yrs older than the original 3 in MMT ("30yrs old")
    - Faul's interview on "The View" a few yrs ago, mentioning how he is a different person than the person on stage etc.
    I also found a 70s JL interview on youtube where he mentions Faul living in Campbelltown and then he looks at the camera and chuckles.

    ...Basically everything cited in the Rotten Apple series.


  5. I have uncovered the true occult significance to the Beatles' "WALRUS" clue: The word for "WALRUS" in French is the word "MORSE", while the word "MORSE", in the Latin language translates into English as "CORPSE"!!! Now, the esoteric significance to the Beatles' phrase, "I am the Eggman, I am the Eggman...I am the Walrus!" can be viewed thusly: The Eggman refers to Faul McCartney, since the Eggman symbolizes Resurrection (associated with Easter/The Spring Equinox/Renewal), while the Walrus indicates what happened to James Paul McCartney's death, as the Corpse! The Eggman & the Walrus refers to the real Beatle and his artificial, resurrected replacement (James Paul McCartney versus Faul McCartney).

    1. There's also Faul's album called "Back to the Egg," which may connect to "egg man."

  6. I am not here to destroy your marvelous work. Keep going on. But one thing that DOES NOT fit in here is Faul's learned left-handedness. How can a man in his 20s learn how to switch his dexterity into left hand? It is very hard to train a left-handed child to become right-handed. You will answer that there were some slips (a cigarette in his right hand on Abbey Road album) but how is it possible to learn how to play the guitar professionally using one's "inapt" hand and conserve this foreign habit for 50 years onwards? How to live such a life of fraud being scrutinized by the world's eyes all the time? The wolf may lose his teeth but not his nature. Sooner or later Faul will have had to give himself away. Has he done it so far?

    1. a right-hander who has learned to play left-handed:

      Ivan Rocha (Beatles coverband): “I decided I wanted to have exactly the same instruments so I taught myself how to play backward. It was quite a difficult process. I met some freaks online who pulled it off, so I thought: ‘Why can’t I do it?’ It was very difficult, but it was fun. You get to experience the joy of learning to play all over again. I can’t play with the same proficiency as I can with my right hand, but I’m good enough that I can play live.”

      SANDRA SPEROUNES, Meet Edmonton’s other Paul McCartneys
      Three musicians talk about playing Macca in cover bands, EDMONTON JOURNAL NOVEMBER 27, 2012,

    2. Short answer: A person can learn to do anything when there is sufficient financial motivation; Sir Faul McCartney has $1.8 Billion Reasons for that financial, and other, motivations to replace James Paul McCartney in "The Beatles". And he was not the only one with a financial stake in the world's most popular band.

    3. Apparently you've never seen any of the fine Beatles tribute actors out there who reproduce the role of "Paul" on bass night after night and who've learned to play left handed for verisimilitude.

    4. Actually, the cigarette in his right hand is not a slip up. McCartney smoked with his right hand. You can see this in a film on You Tube, Paul vs. Faul Voice Interviews. And I hate to reference a PIA video, but there's also Paul is Not Dead--Right Hand vs. Left Hand.

    5. No, it was purposefully planted as a clue, b/c everyone knew Paul was left-handed.

    6. A little late to this comment but I believe the only "clue" to the cigarette is the fact that it is clearly showing in the photo. I am a right handed smoker and smoke with both hands - I don't prefer one over the other. I like to think of the cigarette clue as having one last smoke before going into the grave (which is why they depict it on camera side). I don't think of it as a "he was left handed" clue.

  7. They were all blood sacrifices.

    1. Please elaborate. I'm not doubting you, I really want to know how and why you came to this conclusion.


    3. There is no answer.

    4. I was merely posting a random speculation. However, it jibes with the rumours.

    5. You may be more correct than you even know, when you mention that James Paul McCartney's "death" may be a "Blood Sacrifice"; here is another indication: during the lifespan of the real James Paul McCartney (born on June 18, 1942 and "died" on September 11, 1966, according to the cryptic clue on the cover of the "Sgt. Pepper's..." Album) the MOON made exactly 300 orbits around the Earth (actually, to be precise, the MOON made 300 and 3/100th orbits of the Earth during his lifetime! This resonates to the 33 and 1/3rd RPMs, and the George Harrison "33 1/3" record, etc.). This celestial fact, coupled with the fact that September 11th is "New Year's Day" in the Coptic Calendar, strongly points to a pre-arranged and a pre-meditated Occult Human Sacrifice of James Paul McCartney on or around September 11, 1966 by Black Magic Occultists who weave their Spells on the Societies of the world. (In case you'd like to double check the celestial mechanics, our MOON orbits the Earth once every 29.5 days; interestingly, and tellingly, the planet SATURN, also known as "The Black Sun" to these Occultists, orbits the Sun once every 29.5 Earth Years; this means that every time SATURN makes one orbit of the Sun, our MOON makes exactly 365.24 orbits of the Earth in this same timespan, which is equal to the number of days in our Solar Year! One of the reasons that SATURN is so beloved by Black Magicians and Occultists is because it features a HEXAGON at its Northern Pole; "HEXE"/"HEXAGON" is the German word for "WITCH"/"WITCHCRAFT"! There is much occultism surrounding the death of James Paul McCartney and his "resurrection" as Faul McCartney.

    6. Thank you for all of that information about the cycles of the moon, and of Jupiter. That was fascinating. :)

      To me, the idea that they linked Paul's death, and the emergence of 'f'aul to take his place, with 33 1/3, which is 1/3 of 100[1/3 is the number of angels who rebelled with lucifer/satan] means that perhaps 'they' might be trying to link 'f'aul with the false Jesus/anti-Christ, whom they wish to foist off onto those still here on earth during "the great and the terrible Day of the LORD"[Joel 2:31 AKJV], during the last 7 years prior to the return of Christ to face, and defeat, satan's army at Armageddon.

      However, the problem with them trying to point at 'f'aul as having been satan's 'man of the hour' so to speak, is the fact that he is growing so old by this time. As a younger man they might have been able to use him to house satan, the way Judas did when he betrayed Christ before the crucifixion. So, either 'f'aul will be removed as an anti-Christ prospect due to his advanced age, or somehow his elderly bod will be rejuvenated by satan, in order to serve it's purpose--the latter idea is a ghastly prospect to my thinking, but, since satan doesn't know everything, the way God does, he may have just goofed again, and got the timing wrong, and his chosen prospect might end up way too old, is all. God told NO one when anti-Christ could finally reveal himself. Not even Jesus knows the day or the hour, only the 'season'. We can know that 'season', too, and no time in history has fit that 'season' better than right now.

      From what I've learned of all of this, there are many, many sacrificial deaths taking place these days, and they seem to be on the increase. In some of the reverse speech found on recordings, it's mentions that Paulie 'is screaming' in terror. Satan needs to use that type of fear in human beings in order to help in his efforts to enter into this realm of existence from where God has now placed him. Every effort seems to be made by him, and those who serve him[and his fellow fallen angels,]to extract as much terror from those they kill, as well as from the rest of us, in order to use that energy somehow.

      I just can't figure out why he would bother with that, though, considering the fact that, soon, the Archangel Michael, and his angels[God's good angels], will toss satan down to the ground, and he'll be a raging maniac once he gets here, because, as God's word tells us, "...he knoweth that he hath but a short time."[Revelation 12:12 AKJV]

      And, the date of 9/11 is one that ceased to be a curiosity to me once I learned that it's very possible that Christ was born on that date approx. 2,000 years ago. So, that has to be why the devil, and his followers, perform so many ugly rituals, including human sacrifices, on that date.

      As for Jupiter, it's known as the "King Planet" or "King of the Wandering Stars". In the Mazzaroth, [which has been corrupted into what we now know as the Zodiac], it represents Christ, not satan. The Mazzaroth is God's literal 'Story of man's salvation by God'. God told the complete story of everything, including the virgin birth, and the return of Christ to the earth, in those constellations:

      E.W. Bullinger's articles on it, entitled, "The Witness of the Stars", is one I just adore. He goes into detail about each constellation, and what it meant in ancient times, as opposed to what we're told the 'Zodiac' means today.

  8. Have you seen the documentary on YouTube of the making of Sgt peppers? The Man who Should be Paul gestures with his right hand, works sound mixers with the right hand you name it - throughout the film. Then at the very end, he cites a news headline or something and apparently remembers he's supposed to be left handed and makes a writing motion in the air with his left hand. I was so freaked out, I started shaking.

    look this tina... really disgusting...

  10. One thing nn one has mentioned regarding clues, Sgt. Peppers LONELY hearts. Club band. When I was a kid I thought, what the hell is that? Ive since then come to believe in England a lonely heart is similar to a broken heart. Rock bands aren't usually lonely, especially the Beatles Then they introduce billy who asks us in the next song, will yyou walk out if I make mistakes, I'll get some helpfrom my friends...the other beatles most likely, producer, etc. With rrespect to clue finders, these songs are really telling you what the status was at that point. I think they were maybe trying to prepare their fans to eventually know the truth but somehow the plan got changed. Maybe billy himself eventually changed his mind.

    "Plastic Man" The Kinks
    A man lives at the corner of the street,...
    See More

    The Kinks - Plastic Man (Official Music Video)
    Music video of Plastic Man by the Kinks (1969)

    1. Here's a verse from that song, "Plastic Man" by the Kinks, that I think might be more telling than the rest:

      "He's got a plastic wife who wears a plastic mac,
      (Yeah, he's plastic man)
      And his children want to be plastic like their dad,
      (Yeah, he's plastic man)
      He's got a phony smile that makes you think he understands,
      But no one ever gets the truth from plastic man
      (Plastic man)

      Plastic man (plastic man)."

      Pretty amazing, huh?! Thank you for that link. :)

    2. You're very welcome, Christie!

  12. Faul could also come up with some great songs. "My Love" comes to mind.

    1. "Wo wo wo wo"? But we can agree to disagree... ;)

    2. He did come up with some great songs, like Hello, Goodbye, which is a masterpiece, and Silly Little Songs, but in the early days when he was still with the Beatles or even after, he may have had a ghost writer.


  14. a film adaptation of one of Poe's stories, Masque of the Red Death, starring Jane Asher was made in '64, which may refer to a masqerade to hide a violent death.

    In the name Joe Ephgrave (epitaph grave), the missing letters spell PITA, which could mean ''Paul in tragic accident.''

    A sergeant has 3 chevrons, which could refer to the 3 remaining Beatles.

  15. The albums clues are what got me fascinated with this whole conspiracy theory before the psychical evidence did.
    the Backmask clues are very creepy to me. like I'm so tired, Blue Jay way, and Revolution 9.

  16. In my opinion if you look at the picture of the yellow submarine it looks like a headless corpse. The line on the side of the submarine look like the outline of an arm, the nose is a headless neck and the tail looks like two feet together. No one else has mentioned or seen this, I'd be curious for some input


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