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Did Cynthia Lennon Give Clues to PID [Paul is Dead]?

Thanks to Lewis Carroll (a contributor to the Plastic Macca Blog) for submitting this information.

Lewis Carroll suggests that Cynthia Lennon provided some clues that Paul McCartney died/was replaced in her book, "A Twist of Lennon." 1 In it, she wrote the following cryptic story:
I bought a clockwork bird in a gilded cage which I wrapped up carefully, just leaving the winding mechanism at the base exposed. Before handing it to John, I wound it up. The imitation bird warbled loud and clear from its perch as John unwrapped the strange looking gift with an expression of sheer disbelief on his face. Birds were not his favorite pets.
One gets the feeling while reading Cynthia's first book that she is sometimes speaking in code with thinly veiled references. Perhaps because she is afraid for her life if she revealed openly what was troubling her. The little story above seems like a harmless anecdote until you think about --- why would she put that in the book and what was her point? 

These phrases and words can mean something significant to PID researchers:

"bird in a gilded cage" 

"wrapped up carefully" 


"imitation bird warbled" 

"from its perch" 

"strange looking" 

"expression of sheer disbelief" 

"his face" 

"not his favorite pets" 

You see, we have to read between the lines to glimpse the desperate message. It seems Cynthia was trying to preserve her code words and phrases for future generations who might read and understand the significance. I believe other Beatles biography books contain code and veiled references to a sinister truth. PID researchers like myself are continuing efforts to smoke these codes out into the open instead of leaving them in their burrows, eternally hidden. The word "exposed" is pretty significant, as is "imitation." In addition, the phrase "bird in a gilded cage" may be a reference to a song written in 1900 by Arthur J. Lamb. The following is an excerpt from the lyrics:
I stood in a churchyard just at eve, When sunset adorned the west; And looked at the people who'd come to grieve For loved ones now laid at rest.
Could this be a reference to Paul - the singer - now laid to rest?

As further food for thought, Cynthia Lennon wrote on page 146 of the same book regarding the 1966 Beatles American tour:
To add to the misery of the impending tour, a prominent American and highly successful clairvoyant predicted that the plane carrying the Beatles to America would crash with no survivors. This unwelcome piece of information really gave us all the heeby-jeebies. Our farewells before John embarked on that journey were long and lingering. We were convinced that we wouldn't see each other again. John was sure that if the plane didn't crash, some incensed religious fanatic would pull a gun on him and kill him. It was a very worrying time for all concerned.
Is it possible that something bad really did happen to Paul (and perhaps to the other Beatles) on this American tour? Forensic evidence does seem to prove that at least Paul was replaced circa August-September 1966 [click here for article].

A TWIST OF LENNON by Cynthia Lennon, 1980. Avon Books was a division of the Hearst Corporation, New York, 140


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  1. Beatles fan in CalifJanuary 10, 2016 at 10:56 AM

    Tina, I think Lennon was replaced around the same time in 1966. If you look at pictures before and after that year, he has a different shaped chin,face width and personality change. All very disturbing.

    1. Yes, that is my opinion, too. Glad you can see it :)

  2. Pretty interesting docs on Lennon I recently found on the internet. He was definitely replaced perhaps more than once. Don't forget when Lennon's fingerprints came up for auction they were illegally seized by the FBI.

  3. Here's a matching mirror photo to the Jane photo they mentioned:;_ylt=AwrB8o9mjE9XbWoAKwYunIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTIyYTg1aTMwBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM0MGFhZjE3YjA4ZGMxMDE5NDUzZThkZjdhYjIxYjkxZgRncG9zAzUEaXQDYmluZw--?.origin=&|+Through+A+Glass+Darkly+|+Pinterest&p=paul+mccartney+mirror&oid=40aaf17b08dc1019453e8df7ab21b91f&|+Through+A+Glass+Darkly+|+Pinterest&b=0&ni=84&no=5&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=11bffec7l&sigb=15k64dv4b&sigi=12dj3u7nk&sigt=1215hu5vj&sign=1215hu5vj&.crumb=e5h2lxzoeKl&fr=yhs-mozilla-003&

  4. Wouldn't George Martin know all about the replacement Beatles?

  5. Thanks Tina for your continuing pursuit of the truth about this story. I was however frustrated in the interview with regard to the question of the Beatles relationship between music and the military and intelligence. Not your responses! Two things: John Lennon's playboy interview from the 70s in which he says that as early as their 1st visit to the US they were aware of the role that they were to play. He says emphatically "we knew what we were doing". The degree to which they were complicit in the darker aspects of this agenda are debatable. Which brings me to the 2nd point, namely the occultism and Crowleyism that everyone points to in Sargent Pepper is evident very earlier on. In the train scene of A Hard Day's Night, Paul makes a strange gesture when he says "up the worker and all that" what should have been a raised fist to indicate support of the working class is instead a clawing gesture. My mind wanted to see it as the former but I looked it, it's called the "devil's claw' and he was constantly doing the "hidden hand gesture", one eye more than the other 3. Add to that Paul and John together doing the Masonic "on the square gesture" and on and on-pre Faul. I know that some researchers site a benign Crowleyism. I won't debate that here because I don't know. What I do know, because I've been living with this for several years, is how difficult it is to shed the good guy image of the Beatles still! A part of me still wants them to be innocent after everything I've read. I am old enough that I remember their 1st visit to the US. I saw Paul at 7 years old for the first time and never forgot. I adored him. It took me a year to even look at the PID evidence, especially the forensic stuff and at that I did mental gymnastics to try to go back to my innocent state. And I'm a committed student of alternative analysis of our world aka conspiracies. I must say that I had some clues that I had I didn't recognize as such. I wondered for years why HELP! was never shown and I couldn't stand Paul McCartney or his music during his solo career. In fact my family and I have made fun of him for years for his cutesie faces, that I now know were in imitation of the real JPM. Imagine a 74 mimicking a 24 year old, ludicrous! It frustrates me that Jim Fetzer continuously bounces back like a rubber band to the most conservative position regarding this. Especially, since he was very late to the party in the first place. Besides once you've acknowledged that a great effort on the part of the most powerful people on earth has been operating, all bets are off. We don't know what they are capable of. As far as DNA is concerned, I don't believe that JPM was a blood relation of the McCartney's. He looks nothing like Jim, Mary or Mike. The elites move children around and they do sacrifice their own. From what I gather Jim McC was a mason. Perhaps he was asked to raise a brother mason's child--no questions asked. I also agree that no one will talk about this from the inner circle. What would they have to gain? I think that may be why John and George and of course Mal were targeted. Like you, I I think if people were to accept The PID phenomena it could open their eyes to the big picture of deception that is our current reality.

  6. Has anyone ever done biorythms for Paul for the dates that are speculated as the death date?

  7. Even if no one cares or doesn't believe or thinks it's irrelevant because it's only pop music, the idea of doubles and replacements is now more accepted and it's broadening the general understanding of how people in power operate. I think the fact that many people were able to spot an obvious Hillary double this week is proof of that. Tina and others your hard work is paying off!

  8. I agree that James Paul looked nothing like his parents or brother... First time I've heard anyone but me say that. As for his relationship with Jane Asher, though, I believe that it -- and he -- were sincere. At time I think John was replaced and at others I don't. Can "mere" evil transform one's physiognomy? Interesting that he supposedly met Yoko on the same night Paul was (supposedly) killed in that accident, or so one theory goes. If anyone gives off evil vibes, it's that one.

  9. The only reason I don't go down the road that wonders why Paul didn't resemble his parents is due to my own children--I had two boys, neither of which resembled any family member on either side--I have blonde hair, and my husband has very dark hair--I always thought both boys would end up having dark brown hair--they were both born bald, and ended up with light hair, with one of them even being blonde! Their facial features never matched up to any of ours either--I still, to this day, look at their photos and wonder why that is! They were both handsome [as any mother would think of her children], yet I doubt seriously anyone could ever match them up with any other family member by just looking at their photos, and ours--it's wild, but that sort of thing does happen. I know for a fact they are not adopted, and I also know for a fact who their father is--my husband!

    Paul's family might simply have fallen victims to threats of all sorts, considering what they may have been told about Paul's death, and how he died--if violently, and if whoever told them had pictures to back it up, and were menacing enough towards them, that might have been more than enough reason for the family to keep quiet after that. Other sources need to be explored, since the family seeme to have taken itself out of the picture, at least for now.


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