Friday, March 9, 2018

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - CIA Body Doubles

"Over the past decades, the CIA has been accused of everything from selling guns to assassinating people. Yet that's not the craziest part: Some people believe the CIA is actually replacing its enemies. Tune in and learn more in this episode." Guess who thinks people are being impostor-replaced...

This is a good video, but they got it wrong with Revolver. They said Revolver was after the replaCIAment, but it was actually the last true Beatles' album with James Paul McCartney. Plastic Macca did not rear his ugly head until the end of August 1966.

For more information, see Double Fantasy: Background Information on Doubles and 

"The Splitting Image" by Tina Foster: Supplemental Images for Book.

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  1. I recommend"The Splitting Image".It has lots of interesting, surprising info. I also bought 2 other books from Tina. One,"Forbidden Secrets of the Illuminati",I brought with me to traffic court recently. The look on the US Marshal's face when she read the title was priceless!


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