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"Plastic Macca: The Secret Death and Replacement of Beatle Paul McCartney" by Tina Foster

Plastic Macca: The Secret Death and Replacement of Beatle Paul McCartney

Author: Tina Foster
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In the fall of 1969, a rumor swept across two continents that the lovable Beatle, Paul McCartney, had been killed in a car crash. According to some, he was replaced by “Billy Shears.” 

This book is an attempt to separate fact from fiction.  Join the author on a fascinating trip deep into rock n’ roll lore.  You will no doubt be surprised by some of the discoveries that are made along the way to the shocking conclusion. 

This book will rock your world!

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  • Paperback: 510 pages
  • Publisher: Auriga Books (January 24, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1794563849
  • ISBN-13: 978-1794563841

eBook592 pages
  • Publisher: Auriga Books (January 22, 2019)
  • Publication Date: January 22, 2019
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9781794563841

Reader Reviews

"I've done several interviews about the PID theory for my radio show. Tina Foster has done the most thorough comprehensive work on this subject matter."
~ Ed Opperman, The Opperman Report

"Just read the first 50 pages of your book. I think its great - thanks for referencing me too on p.10. It's by far the best book on the McCartney conspiracy I've read."

"A completely compelling and thorough study of all available clues and other evidence pointing to this tragic truth. And hints pointing towards an even deeper truth that all four were replaced before the Sgt Pepper album. A highly recommended work which goes well with the works of the late Dave McGowan, and bravely goes where he didn’t for whatever reason... A shining light in this world of dark deception."
~ Rich Hulsebus

"I’m still in the middle of reading it so I’ll get back to a comment on it when I’m finished, however, so far, it’s very informative. Laid out as a bevy of scenarios of how and when the obvious differences are between Paul and Faul, the reader is armed with case and point of these discrepancies and when they occur. So, do I recommend this book? By all means YES!"
~ Charles Witham

"Great detailed facts and information... clearly written, easy to understand and follow with documentation to back up claims."
Larry J. Arszman

"Hey - Tina. I just finished your book. It's a masterful encompassing of the PID facts and rumours. I intend to give it a second read because of all the footnotes and references - I know that you meant these to be more than CYA "administrative" type stuff - it's replete w/great information - so it will get another read."
~ David Williams

"I'm reading your book and love it! What a a trove of information! How did you do it? No one can read this and not come away thinking he is still the same person.Thank you Tina for your great effort in revealing this great deception. One of the great deceptions of the century!"
~ Shirley Wallace

"175 pages read in 2nd sitting that took a few hours. This truth train is speeding up and gathering momentum. 

Between session 2 and 3 I slept overnight & woke up to the sounds of black birds singing. A few similarities are: JPM’s dad died on my dad’s 50th birthday. I was born & raised in Liverpool ( not England, but a suburb of Sydney Australia ). The liver bird is black. I was 2 when the Beatles first LP was released. My 13 y/o sister used to play the LP & sing along with me. My favourite beatle was Paul until the band broke up. I was 9 and Paul quickly became my least favourite Beatle due to his crap solo music. At 19 I tried to learn bass guitar but it wasn’t my thing. Like real Paul I have Mars & Pluto in the 11th house, & as Linda Goodman says it does indicate abuse as a child, violence & secret enemies. All have happened to me. My last name is also a Mc ( MAC ) on both my dad & mum’s side of the family. 

The last 115 pages have been devoured with relish in 2 hours this morning. I finished on the strike of noon. My overall feeling is one of gratitude to Tina for all of her dedication to truth & justice. Her love for real Paul shines through her work, & we the readers are swept along for the ride. One day we will all see Paul in heaven, as the Beatles taught us “ All you need is Love
( the bible says God is Love ) and The Word is Love ( the Bible says Jesus is The Word ) “. Until then let’s listen to the Beatles 1962 to 1966 & share the love in this sad, dark world."
~ Brett McQuinn, Australia 

About the Author
Attorney and author, Tina Foster, has devoted years of her life to unearthing what happened to James Paul McCartney.  Her dogged research has come to the attention of people around the globe.  Recognized as an authority on the subject, Tina has been invited to speak on radio shows in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.  “Plastic Macca,” Tina’s blog, has been quoted extensively in Paul Is Dead (PID) research. 

In this book, Tina carefully lays out her case for Paul’s death and replacement, presenting forensic evidence and witness statements, as she leads the reader through a decade of research.  Prepare to have your mind blown as Tina’s was when she first embarked on the PID journey.  Although some of the information may be disturbing, it leads to a greater understanding of how unseen forces operate in secret to manipulate perceptions and manage the populace.

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  1. I applaud you for your hard work and intense desire to get to the truth of the matter.Obviously you must of been a fan of JPM and rightly so this was an extraordinary person,one deserving of an investigation of this sort. My question to you, Tina Foster is what next.You have established the facts and have many ,many people convinced of these facts you have uncovered, I would hope to see some kind of official ,unofficial type of recognition for JPM.passing, a gathering of his and your fans to commemorate ,acknowledge,and mourn this person so loved. And also to acknowledge Mr.Jonn Lennon,Mr.George Harrison,and Mr.Ringo Starr for their bravery and love of there bandmate, to do what they could to let the public know the truth.They never forgot this person and never let a replacement replace their feelings for JPM.their freind. A great example of true brotherhood that is comparable to many stories of bonds of love for fellow man and right and wrong.Could you ,would you be willing to organize such a venture ,I believe many people globally will have your back finacially,and support you and be grateful to you for such a venture.They deserve it.


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