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Stamping out the Beatles: Attacks on John & George

Q: "In Detroit, there's people handing out car stickers saying, 'Stamp Out The Beatles.'"

Paul: "Yeah well, we're bringing out a Stamp Out Detroit campaign."
~ Press Conference, February 7, 1964, JFK Airport [source]

Brian Epstein, Beatles' Manager

Some may think it far-fetched that Paul McCartney could have been killed and replaced [see Was Paul murdered?]. However, if one considers that two other Beatles were attacked and one killed, then perhaps it does not seem so unbelievable.

John Lennon was assassinated on December 8, 1980 by Mark David Chapman (MDC). Fenton Bresler's book, "The Murder of John Lennon," basically concludes the CIA killed John w/ a mind-controlled Manchurian assassin (MDC). He thought it was a public execution b/c the new Reagan admin was worried about his becoming active again. John was murdered right after the Playboy interview where he talked about TPTB using LSD to control people.

Was MDC an obsessed fan? That's a pretty obsessed fan to fly from Hawaii to NY 2 times to kill a rock star (it didn't happen the 1st time). Then, after he shot John, he just sat & waited for the police w/ "The Catcher in the Rye." MDC didn't have a very good job, but apparently, a lot of cash. I'm sensing there was an intell connection, especially since MDC spent time in Beirut.

Here is some more information.
COVERT WAR ON ROCK BY ALEX CONSTANTINE SUMMARYhttp://www.articlesbase.com/journalism-a....ary-514622.html


Mark-David Chapman chose to plead not guilty due to following the direction of his voices.. His attorney J. .Marks, punctuated the plea "by reason of insanity." Chapman testified "I can hear their thoughts, I can hear them talking, but not from the outside, from the inside." Not one of the three psychiatrists at the trial explored the possibility of Mind-Control. In 1977 Chapman lost his fundamentalist religion and became a Satanist...

At 19, 1n 1975,Chapman signed onto the YMCA, (international camp counselor program) and was sent to Beirut where he allegedly received instructions in lethal arts at the CIA training camp school of terror. (there was a known "experiment in Mind Control unit" for the army in Lebanon.). In 1980 he surfaced in New York, and mailed a letter to an Italian address. The Dakota (residence of the Lennon’s) was given as a return address. There was a reference to his "mission" in N.Y. It was returned to New York, the address not found in Italy, where it sat for three years in the dead letter bin, and finally delivered to the Dakota. Yoko Ono glanced at the letter and dropped it in her deranged file. In 1983, head of security, Mahoney, found the letter. This was evidence of premeditated murder and conspiracy. The letter vanished and reappeared slightly altered, the post-date now was 1981. The "mission" statement was missing...

Elliot Mintz, friend of Sal Mineo, was instrumental in exposing "Project Walrus" as a conspiracy regarding Lennon. He had been Lennon’s chum too and publicist since 1971 Mintz recalls that some of Yoko body guards were at the time New York Police officers.. It is very difficult for a private citizen to legally possess a weapon in New York. The people who can are off duty officers. It is thus, a common celebrity arrangement. There were many files with missing contents at Yoko's apt. after Lennon was killed. Listening devices were planted at the Dakota and once swept clean would reappear...

After John's murder the first promoting of Project Walrus was the ruining of his reputation. John had known he was wire-tapped and was paranoid. After Watergate he filed a lawsuit for wiretap and surveillance and made some progress. Justice Dept. never would admit it actually carried out the wiretap and blamed it on other possibilities. After he got his green card he gave up the litigation. Lennon overcame his fear of federal harassment and gave public statements that were anti-republican.

Killing Lennon was only the first step. All that he signified must be defaced. That was the principle objective of Walrus. His diaries were stolen and returned later with extra entries and some entries altered. Fred Seaman wrote a defamatory book on Lennon...
Beatlemania, Mind Control and the New Objectivity
by Zabodehttp://www.hiddenmysteries.org/themagazine/vol12/articles/dr-boogie.shtml

...A respected news source -- the BBC this time -- referred to Mark David Chapman as an "obsessed fan." This appears to be standard operating procedure for the major media any time Chapman's name comes up. But is it an accurate portrayal? Chapman, of course, is the man who shot John Lennon for some patently absurd reason; in December he will be coming up for parole after 20 years in solitary confinement at Attica State Prison; yet a fan of Lennon or the Beatles he was not -- obsessed or otherwise. His preoccupation with John Lennon did not emerge until the months before the actual murder. This fact has been established by Fenton Bresler, author of Who Killed John Lennon? As Barry Chamish notes of researcher Bresler, he does an adequate job of making the case that Chapman was a robot assassin, the victim of mind control. (If you haven't yet accepted the reality of mind control, you haven't been doing your homework. Cisco Wheeler & Fritz Springmeier have written a remarkable pair of books that can bring you up to speed with a whiplash-jolt: The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind-Controlled Slave and Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula [thanks to the webmaster at Illuminati News you can find them both online at http://mercury.spaceports.com/~persewen/illum_index.com under "Books for Free"]. For a harrowing first-person narrative turn to Trance Formation of America by Cathy O'Brien, wherein this former "presidential model" names the names (including those of four presidents) and details the torments of trauma-based mind control. In so doing O'Brien highlights the ways in which popular books and movies -- in her case it was primarily The Wizard of Oz -- are used as programming tools; in this light Chapman's ludicrous attachment to The Catcher in the Rye becomes understandable, even logical.) Getting back to Chapman the "obsessed fan," does this ubiquitous mislabeling indicate sloppy journalism, or does it mean that at some level the media are actively distorting the facts? More than likely the answer is both. Since we've all read David Icke's work, we know that a mere handful of "elite" insiders own . . . well . . . everything! As Robert Anton Wilson drolly titles one of his books: Everything Is Under Control! The corporate media, therefore, should be recognized for what they are: mere mouthpieces for the Agenda.

Whose Agenda, and why would anyone go to such great lengths to assassinate a songwriter and musician? For the moment let's just call them the "Globo-Super-Elite" (GSE for short). As an incentive to murder you may lean towards the Chamish view that, in rubbing out the former Beatle, the GSE were disposing of one of their own creations -- a high-profile asset named John Lennon -- as a test run to the upcoming attempt on President Reagan's life by robot assassin/diversion John Hinckley, Jr. (who, one could assume, was programmed to identify with Travis Bickle, the antihero from Taxi Driver, in the same way that Cathy O'Brien was programmed with Oz and Mark Chapman with Catcher); or you may be inclined towards the Bresler view that the GSE removed Lennon at a key transition point in the life of this extremely influential public figure, that is, when he appeared to be regaining artistic momentum in the context of a new-found and hard-won maturity, making his popularity, his peacenik politics and his pocketbook a direct threat to the hate- and warmongering of the Agenda...
Harrison Stabbing & Masonic Symbolism

... Lennon was murdered shortly after he gave an interview to Playboy magazine in which he blew the lid off the fact that the Beatles were part of massive experimentation in social control/engineering unleashed by Tavistock and intelligence agencies, as was the deliberate introduction of drugs like LSD into the burgeoning "counterculture" scene during the 1960s and 1970s. The Playboy interview was published not long after Lennon's death...

And furthermore, we'd really like to know whether slasher Abram was carrying a copy of J.D. Salinger's "Catcher In the Rye," as were both Lennon's murderer Chapman and would-be Reagan assassin John Hinckley--NOT to mention the MK-Ultra mind-controlled assassin "Jerry" played by Mel Gibson in the surprisingly revealing movie "Conspiracy Theory".

Salinger, a quite accomplished and well-respected author whose book "Catcher In The Rye" is required reading for a great many high school students in the U.S., had extensive ties to the CIA throughout most of his adult and professional life including his stint as a university professor.

This is from the interview w/ Playboy w/ John Lennon in 1980 - shortly before he was assassinated.

LENNON: "... We must always remember to thank the CIA and the Army for LSD. That's what people forget. Everything is the opposite of what it is, isn't it, Harry? So get out the bottle, boy... and relax. They invented LSD to control people and what they did was give us freedom. Sometimes it works in mysterious ways its wonders to perform. If you look in the Government reports on acid, the ones who jumped out the window or killed themselves because of it, I think even with Art Linkletter's daughter, it happened to her years later. So, let's face it, she wasn't really on acid when she jumped out the window. And I've never met anybody who's had a flashback on acid. I've never had a flashback in my life and I took millions of trips in the Sixties..."

Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation, Part IX
Dave McGowan

...Former Beatle John Lennon is, to be sure, one of the most famous names to be found on the Laurel Canyon Death List. Lennon also has the distinction of being one of the few Laurel Canyon alumni whose cause of death is acknowledged to have been homicide. The ex-Beatle, of course, never lived in the canyon, but he was a fixture on the Sunset Strip and at various Laurel Canyon hangouts, frequently in the company of Harry Nilsson. And as readers surely recall, he was gunned down on December 8, 1980 – purportedly by Mark David Chapman, but more likely by a second gunman.

Lennon was, as everyone knows, murdered in front of New York’s Dakota Apartments, which had been portrayed by filmmaker Roman Polanski in the 1960s as a den of Satanic cult activity (in his film Rosemary’s Baby). Not long before Lennon’s murder, Chapman had approached occult filmmaker Kenneth Anger and offered him a gift of live bullets. Just days after Lennon was felled, Anger’s long-delayed final cut of Lucifer Rising made its New York debut, not far from the bloodstained grounds of the Dakota Apartments. And not long after that, the ‘Reagan Revolution’ began to transform America...
One should bear in mind that the Illuminati are Luciferians, often confused w/ Satanism. In addition, it has been said that intell agencies use Satanism as a cover for their activities:
A Lecture by David Emory

... One of the points that we've tried to make, throughout the course
of our discussion of *The Ultimate Evil*, is that, again, the
*Satanism* is one of the things that throws people off. The
intelligence agencies have *long* used occult groups as a front
for activity. For one thing, occult groups exist at the periphery
of public scrutiny and therefore are ideal to use as intelligence
fronts. In addition to that, because of the unusual activities of
occult groups, any suspicious activity on the part of an
intelligence agent *using* these groups could be laid simply to
the bizarre nature of the group itself. [CN -- also, first
amendment protections for "religious" freedom would help shield
them from investigation.]Now specifically, vis a vis mind control, many, many of the cults on the scene today are, in fact, mind-control fronts for the U.S.
Intelligence and Military communities.
It just so happens that two rockstars died in Henry Nilsson's (the guy John Lennon was hanging out with) London flat - Mama Cass & Keith Moon.
Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation, Part III
Dave McGowan

... “Mama” Cass Elliot, the “Earth Mother” of Laurel Canyon whose circle of friends included musicians, Mansonites, young Hollywood stars, the wealthy son of a State Department official, singer/songwriters, assorted drug dealers, and some particularly unsavory characters the LAPD once described as “some kind of hit squad,” died in the London home of Harry Nilsson on July 29, 1974 (Nilsson had been a frequent drinking buddy of John Lennon in Laurel Canyon and on the Sunset Strip). At thirty-two, Cass had lived a long and productive life, by Laurel Canyon standards. Four years later, in the very same room of the very same London flat, still owned by Harry Nilsson, Keith Moon of The Who also died at thirty-two (on September 7, 1978). Though initial press reports held that Cass had choked to death on a ham sandwich, the official cause of death was listed as heart failure. Her actual cause of death could likely be filed under “knowing where too many of the bodies were buried.” Moon reportedly died from a massive overdose of a drug used to treat alcohol withdrawal. Like Cass, Moon had at one time been a resident of Laurel Canyon...
This is, in my opinion, a very interesting observation by a poster on Above Top Secret:
Originally posted by Getsmart

Disclaimer: Sometimes small clues are most revealing. This post is meant for speculative purposes, to stimulate thought with the purposely provocative association of events, documents, knowledge and theories.

Such as this picture of John disguised next to a sign saying:The best way to go is by M&D C

Above that is a sign which reads:

"Extra (or Exit?) Brighton"

Is is a coincidence that Brighton is the resting ground of Aleister Crowley where he was cremated:
Source: Allen J. Ottens, Rick Myer, Satanism: Rumor, Reality and Controversy, p.20http://books.google.com/books?id=GnQ1bkyp5k4C&pg=PA20

Montague Summers in his book The History of Witchcraft and Demonology on page 151 states:

The hideous cult of evil yet endures. Satanists yet celebrate the black mass in London, Brighton, Paris, Lyon, Bruges, Berlin, Milan, and alas! in Rome itself.http://books.google.com/books?id=irM9AAAAIAAJ&pg=PA151

John Lennon is there himself, in a burlesque disguise, showing his authorship of any message in the picture.

Could it be in ritualistic punishment for this accusatory message that 13 years to the day of the release of this album a man with the initials M.D.C was presented to us as his assassin? These guys sure don't kid around.http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread195888/pg124
George Harrison was also the victim of a bizarre attack in his home. I think there could be some elements in common with what happened to Paul.
Harrison Stabbing & Masonic Symbolism

On December 30, less than two days before the beginning of the year 2000, former Beatles member George Harrison was attacked and stabbed in his home outside London. Harrison would very likely have been killed if his wife Olivia hadn't smashed a lamp on the attacker's head.
Considering what happened to Harrison's former bandmate John Lennon on the streets of New York almost exactly 19 years before, and considering the Beatles' key, pivotal role in the mass social experimentation carried out by Britain's Tavistock Institute in conjunction with covert intelligence agencies like the CIA, NSA and Britain's MI5/MI6, we'd say there is a strong likelihood that Harrison, like Lennon, was NOT the victim of some random act of senseless violence...

We'd say it's a good possibility Harrison was targeted to be bumped off by some of the same forces responsible for rubbing out Lennon, using MK-Ultra/Manchurian Candidate-type mind-controlled assassin Mark David Chapman.Perhaps Harrison had likewise done something to incur the wrath of his former "programmers"; or perhaps it's just "company" procedure to terminate operatives of whatever designation at someone point in time, lest they somehow become an unnecessary security risk.

Perhaps George Harrison had been designated as some sort of "sacrificial victim" by the demented, obsessed, criminally insane, ritualistically-oriented "Illuminati" power brokers operating behind the scenes of so many events in the world. Perhaps there was some connection between this attempted "sacrifice" and the end of the 20th century/beginning of the new millennium...

The Beatles' movie "HELP!" kept coming to mind. A sacrifice to Kali, perhaps?

Right off the bat, we wondered if perhaps the near-fatal assault on Harrison was linked to elements of the covert government, and there were some indications this may have been the case.

Few pop bands had as much impact on the latter half of the 20th century than the Beatles. How ironic, then, that less than 48 hours before what was generally considered the end of this century Harrison was nearly killed in a rather ritualistic fashion--by a knife.

The number "33", a very significant number in Masonry, seems to pop up with more than random frequency as having been a factor--somehow or other --in many events or incidents which have ritualistic, cult-like aspects. To name but one such recent event, there was a WEALTH of 33s which figured in the crash of Flight 990 (33x10).

Sure enough, we find some 33s showing up in the Harrison stabbing incident.

The attacker Michael Abram is 33 years old.

And even more freaky, the attack was said to have occurred at THREE-THIRTY in
the morning (London time).

The DATE of the attack was 12.30.99. In numerology, the numbers of this date
tally up to SIX, which is THREE plus THREE.

Some similarities have emerged between the knife attack upon Harrison and the New York City street shooting of Harrison's ex-bandmate John Lennon in December 1980.

As with Chapman, the mind-controlled assassin who killed John Lennon, the person who wielded a 7-inch knife against Harrison and his wife Olivia Wednesday night in their home near London, a Michael Abram, is shaping up as some kind of fanatical lunatic who had only fairly recently become "obsessed" with the Beatles, according to Abram's mother Lynda. She also said that her son "hates" the Beatles and believes them to "witches."

What she describes about her son's "beliefs" regarding the Beatles sounds to us like Michael Abram was subjected to Manchurian Candidate/MK-Ultra/Monarch/Montauk style belief-system conditioning; inculcated in the target subject by such means as drug- or EM/RF-assisted hypnotic trance induction or the like, as part of an overall mind control program. There are other anomalous and peculiar aspects to the entire incident--some of which George Harrison has already commented upon publicly. Harrison said the man "was certainly not intent on burglary."

The attacker in fact seemed quite proficient at wielding a knife, stabbing Harrison four times--the most serious wound was only an inch from Harrison's heart.

For another example, one of the more inexplicable aspects is how the attacker, now charged with two counts of attempted murder, was able to penetrate what Harrison's neighbors describe as "Fort Knox"-like security at the Harrison residence. Police have repeatedly noted their amazement that Abram was able to penetrate the extensive, elaborate security in place around Harrison's house.

Obviously this was in some way or other an "inside" job...
Beatlemania, Mind Control and the New Objectivity

... Another celebrity whose security also failed, but who survived to talk about it, is George Harrison. When a knife-wielding intruder sliced-and-diced the former Beatle on the penultimate day of the penultimate year of the millennium, he -- the attacker -- had somehow slipped through one of the best security systems that a private citizen could hope to own. [This is wryly amusing: It just occurred to me on the final read-through of this paper that, going by each Beatle's creative contribution to the band, George Harrison occupies the next-to-last or penultimate position!] As John "NewsHawk" Quinn makes clear in his article regarding this bizarre event, the attacker presents all the "qualifications" of a Mark-Chapman-style robot assassin. While I find the work of NewsHawk, Inc. some of the most consistently compelling Internet reporting around (with the recent official verdict that the two Columbine shooters acted alone, everyone who values the truth must read the John Quinn material at the website of the Columbine Research Task Force: http://columbine.home.dhs.org), I have to disagree with a point made in this article: When NewsHawk maintains that John Lennon, in his interview with David Sheff, reveals the Beatles were basically engineered as part of a Tavistock-Institute, mass-mind-control operation, I go, "Huh, did I miss something?" Certainly at one point in the interview (p. 93) Lennon makes a sarcastic comment to the effect that anyone who values LSD should remember to thank the intelligence and military groups who introduced it as a means of control, which in Lennon's opinion totally backfired, serving to liberate people instead. This, I thought, was common knowledge. Perhaps twenty years ago it was considered revelatory? Nowhere, however, do I see the former Beatle saying anything along the lines, "Yeah, me and the lads were a part of all that too, y'know." ...
Does anyone doubt that the Illuminati-Rothschild banking cabal would hesitate to crush a pesky Beatle or 3 if it suited their Agenda?

Edit: You may find the following resources interesting:

interview with Dave McGowan about Laurel Canyon:

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave
by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier

Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula
by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier


The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. Dont forget that Lennon might have been ready to expose Faul, his last record title was "Double Fantasy"

  2. I agree. I believe that Johnny was finally waking up.He was trying to get out from under Yoko's control.
    She realized it, and put the hit out on him. He would've exposed the whole conspiracy if they hadn't stopped him.

  3. Learn the truth about Chamish here:

  4. Fabulous sources and articles. It would seem they were part of it, but mostly Faul bringing them in, perhaps himself at FIRST even he only knowing of the avant-garde power and Satanism, and wanting to work with power brokers who could help him get into position, and help the band. In the long run, he (and the others, esp. John) would have learned more about their handlers. So the Satanist Faul himself and his philosophically confused new bandmates, could all have been fooled along the way, in different ways. Anyway: Try here, WHOLE hour (surprises throughout), and yes, there's more info in Rotten Apple series if you're dedicated, but this 1st movie of the trilogy (2010-2012) is a good initial summary: http: //vimeo .com /16353230 . For the assassination see: http:// www .youtube .com/watch ?v=z0i28peF3Rk where the doctor who tried to save John acknowledges how good the shots were. It is a testament to how it was a professional job -- an important statement, just as is his comment on medical record still being in a vault. Now, what's even more important is this: jfkmontreal. com /john_lennon /video120980 /JWL .htm - Read *past* label "END". Doorman Perdomo seems to have been in Operation 40 (anti-Castro Cubans, Bay of Pigs CIA asset assassin) & in best line for shot: jfkmontreal. com/john_lennon /Usenet /Perdomo .htm - RIP John.

  5. The Chamish material you linked to is on Wayback machine. Which pages did you want us to look at, "Anonymous" from Nov. 7, 2009?

  6. Never mind. I found it. But that ONE PAGE is "failure to retrieve". Other Barry Chamish pages are okay. Hmm. :P Typical.

  7. im from liverpool. people hear still believe the myth of the beatles. its obvious when you look at platic macca paul is dead rotten apple series sam ahab and all the other sites. its so sad when you realise what john paul being murdered replaced ringo and george were put through. the truth though is gaining ground. tina why not try to get an interview on a radio merseyside show. the billy butler show. he knew the beatles having been in a band called the tuxedos in the sixties. why not get in touch.billy butler radio merseyside hanover street liverpool. check out the eadio merseyside website they musthave an email address. there phone number is 0151 709 9333 best of luck tina and thanks for bringing this to peoples attention.


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