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Paul is Dead (PID) Truth Suppression and Disinformation

In my last post I demonstrated how remastering old footage is more to do with hiding the ugly truth in plain sight under the auspices of giving us, the audience, high quality viewing. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down and so it is with our good friends at Apple, the master illusionists.

There is another layer on the disinformation cake which I feel should be mentioned briefly. I don't agree with wasting too much time on these individuals but it's important nonetheless to make people aware. Cutting to the chase, when I began looking into the replacement of McCartney on internet forums I was more than alittle surprised to find a web/wall of disinfo posters setting up camp on these threads. When I say setting up camp I mean the same people would day-after-day return to debunk and often harrass truthers on the issues brought up! We all know debate is healthy but what I'm referring to goes much deeper. Anyone who frequents forums like ATS or David Icke will know what I'm talking about - shill, goon, agent, liar, or whatever else you want to call a repetitive disinformation poster/debunker. These people who religiously sit on a given thread for months to ridicule, abuse, disrupt and derail at every given opportunity. I'm sure we'll all agree that everyone can have an argument and major differences of opinion should be expected, but the people I refer to are paid disinformation posters who are employed by agencies to suppress/oppress truthers. Plastic Macca has made reference to this previously. Just after 9/11 2001 internet sites were flooded with these types of posters to disparage/deride people who sifted too deeply through the bigger, more important issues.

When it comes to the McCartney doppelganger issue on you tube there are literally a handful of channels set up with comparative videos attempting to demonstrate that Paul and Faul/Bill are the same individual. Just type in "Paul is not dead" and the usual suspects will pop up. I questioned a guy who runs one of these channels about why he felt the need to create video after video showing Paul and Faul as the same person? He told me it was a hobby of his - Now if someone wants to believe that an individual is prepared to spend endless days on internet forums, month-after-month creating new vids to prove that Paul McCartney is alive and well because it's... well, a passtime... then that's his business, but I've some great seafront property on the Costa del Bog he might be interested in viewing!

Now let's take a look at a relatively recent you tube video from a disinfo poster/shill who has spent so long attempting to debunk PID on forums over the last year, we almost regard him as family (almost) -

I've shown already how easy it is to manipulate video footage and at some point we will go into more detail about photo manipulation. Plastic Macca has brought this up in a previous post. What I want people to focus on is the voice comp in the second part of the video. Go 57 seconds in and listen closely!

What the creator of this video is attempting to highlight is that both interviews are of the same man. Here are the two interviews I have identifed the voice comps from -

The first is the LSD interview Bill/Faul gave in June 1967.

The second interview is from the Beatles in Los Angeles (late August 1966).

Listen to the above two videos very closely - You can watch them too, but focus on the voices and any background noises you might here, this is important!

Now go back and listen to the comparative video made by our friend the disinformation poster.

ONE QUESTION - Where is all the background noise coming from on the comparative video...???

You see our friend here wasn't counting on someone coming back with the two original interviews. In both of these two interviews there is little or no background noise. Why is there background distortion in both interviews in the comparison?? - IT WAS ADDED BY THE CREATOR OF THE VIDEO TO DRAW PEOPLES ATTENTION AWAY FROM PAUL AND FAUL/BILL, TO BREAK YOUR CONCENTRATION!!


He also cleverly (so he thinks) focuses on the stock phrases used by Paul and mimicked by Bill/Faul. You can hear the words "you know" many times throughout the comp. This is a subtle way of getting people to identify (subconsciously) in the mind that it's the same man, because they are THE SAME WORDS used by BOTH MEN!!

This is classic mind manipulation by someone who is purposely trying to influence, condition/unjustly persuade the listener. There are many of these dud videos out there - Don't be fooled is all I will say. Pay close attention to what you are asked to listen to and watch. Always focus on the details and these fraudsters will show themselves up time and time again!

Thanks for reading.

Posted by Orb27

Tina Foster, Esq.

Author of "The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor-Replacements"

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  1. Shankly, thanks so much for pointing those things out. It is very important that the average person understands what certain people will stoop to in order to perpetuate this lie.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me the tactics used by these people to fool others into seeing both men as the same person. If it was all just a big hoax these individuals wouldn't need to do such things, in fact they wouldn't waste their time on it at all.

  3. Looks like the video links are dead, but I agree with your premise. There are MANY professional debunkers haunting the net and you can tell a lot by what they are trying to debunk. There is a site called (not necessarily recommending it, but...) that posts articles about Obama's identity. Anyone who wants to see full-blown government / CIA debunking can go there and be driven crazy all day long.

    The question is... when you have a theory like PID that is, at best a hard sale to people who haven't studied it, why would you make a hobby out of debunking it? Aren't you just climbing a low mountain? If not, there must be a major cost associated with some unwanted truth catching fire in the public imagination...

  4. Russell, I have been threatened and intimidated by PIAgents for trying to get the information out about Paul & Faul. I'm pretty sure at least some of those people are paid Cass Sunstein-type agents trying to keep a lid on PID. Not only does it threaten to expose a massive fraud perpetrated on the people, but it could also expose a broader impostor-replacement agenda. If people can see that *Paul McCartney* could be replaced successfully w/ the public eye scrutinizing his looks carefully, think how easy it would be to replace an ugly, old politician no one even cares to look at.

    1. I think it can expose everything. Literally. All things that are bad in the world are embroiled in PID.

  5. Do you think that sunking and the 60if document are deliberatly using disinfinormation?

  6. It's interesting Tina how when I type in paul is dead the first page listings are all PIA posts. The disinformation machine is in overdrive. I just found This quote which said “The masses will catch up with us in 2020.” – John Lennon
    The masses are indeed catching up.


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