Sunday, November 29, 2009

Questions about John Lennon's assassination

This interview with Dr. Stephen Lynn, the physician who attended to Lennon after he'd been shot, raises some troubling questions.

  • The doctor said everything, including Lennon's bloodstained clothes, was destroyed
  • The medical records were given to an administrator and put in a vault
Why did the hospital destroy evidence in a murder investigation? Why weren't the medical records, clothes, and other evidence given to investigators? Are the records still locked in the vault, or were they also destroyed?
  • The doctor was John Lennon's neighbor and saw him regularly but didn't know who it was until he opened the wallet
  • The nurse at the hospital said it didn't look anything like John Lennon
Lennon was supposedly shot three times in the chest. There was no suggestion that his face had been injured. Why was he so hard to recognize?

To research the circumstances surrounding Lennon's death more fully, I recommend the book, The Murder of John Lennon by Fenton Bresler.

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  1. Fairly standard practice for hosptials to not only cut off the clothes of trauma victims, but also then dispose of said clothing by incineration. I believe the emphasis is being added here by Lynn to completely eliminate bogus sales of "the jacket John Lennon was shot in, bids start at $$$" type scams. Ditto the bullets. Compare that with Kurt Cobains heroin spoon going on sale, for instance, for why.

    Not really convinced John was replaced (yet) there doesn't seem to be the flood of evidence as with Faul. John was a heavy heroin abuser for many years, he was already firmly "under control".

    As for The Catcher In The Rye... it's possile that it's a Freemasonry ritual guide, from "laid down on Ely's bed" right through to being admitted into the "Holy of Holys"... only to find... [insert speculation here, personally I'm fond of it being "ha ha, there's nothing here after all" which would certainly trigger the murderous response in the imbalanced narrator] Maybe all of the victims where the book turns up in the possession of their assassin were masons who renaged on their secret vows?

  2. The more these things are investigated the stranger they are. It's possible it is the inverse of Elvis, a misdirection for murder to hide a faked death in Lennon's case, and a misdirection for a faked death to hide a murder in the case of Elvis. Elvis's father Vernon believed it was murder, so did Dick Grob, Elvis' security chief, who did an investigation of Elvis' decease, British journalist John Parker (saying the Mafia did it), actress Suzanna Leigh (Why I'm convinced the mob killed my soulmate Elvis -, and Stephen Ubaney (Who Murdered Elvis? He Made the Mob and the FBI Furious, 2012).

  3. Kinda crazy but I was a youth and really got into the Beatles and listened over and over to their music . I became familiar with their faces and voices . in 1967 with Sgt.Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band album I was disapointed that Lennon voice sounded thin and weak and he looked so different ,like a shadow of his former self . So when many say that Paul was replaced , I come to the conclusion that either Lennon was also replaced , or that the band was taken over . It is strange that Paul split with Jane and John split with Cynthia and Brian Epstein died and they went to the Maharashi.


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