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Was Paul McCartney killed in late August 1966?

My research indicates that Paul McCartney was replaceed in late August 1966. I am confident it was Paul during the 19 August 1966 Memphis interview and in Seattle on August 25. "Paul" seems different during the 28 August, 1966 LA interview. In that interview, "Paul" keeps putting his hand up to his face as though to casually hide it, as though self conscious and maybe trying to prevent anyone from noticing subtle differences between him and Paul. Is the Paul of August 28 just a Paul impersonator? Granted, he does a great job of impersonating Paul, but if you watch these clips carefully, you will probably pick up on differences. I believe it is, in fact, a double on August 28, 1966. Therefore, I believe that the timeframe for Paul's replacement is sometime between August 19, 1966 and August 28, 1966.

August 19, 1966 - Paul in Memphis

Aug 28, 1966 - is this Faul?

Aug 19, 1966 - Memphis vs. Aug. 28, 1966 - LA


Paul from Aug. 19, 1966 (left) compared to "Paul" on Aug. 29, 1966 (left). In the picture on the left, Faul is disembarking from the plane in San Francisco. This would be the last Beatles concert.

Faul on the left (Aug. 29, 1966) vs. Paul on the right:

Paul (left) vs. Faul (middle and right):

On the left is a picture from Sept. 1966 at the Melody Maker Music Awards. Compare to a picture of Paul from Aug. 19, 1966.

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Compare this Sept. 1966 picture to Faul from June 1967's famous LSD interview with Independent Television News (ITN):

The Beatles would never play live again after Paul's replacement (not counting the impromptu roof-top concert at Twickenham Studios).
After the group played a concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco on 29 August 1966, they announced that they would stop touring.
In this video from the Rotten Apple series, it says the following at 0:48:

09 11 1966 04:00 pm
Brian Epstein announces the Beatles will never play live again

Nov 09
Brian phones Arthur Howes, telling him they won't accept more live

I am confident Paul was gone by the time this announcement was made. 9 11 1966 is an interesting date to choose. Perhaps it was chosen for its numerological significance?

Here are some observations by Getsmart:
The following photo is from The Beatles' Press Conference at Los Angeles Dodger Stadium taken immediately before their concert on Sunday August 28th, 1966. 
The image was not reversed, as can be ascertained by the button placement on George and John's jackets. Ringo appears anxious and George and John are sullen. Paul has grown taller than any of his mates, his left hand is passively at his belt, where you position your rarely used secondary hand. He is smoking very nervously with his right hand, and in so doing partially masking his face for the photo. Dodger Stadium was "Opening Night" for Sir Paul.

Edit (11/12/10): It appears that photos from the Aug. 25, 1966 concert in Seattle were recycled and portrayed as being from San Francisco a few days later. In my opinion, the photos from Seattle are of Paul. Therefore, the time frame for the replacement seems to be between Aug. 25 and 28, 1966. More on that to come.

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  1. Hello, I was wondering if you believe the theory that the British intelligence agency MI6 had anything to do with the Paul coverup? I had been hearing the name Maxwell as being the man from MI5 that was to make sure that Paul's death stayed covered up. I did some digging and found out that there was a Maxwell who worked for MI5. Maxwell Knight. What's more is that he was an agent for MI5 from the 1940's- 1968 ( when he died of a heart attack) This information proved EXTREMELY interesting to me and perhaps it is as well to you. Also, perhaps there are hidden meaning behind the song 'Maxwell's silver hammer." Since Maxwell was supposedly the agent who was to enforce the Beatles stay quiet about Paul's death. Any thoughts or opinions?

  2. Wow. This is interesting and now I am even more confused that previously! Is there any possibility that the image of Paul/Faul getting off of the plane has been tampered with and Faul's face placed in it? Did I also notice that Paul/Faul is smoking with his right hand in both of the interview videos, even the earlier one in Memphis? So, if this is true that Paul was replaced while he was here on tour in America, then did he die here? If so, what caused his death here? Thanks again for great information.

  3. I think Paul was switched after the Seattle show on August 25, 1966 and before the LA press conference on Austust 28, 1966. I think Paul was shot, the body disposed of, & a double installed (see "Paul, they had him murdered" at Pictures of the Seattle show have been recycled & passed off as being from the Candlestick show. The last Beatles concert ever has been brushed under the rug. Wouldn't one think they would exploit the hell out of it? I think the impostor was on stage at that point, & the show didn't go so well. The Beatles apparently took a vacation in LA on Aug. 26-27, where they were more or less in seclusion. If you have read the "Inside the LC" series by Dave McGowan, then you will know how dangerous it is to live in Hollywood - all sorts of suspicious celebrity deaths happen there. Anyway, that's my take on it.

  4. Also see Condensed (condemned?) Cream of the Beatles' clues about PID at

  5. I wondered if you have heard of Sherry (not sure sp. of first name) Edwards? Web site Using sound wave technology which is free to download a voice is identified as false or real.
    No wonder the Beatles split up. I wonder who his connections were in the US? Has anyone got DNA evidence or fingerprints?

    1. It would be interesting to do backwards speech also. Sherry could probably detect the difference herself--she has remarkable talents.

  6. That is interesting about the voice technology. Thanks - will look into it.

    The problem w/ DNA evidence now is there is no chain of custody. How do we know something was from Paul.

    Fingerprints would be good if we could get ahold of an old passport of Paul's or something. Maybe the visa to Germany would have Paul's prints. Many have suspected that Faul's hold up in Japan in 1980 was due to a mismatch of fingerprints. Paul had been there in 1966, & Faul's prints are obviously not going to match...

  7. he was held up in Japan in 1980 because of marijuana possession? anyway his fingerprints didn't match with the one from Liverpool!

  8. Hid DNA didnt match a child he fathered from a german girl. She said he wasent the real Paul and she would know

  9. Hi Tina. Thanks for all your great work. I disagree that it's Faul at the L.A. press conference on Aug 28 1966 because just after he makes the funny comment about "our image is nothing like our image" he laughs and you can see his right fang jutting out.

    As well as that, he looks and sounds like Paul for the whole thing. He's thoughtful, witty, and at ease as are the other three (apart from seeming pissed off at the stupid questions from the press)

    1. Agreed, Jason, absolutely. However, "Blue Jay Way" is filled with PID references in the MMT film and the first few lines contain references to Paul's death in the background vocals played forwards. So we really don't know what happened, but it's true, that's Paul's smirk, his calm moments and witty moments lively come out in the press conference and the Awards Ceremony. The question is: WHEN AND WHERE was that Awards ceremony?!!!! -- Aside: The photo of him smirking with a wider grin coming off the plane is Paul not the leaner and sombre and awkward Sir Paul. But he is caught with an odd expression and angle of sun. This can happen to anyone. --- There is a coverup here, but the issue of: when did he die and where still remain, because the Melody Maker award list for the week of the 11-17 says the decisions were announced the 13th.

  10. its original paul in memphis 1966, he change face sometimes... but after 1967 its not paul anymore...

  11. He' smoking with his right hand on August 19th. Just sayin' -- not that he wasn't replaced.

  12. hi, in my opinion in melody maker 1966 , revolver press conference 1966 and candlestick park its original paul mccartney, paul make funny faces sometimes its a sunnyday light its diferent in photo...
    thank you...

  13. Funny that some people say "Paul changed face sometimes" and never ask WHY )))

    Beatles had doubles all along (since signing the contract with EMI). They were probably told that this is for their safety, and had no idea about the whole plan. People who were adult back then and were Beatles fans heard these rumors about Beatles doubles very often, since 1963. Doubles sometimes used silicone masks, that's why, as some say "Beatles look slightly different from time to time". It is because they used look-alikes and doubles in masks all along, and even a perfect mask, applied to a person with a slightly different bone structure, produces a different impression.

    All the original Beatles were replaced in mid-1964, only doubles were left. The "turning point" is a 1964 summer world tour. The Beatles dissapeared after their alleged trips to distant parts of the world in may 1964. Their close family members were also were replaced or dissapeared and never seen after that. The doubles went on world tour.

    Another great change in the band members' appearance that we see in 1967 is due to different doubles plus some of the previous doubles plastic surgery completed, and they took off the masks and silicone face parts, and changed the style to make it all go unnoticed. The "party line" of the owners changed, they made a decision to end a mop top period, and proceed to the 'psychedelic' (ideological) period of the Agenda, to complete the social engineering task of the band. They made people love The Beatles with the help of the originals because of their true talent, and then used this love and devotion to push the Agenda with the help of ugly Featles, who were agents.

    The original Beatles most likely were not fully aware of why and what for they were chosen. They were hard-working talented musicians who wrote their own songs themselves (Adorno is disinfo). They surely had no idea that they would be subsequently replaced, but they knew about the existence of doubles and communicated with them. There are special voice training technics and diguise techics that intelligence use that we know nothing about.

    Doctor Ricahrd Asher (hypno therapist) was the coordinator of a mind-control programme for early doubles. They were trained in his house, his wife participated. Paul/Jane relationship was a cover-up for doubles to hang out in Asher's house often. I think they evenlived there. Real Paul never had relationships with Jane Asher. Doctor Asher was killed because he knew too much. Jane was replaced with a double.

    The original Beatles were most likely killed, and their families too. In a way they earned money that was used for replacememnt operation, and they "paid" for their replacememnt themselves. This is all very sad.

    All I say is the result of a very serious long research and can be proved with photo comps.

    Beatles are NOT the only celebs that were replaced, there are others. I'd say many. Beatles story is a PATTERN. Elvis and Dylan were also replaced.

    Tina, I HOPE you will approve this comment!

    1. Can you tell us where you find it out? I need more info please.....

  14. Let It Be and the rooftop concert. Such simple bass lines. Can the new right handed Paul now play his bass left handed well enough to handle these simple riffs? The Beatles were probably scheduled to start touring again, and that concert was Faul's left-handed test. Did he fail? Did John break the whole thing up in disgust, losing someone a fortune? Watch the footage: how uncertain Paul is of his playing, looking at his hands constantly. No more mastery. I am a semi-professional bass player in RL, and I intuitively see a change in his style. See Paul play lefty guitar in recent interviews, awkward renditions of yesterday and blackbird over and over in a highly practiced and mechanical manner. Then listen to his guitar solo on Taxman. Man, he used to be able to wail! How long does it take a right handed pro to learn to play simple lines upside down? Seems to be about two and a half years. Surely he recorded right handed in the studio.

    To play my own Devil's advocate--and I hope someone will address these concerns because I want to believe--John Lennon's song How Do You Sleep. If it were about Faul, the line "The only thing you done was Yesterday". Yesterday was released mid '65. Was Faul writing with them that early on? Or is John telling us, as in the seemingly sarcastic line "Those freaks was right when they said you was dead" that Paul is indeed Paul and us theorists is just a bunch of freaks?

    His face, voice and height changed so much in such a short time. But then I see him smile on the Letterman interview after the conspiracy is brought up (that "sssh!") moment, and I've seen that exact smile on young Paul. Can an imposter be that exact? I am torn in two over this!

  15. I'm not able to find the 8/28 press conference preceding the concert online, but the 8/24 one definitely seems like Paul to me. The link above to it doesn't open. Are you saying you believe Faul performed as Paul that night? I previous believed the 9/11 DOD (and still do).

    1. I think it was JPM up until the Aug 28, 1966 LA press conference - that was Faul's debut (JMO)

    2. Can someone please explain:

      Why do the photos of Faul taken at the Melody Maker Awards on Sept. 13, 1966 look so much more credible than any of the other Faul photos from 12/66 - mid-'67. By '68 and '69, Faul has had enough procedures to super-convincing compared to all those pictures and videos from early '67. After Faul shaved off his Let it Be facial hair, he suddenly looked just like the Faul at the Melody Maker Awards on the 13th of Sept., 1966. What am I missing? Do I have to allow for time travel?

  16. Does anyone have a good link to the Aug 28,1966 LA press conference--it appears to have gone missing from YT. Wouldn't this be a key tell as you can easily compare appearance vs other pc's only a few days earlier! ( length)

  17. I know I'm really late to this discussion, but I have always been confused about the Los Angeles interview/press conference. Did The Beatles do two press conferences? One on Wednesday 24th August 1966 at Capitol Records to receive the gold record award for Revolver and then a second interview on Sunday 28th August 1966 at Dodger Stadium before their concert? The video you've labelled as 28 August 1966 (with the black curtain backdrop) is itself labelled 24 August 1966 on the video. I believe this is at Capitol Records. Where was The Beatles last interview? (i.e.: the one with the block background you've labelled 'Paul in Memphis', which can't be correct because the Memphis concert was 19 August 1966). Is that Dodger Stadium or Candlestick Park? Are you able to clarify? Many thanks.

    1. Beatles' LA press conference (with Faul) was Aug. 28, 1966 (Aug. 24 is not correct). The Beatles (with original Paul) were interviewed in Memphis on Aug. 19, 1966.

  18. It looks like the 2nd one, August 28, 1966 is the same Paul. BUT something is definitely not right. They are all on edge, cranky, angry - something.

  19. I don't think Paul till after the Melody Maker award in 1966. I do think The Beatles Used doubles while they were Touring. I see Paul In the LA Press conference. I see a double in the plane pic that isn't Bill. Where did you get That Melody makers Award Picture? Only Paul and Ringo attended. the Melody makers award I have seen look like Paul. We don't ever see James Paul after that

  20. Tina a make blog about original Paul PLEASE NOT PUBLIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Iam from brasil and my english its very simple to write

    for this moment, my blog its hidden from big public in search

    Iam not good for write, Iam better with photos

    many beautiful photos with Paul Iam near 50 years and was fan in 1982 em 1983, teenager and like Beatles songs

    Rovenna its a nickname not my real name

  21. The photo from the plane... I enlarged it and when I did that, it looks like Sir Faul to me with a wig on. Has anyone else got that impression? And yes, Tina, when you put them side by side, I do think it's a different Paul in LA but I'm not convinced it's Sir Faul


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