Monday, October 25, 2010

PID on AxXiom Radio - Nov. 12, 2010

Just a quick announcement that Tina Foster will be discussing Paul is Dead, the Beatles, and the 60's on Axxiom Rule of Law Radio on November 12, 2010 from 6:15-7:15 pm CST. A link to the archived show will be posted when available. Stay tuned!


Tina's interview with Andrew Griffin is now available in the archives.

The PID part starts at 20 minutes in.

The file with just the PID portion can be downloaded here (thank you to our UK friend who posted it).

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. Plastic Macca,

    I found out something huge. It appears several people have come foward and stated that during the first Monkees Tv Show broadcast in September 1966, the news stated that one of the Beatles had been killed in a car crash and the story would be at 11 PM. Well, eventually 11 PM rolls around and no news breakage on Paul. Unfortunately, that piece of evidence appears to have been destroyed by TPTB and only remains in the minds of people 44 years later.

    Isn't that something else?

  2. ^ Yeah, I've heard that about the Monkees show, too, but I have never seen it in an "official" source - just people posting on blogs.

    The mock-trial show that F. Lee Bailey did on PID was likewise destroyed - after airing only once.

    1. YouTube Haven Films and they have the news bulletin in their film The Walrus (watch the extended version, it's good) and in a clip called “Paul Dies”. Also in the beginning of the film, Tony Barrow, the Beatles press manager, calls Paul's house and speaks to his sound-alike replacement saying that he's hearing calls from people asking of his death, to which he denies, and that he couldn't get a hold of Brian to discuss the death rumors, to which he states he's going to put to bed after the phone conversation. It's a good movie I recommend you and everyone reading this blog watches it.

  3. So, what was discussed on Axxiom radio, specifically? I don't think they've put up a link yet on their site.

  4. Hi Tina,

    Is this interview available yet?

    Best wishes,


  5. Hi, Steven,

    I just sent an email to the host at Axxiom to see if it's available. I haven't seen it posted in the archive yet. I will post a comment here to follow up if I find out anything.



  6. Hello, Tina.

    I've been in communications with people about The Beatles and their Illuminati controllers. So some people have mentioned that they believe that the Beatles were in and of themselves Satanic. I'm personally of the opinion that their handlers were Satanic and not the actual guys themselves. For example in 1966, there was said to be a moment where an irate person stormed over to JPM on the street and accused him of promoting evil and being "a devil". Paul was, according to the account, "emotionally shattered and heartbroken" and said that "They must see something good about me if they like me", to which the raging raver fumed and stomped off. Fast foward to when Bill comes on the scene and he smugly takes over JPM's image to promote LSD and other drugs to young people with not even so much as a flinch. Anybody who's researched this can't say that this event wasn't outright planned. When asked about promoting agendas today, he does so with a smirk and a know-it-all tone.

    The differences in reactions is astounding in the two men. How can you help me explain to these people that Paul (the Real one) was not of the type to promote violent and destructive agendas? It's clear that JPM was hurt and saddened greatly by these accusations while Sir Faul finds it amusing to boast of their likening to madmen like Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini and obviously would find no problem fooling millions with Satanic goals and ideologies.

    Thank you for the wonderful quest you have undertaken.

  7. There is a difference for some reason between Paul's looks from 1966 and 1967 that I noticed before I became interested in Paul/Faul. I have to say that doing that to the public for this long
    would be as far out as seeing aliens in your backyard, especially getting away with it. (I'm not denying aliens). As far as John getting replaced? I don't believe that was him on that slab no more than I believe in Santa Clause. He pretty much sat in his apartment for 5 years. He could have stayed up there another 5 years, no problem. It just doesn't look like him. If anybody could pull off having a double, it would be him. If you look at "his" nose when he's signing MDC's album, it looks longer than his top lip. Almost fake.Notice the shades all the time as well. Too much money to be taken out like a stupid idiot.


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