Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beatles on Ed Sullivan in February 1964

Today, February 9, is the anniversary of the Beatles' historic 1964 appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. The Beatles were charming, witty, and incredibly talented. They were a force (for good) to be reckoned with. Let us remember what was and ponder what could have been had their names and identities not been co-opted to serve a dark agenda, such as promoting LSD (see Agents for Change: Beatles, LSD, and Social Engineering).


The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth



    This link newly mentions the idea of Paul's assassination. They correctly reveal that Paul did not want to go along with the drug agenda and was taken out. However, I don't agree on the Faul being Paul's clone thing.


    Great link on the dark side behind the music industry. Perhaps you can inform her about JPM's death, too?

  3. Hello Tina...

    I have a bit of a problem that I would need to ask your help on. Obviously, with Paul being deceased and all, I have the habit of looking up and trying to keep his name and memory alive in my head. I become so upset when I don't at least think of him for a little while. It just depresses me to think that hardly anybody knows about his fate and so I try to keep the memory of him in my head by talking with other people who are "in-the-know" about his passing. It still doesn't feel like enough though, sometimes I'm afraid I'll revert to forgetting about him entirely! Can you help me with my fears of forgetting Paul? It's just that he's been shoved into the background much too long.

  4. ^ This blog is how I try to keep Paul's memory alive - & try to prevent him from being subsumed into & conflated w/ Faul. Helping w/ the PID research can be therapeutical. Also, if you would like to contribute to an In-Memory-of-Paul-type blog post, please feel free to email me some stuff.


  5. I'm wondering if part of the reason Paul was assassinated is because he refused to become a globalist. Globalism being the idea of a one world state. It is obvious Sir Faul is a BIG TIME globalist and is in cahoots with the political elite to influence people to accept a Godless, thoughtless, immoral society (LSD promotion to be one example). I hear he is also a big time proponent of population control (some methods are abortion, euthanasia, and sterilization), something other elitists like Bill Gates and Ted Turner love. The Butcher Album Cover that JPM pushed for may have been partly a reaction to this "Culture of Death". JPM had on numerous occasions talked of his love for life and to protect humankind from conception to natural death. He seemed so unabashed in his love of living. I think when he had so much hurt in his life, he decided to channel it into heartfelt music for the masses.

    Do you agree with this interpretation?

  6. ^ Yes, I think Paul was not on board w/ the globalists' agenda. Sir Faul is a great spokesman for the Elite - pushing their drug agenda, for ex.

  7. I know this is off subject, but have just started looking at PID and was wondering something specific that I can't find an answer to- Why don't Bettina and Philip have a DNA test done on each other? It seems obivious if either of them really believe it to be true. Plus if they have no genetic link, well then, nothing changes in their lives, but if they do prove to be brother and sister then- well that's something?!

  8. I've heard the new subject of this guy named iamaphoney, one song called 'shoes' i'm very surprised cause i found this video on youtube's mc cartney channel¡¡¡¡ I don't know what to think about could be possible that mc cartney himself... or the other one could be the author of all this stuff? this song... despite all things sounds great.

  9. Hey Plastic Macca!! I have been following your page for a while and everything on here is incredible!!!! I have an account on facebook where I "liked" The Beatles along time ago before I heard about the Paul McCartney is dead rumor. I looked at their photo pictures (mainly Abbey Road) and noticed the argument of the fact if Paul is dead or not. What I had found hilarious is that not one person mentioned the article from 2009 in wired magazine in August about Paul McCartney before and after 1966. I told all of them (on the Abbey Road pic) that I found it weird that no one mentioned that article. I also told them that height, eye color, shoe size, nose length, mouth size, ,face length, and ear shape(attached to detached)may change over a matter of years (I am talking 10+ years), but not in a matter of 6 months. The ears were what I made a huge point on. Everyone is born with detached or attached and that can never change! The weird thing was I posted my point of view less than 7 days ago and they banned anyone from looking at The Beatles's profile pictures after that..... Just thought you might love to look into that...

  10. I found it funny that the remastered Beatles music hides Paul's voice, It sounds completely different than the original Beatles where Paul seems to be the lead singer. The remastered makes it sound like John was the Main vocals.

  11. Hello,
    I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you are doing.
    I also want to tell you this little story...I was born in the Middle East after the Beatle era but grew up listening to them and loving their music. Until a couple of months ago I had never heard of the Paul/Faul conspiracy but I had always wondered what the heck happened to Paul (Faul). It seemed to me that the young Paul, though from a working-class background, had a certain gentleness about him. He came off as courteous and rather refined for a young kid from a humble background from Liverpool. There was something genteel about him. I couldn’t put my finger on it but as he grew older I felt he turned into a bit of a yob – rather uncouth and thuggish. I always thought that the money the Beatles made and the exposure to the finer things in life as they grew older would have had the opposite effect. It seemed that way with the rest of the group but not with “Paul”. I was always found that very strange. He even had the title “Sir” before his name yet he seemed to grow coarser and coarser with age – that aura of refinement I saw in him in his youth had completely disappeared. I honestly had never heard of the PID theory. I stumbled on it while researching the NWO and I was stunned and it suddenly all made perfect sense. I can’t understand how people can fail to see that they are two completely different men. To me it’s crystal clear. I knew it before I even knew it if you know what I mean…my gut feeling told me something was up.
    It may all sound very strange but suddenly everything fell in place for me. I feel so sad for Paul, I can’t stand the yobbo Faul and I’m behind you 100%. I love your blog and will visit you often. You’re brilliant, your work is compelling and your courage inspiring…don’t let these liars get to you.

  12. ^ Thank you for your support! I agree with you 100% about Paul being a true gentleman, not to mention very talented and charming :) I am so glad that the Truth about JPM is becoming more widely known. You made my day!

  13. I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan in Feb., '64. I was 13. There were the hysterical, screaming girls and the jellybeans thrown on the stage. Beatlemania was quite an amazing and exciting thing.

    I also saw the Mike Douglas episode in late '69, when the rumours were at fever pitch, with guest Chris Glen, and Paul's brother Mike sitting in the front row. I didn't remember the names or exactly what was said, but I do remember Paul's brother scoffing at the rumours, and after I didn't think anything more about it. I just recently saw this whole segment on You Tube, and Mike McGear skewers the guest, and gives a very suspicious and vague answer to Mike Douglas's question as to when he saw his brother last: ''At his funeral (audience laughs)... I don't know...Before I came.''


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