Monday, December 20, 2010

PIAgent calls for Paul is Dead Miss Him forum to be hacked and taken down

I got this email today from a concerned citizen at the hak5 forum informing me that "KathrynO" had asked for help to hack into and destroy the Paul is Dead Miss Him Forum. The email in pertinent part reads as follows:

It seems Psycho Stalker has come back under an alias and asked that your site is destroyed and for any hacker willing to hack into Paul McC.'s boards to retrieve private information.

This is serious because she is breaking the law by soliciting a hacker to break into secure computer networks.
Here is what "KathrynO" posted at that link:

... Now I need help. The forum I joined concerns Paul McC, the biggest there is on this planet, and I know my stalker(s) who are also PID fraeks have been contacting the admins of this forum and are talking about me. I need to be able to get access to these conversations and maybe if all else fails get this forum destroyed also... Thanks guys, KathrynO
Needless to say, no one is stalking this woman. However, it is true that a number of people have contacted me about her stalking them.

At any rate, should someone hack the PID Miss Him forum, then we will know who is behind it and can take appropriate action.

UPDATE: Kathryn O'Connor of Detroit admitted she had ProBoards delete the Paul is Dead Miss Him forum. But never fear. There is a new PID MH forum here. Please join us!

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. This is another case of the evidence speaking for itself. If you were not onto something they would leave you alone.

    (Looking forward to the radio interview)

  2. Hi Tina,

    There's no need to publish this comment but just to let you know that I've edited the radio programme. The file with just your interview can be downloaded from here. Please feel free to link here.

    Its 40mb.

    Kind regards,


    PS - great inteview.

  3. Okay, I have checked out almost every forum that happens to discuss PID /PWR in a serious manner. In every single one, there is somebody (or more) going on there and posting useless strawman arguments and insults nonstop. Every. Single. Forum. And it's the same crap over and over again. Besides the obvious culprits over at MFH, is there some kind of "Macca Mafia" of sorts? Obviously if Faul were to be uncovered, he could stand to lose millions if not billions of dollars. Also, it's very interesting that one of the Day by Day Beatles books says that the last time Paul was seen in public for a while besides the Melody Maker Awards was in France in September 1966. If the whole "Pid" thing were untrue, then these boneheads would not even waste their time spamming up forums where people are trying to intelligently discuss the very likely possibility of a murder being carried out against Paul.

    1. Most believer forums concerning UFOs are the same. They are swarmed by luny-tune skeptics (or luny-tune cover-up agents pretending to be luny-tune skeptics) with the complete complicity of the admins n mods.

  4. Hey Tina,

    I have heard the possibility of Paul's body being buried near his Scotland Farm. Do you think this is likely?

    Also, I have talked to several people who were alive during the 1960s and they have said that there were definitely celebrities who were "rewarded" by some crooks for carrying out the drug agenda. It was quite the success because half of the people "protesting" the Vietnam War did not even know what they were protesting about. THEY WERE SO HIGH ON DRUGS. Those who did not want to promote this agenda were allegedly pressed very, very heavily to do so. Not to mention the "Free Love" (aka sex with anyone and everyone) movement was a perfect way to dismantle the nuclear family. We cannot forget the birth control pill during all this either. Population control AND severing the family. All these and more brought on the first real wave of the "culture of death".

    I hope you find my imput helpful.

  5. ^ I don't think Paul had a Scotland farm. I think whoever was behind the replacement got Faul out of London ASAP to minimize his exposure to Paul's friends & family. They put him in a remote, isolated area, which to me, would not be something that trendsetting Paul would really find appealing, esp at the height of the Swinging 60's.

    That is very interesting that you can independently confirm the information I have received that celebrities were pressed very hard to promote the drug agenda.

    Also interesting is what you say about the pill & hi-jacking the pro-peace movement. It seems that the faux fab(s) were used to destroy social norms, such as marriage, family, modesty, etc.

    1. I have a memory of Paul and Jane on a Scotland farm in '66. However it may have been a snow job in Peter Brown's "The Love You Make" (1983.)I know Faul said in his Playboy interview the following year that he burned the copy that the author and former assistant manager had sent him in the fireplace. I may have come across similar pics in copies of 16 Magazine from '66. However, that could have been a post-Seattle rush job. Perhaps it is your fate as a fellow Gemini as Paul McCartney and resident of Seattle (I'm not a troll, I think you divulged that info) &(That is where Paul was last seen)that you expose this stuff as an independent researcher.


    It says here in one of the last ever JPM interviews that he had just bought the farm because it was very cheap and was a nice getaway.

    However, though, I don't think he ever planned to play the hermit like Billy Boy did with the place.


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