Monday, December 20, 2010

PID Interview on AxXiom Rule of Law Radio now available (updated)

Tina Foster's interview from November 12, 2010 with Andrew Griffin on AxXiom Rule of Law Radio discussing the replacement of Paul McCartney is now available in the archives.

The PID, Beatles, & the 60's discussion starts at about 20 minutes in.

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UPDATE: Comments from guest blogger, Getsmart, about the show:

[Note] that Tina Foster's arrival on the show is at minute 19':45" just so folks don't miss out on any of the revelations made or the highly deserved Intro reserved for this leading edge Truth Seeker investigating the program of Celebrity Replacements perpetrated by the CIA among other agencies and organizations.

I especially like the part about sharing the experience of first discovering that Sir Faul is not Paul and how once you open your eyes there is no going back plus the fact that this opens a Huge Can of Worms...

I will quote the radio host Andrew Griffin at minute 25':50" saying
"I've looked at these comparative photos of Paul from 66 and before, and post that time - it's shocking how different they are, and that people couldn't notice that? Um, that's just a normal thing, why would that be different?"

Andrew Griffin also said the following at minute 29':00":
"I also noticed that the veins in his hands, where he's playing the bass, were different! And how do you... you can't change that! So, I would say that's... I mean, there are all these clear clues that this is a different person. That's what just amazed me that more people aren't talking about this. Tina, we've got to go to a break here, but we'll be back and talk more about... Paul, Paul McCartney, call him what you will. He's not the guy we knew on Ed Sullivan back in '64, that's for sure!" His colleague Howard then chimes in with "we're talking about Paul or Faul, the NOT REAL Paul McCartney." with Andrew picking up the ball and referring to "that man who claims to be Sir Paul McCartney".

Folks, this was on national radio and has reached countless people who were either wondering why they had that uneasy feeling in the pit of their stomach when it came to Faul's McCartney vaudeville circus or who never knew the original James Paul McCartney and had never had a chance to compare his physique or his talent with the lame replacement substitute - Faul being to Paul what Aspartame is to Sugar.

I commend Tina for advancing the spirit of our ongoing investigation into the death of Paul by the appeal made on public radio broadcast for information regarding the suspicious death of Mal Evans at the hands of the Los Angeles County Police, which is in all probability tied to the murder of James Paul McCartney and his replacement by an Impostor.

The host of Truth Radio's
AxXiom for Liberty program is an interesting and well informed person. For example, at minute 54':00" he talks about how many rock groups of the sixties had ties to the Military Industrial Complex and were coordinated out of Laurel Canyon, bringing the discussion with Tina onto the topic of TPTB orchestrating a 'controlled opposition' and extending their agenda through the CIA's MK-Ultra Mind Control Program to topple our civilization and bring on Helter Skelter as promoted by Charles Manson, embraced by Sir Faul and fomented by satanic rock groups all of whom endorse Aleister Crowley, the Beast 666 and co-founder of the Tavistock Institute for social engineering and cultural control.

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. I noticed that the interviewer said that the veins in Paul's and Faul's hands were different. Can anyone make a comparison of that? It would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Fab Fourum consistently ignores the subject. Who are they, anyway?

  3. You know as time passes, I'm beginning to see that Sir Faul is/was not there just to further the LSD/drug agenda, but to enhance the globalist agenda as well. That is the idea of a one world government. And he reaaalllly seems to have a fascination with Aleister Crowley, big time. I saw a photo of one of Crowley's photos flash at one of Faul's concerts (it was just the eyes of Crowley). Not to mention the whole "King of Cosmania/Son of the Magickian" thing is just creepy.

    Impressively freaky stuff.

  4. Hello!

    I've been an avid reader of your blog and would like to share some interesting news with you.

    Recently I've been talking to two people who used to work in the media. One of them used to work in the media back in the 60s and knows a bit about the transformation of the media to accomodate the "LSD/Free Love" Agenda. He says that people were paid a large sum of money to popularize the drug and that the so-called 60s revolution was very controlled by "people with special interests". He claims that "these people" were looking to destroy the family unit, create rifts and overthrow traditional values. He says the mainstream media played an enormous role and as he says "it most certainly wasn't by accident".

    Another man, a former music business worker, now a priest, says that the music industry has a dark underside that not many people had the chance to see. He said that there were ways to cause the listener to forment bad thoughts (almost through brain waves) and that sometimes there were "rituals". He didn't explain any further. Nevertheless, he didn't like what he saw there and entered the holy life.

    All this information could be very useful to discover what happened to Paul!

  5. Question for Tina,

    do you believe that Faul is related to Aleister Crowley by any chance?

    His children surely do bear some resemblance to him. Think of King of Cosmania --> Son of the Magickian. Sir Faul also loves his occultism.

    Faul's kids definitely don't share JPM's genes by any stretch.

  6. ^ James McCartney is the spitting image of Aleister Crowley, IMO. He certainly does not look anything like Paul. So, I think it's *possible* there is a Faul-Crowley familial connection.

  7. Another Question for Tina...

    It seems like in post-1966 songs, the remaining band seems to refer to "Love" a lot seemingly in reference to their fallen bandmate.

    See the LOVE there that's sleeping
    The LOVE that's gone so cold
    LOVE is all you need
    LOVE is all LOVE is you etc.

    Could this be a "codename" for Paul?

  8. I have a thing to say for all those who feel a little down due to the injustice been done to Paul:

    Everyone should remember how in History even the greatest conquerors and most feared can be dealt with even by the weakest and most humbled of all people. Sir Faul might be riding the waves of JPM's money but inside he is blinded by pride and false "talent"; talent which did not and does not belong to him.

    James Paul Mccartney was far more honorable than the miserable miscreant who thought he could steal a man's name with impunity because the darkness he had chosen to serve deceived him into doing great and grave evils.

    In Heaven, Paul is reunited with his family and friends and is remembered forever as the man who wrote enduring classics and was undoubtedly one of the greatest guys in rock and roll, inside and out.

    Sir FAUL will be remembered as the man who robbed a kind soul of his craft and name, and desecrated JPM's repertoire with asinine pieces like "The Frog Song", "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and others.

    Hope this helped!

  9. I well remember the night I heard it announced on radio that Paul McCartney had been killed in a car crash. I was living in New Orleans and was in grade school at the time. It was only announced once and then nothing more. Everyone I asked about it said I was dreaming. I completely put it in the back of my mind until 1981 shortly after the assassination of John Lennon. Then while working on radio myself, I met Dr. Joel Glacier. I had him as a guest on my show discussing the replacement of Paul McCartney in the Beatles. Joel was an authority on the subject. Over the years, I have done quite a bit of research on this topic. I think he was replaced, and the replacement was Phil Ackrill. Ackrill was a member of Denny Laine and the Diplomats. Perhaps Denny and Phil reunited in the 70's to form Wings. I can't say for sure, but the old adage "seeing is believing" may apply here. Whatever the truth is, I only hope it comes out in my lifetime. The same is true for the Kennedy murder. I do believe the Beatles were brought to the US in 1964 to get people's minds off of the events of November 22, 1963.

  10. One fact not mentioned was Beatle Bill getting busted in Japan for pot. I think he still holds the record for the musician detained the longest on a minor drug charge. Could it be that the Japanese government didn't know who was in their jail? Perhaps the fingerprints didn't match up with the Paul who visited there during the summer of 1966. It sure makes me wonder.

  11. ^ That is a very good point. My guess is that Faul's fingerprints didn't match Paul's from when he was there on tour in 1966. The Japanese were probably trying to figure out what was going on w/ the impostor. I do believe Faul was forever banished from the country, n'est ce pas?

  12. in the anthology book paul states he grew moustache to cover up the fact he was in a motorcycle accident. but in the paperback writer and rain promos especially the black and white versions of them in twikenum paul looks fucked up. his teeth all knocked out and he looks like a fat alcoholic after a binge. perhaps it was decided to have a fill in for the time it took for paul to get surgery and heal seeing as though they werent going to cancela whole american tour. maybe this fill in was just for the tour and they then decided to not sto touring forever but perhaps a few months. thats when the moustaches came about as they headed into thestudioo before he could heal. i think the years of work and drug abusr and bad diet and just getting older could account for some of pauls changes.but he always seems to be reading a script or reciting what is written in books when interviewd. plus the fact that he told obama on that pbs concert thing that the bass he playing is the same one used on sullivan show(when it clearly is not) just goes to show that either old age or fake memories are to blame. i believe actuaaly that after tjhey decided to not tour and mccartney had this accident that all o fthem decided to play along with it as a aluagh or in case they needed to sell some extra records for revenue.

    1. Wow--you are kidding, aren't you? Where in the world did you get your own 'dis'info, if I might ask?


    You would have been 69 this year, my gosh.

    May perpetual light shine upon you forever.

  14. Great info Tina. I've been researching 'paul is dead' for a while now & I see it all ties in with the Illuminati & the Aqaurius Conspiracy etc. But just getting back to basic facial differences of Paul & Faul, as a photo-realistic artist I can absolutely confirm that these are two different people just by observing their obvious facial differences. I hope we get to the bottom of this one day soon and that is: What exactly happened to James Paul Mccartney & will Rotton Apple reveal it next year?

  15. Great! I'm glad you can see the difference.

    The guy behind the Rotten Apple series doesn't know. He's just a guy who maybe has access to some documents, but he's not an insider. He is not dedicated to exposing the Truth, but rather furthering his own agenda.

  16. Neil Aspinal may have written a book revealing the truth using the information Mal Evans had gathered and stashed in a briefcase before he was killed. I read somwhere that if Neil did in fact write a book, his wishes were that it not be released until 4 years after his death. He died in 2008. So, could we have some answers next year in 2012? The guy we are supposed to believe is Paul McCartney is actually Phil Ackrill formally of Denny Laine and the Diplomats. I guess that is why Denny had such a prominent position in Wings. Anyone who thinks that this guy is the original Paul probably believes that pigs fly.

  17. Another point to consider is the fact that according to Hunter Davies, author of the authorized Beatles biography, Paul McCartney's first name is actually John, not James. He clearly states that "James McCartney and Mary Mohin had two sons, John Paul and Peter Michael." He goes further to say that John Paul was the only Beatle born in a hospital because his mother had previously worked there as a nurse. I had a copy of the first edition of this book, and know what I read many times over, unless it was a mis-print, but I doubt that seriously. Unfortunately, my books and mutiple sets of original, still sealed Beatle albums were lost in Hurricane Katrina in 2005. According to Davies, and as written in the book, there were some issues with Brian Epstien about there being two John's in the band. As the story goes, John and John drew straws to determine who would use their first name, and McCartney got the short one. If memory serves me correctly, and I'm certain that it does, Dr. Joel Glacier refers to this incident in his presentation on PID, and goes so far as to state "it could have just as easily been John McCartney and Winston Lennon." In 1980, I went to England and Scotland on my honeymoon. While in London, I visited the Public Records Office. There is a death certificate on file dated November 2, 1966 for a John P. McCartney. I know this to be true because I have seen the document, although I was not allowed to make a copy of it. One way to put the issue of PID to bed forever would be for Paul and Micheal to submit to DNA testing to determine if they are in fact brothers. What are the chances of that happening? I guess it would take a lawsuit against Faul on the grounds of fraud and mis-representation to accomplish this. Now, who would be crazy enough to do that? With nothing to lose, having already lost everything, I might be.

  18. Love your site. The file of just your segment on the radio is no longer at the link you posted. FORTUNATELY, the archives for the radio station still are. Maybe you can re-post that portion again, since the radio could drop the filed in future and you wouldnt want people new to the site not to get access to the interview.

    Sorry that you havent contacted me yet for the stills from Magical Mystery Tour, too. Please do. The discovery I posted twice about but dont see approved, is real and clear and large. Cheers!

  19. Also, what makes you say you think Iamaphoney isnt an insider ... just curious. Thanks Tina. And I am an artist, too, and theyre absolutely different people. There are moments where they have a similar overall look, but its deceptive and not really alike. Also, by the way, THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting up the forensics article and translation. The article is now scrubbed from (its available without pictures, if one looks up the title on Google, but not from your original link or if you search within the Wired site -- they have only a small blurb about it and the the same link you had, but defunct). And Google wont translate anything there now. Thanks a MILLION!

  20. Sorry that you havent contacted me yet for the stills from Magical Mystery Tour, too > send me an email at Thanks!

    what makes you say you think Iamaphoney isnt an insider > I know who he is. It does seem he has insider information, original documents, for ex.

  21. Don't know if you have ever noticed this, but check out the real Paul and how he plays the bass and six-string guitar. I referring to the left hand, how it is positioned, and how he does the fingerings. Then, compare it to Faul. One video, "Yesterday" clearly illustrates my point. Check out the b&w video from the mid 60’s, then, compare it to a recent Faul version of that song. As a professional guitarist and studio musician, I can tell you that ones style of playing does not change so drastically. To me, the execution of the left hand on this player is a dead giveaway. It’s sort of like a fingerprint.


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