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Music: This man isn't the real Mac

Paul McCartney (left) vs. Faul (right)

11/7/04 Sunday Mercury 40
2004 WLNR 10485825
Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, UK)
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November 7, 2004
Section: Features
Music: This man isn't the real Mac
He's mean, he's outspoken and he's ugly. He's Ugly Phil, the Kerrang! radio host with his rock'n'droll column.
I LOVE a conspiracy theory as much as the next guy.
I knew they'd faked the Moon landing long before the movie Capricorn One came along. The fact that OJ Simpson played one of the astronauts only helped to cement my convictions.

But if you want to tread the path of rock'n'roll conspiracies, well, take a seat. How long have you got?
Type 'music conspiracies' into your internet search engineand you'll find some evidence that'll make you kick yourself for missing the obvious clues in the first place.Paul McCartney's dead for starters. Well, the original one anyway!
He was replaced by a lookalike lefthanded bass-player early on, and the rest of The Beatles were sworn to secrecy.
Spurred no doubt by John Lennon, the now Fab Three tried to spill the beans with enigmatic album covers.
Just look at the cover of Abbey Road. What's the number plate on the Volkswagen in the background?
It's 28, the age Paul would have been had he lived. And Paul's barefoot, of course.
Look at the cover of Sgt Pepper. All those dead celebrities on the cover, andPaulwith a hand raised above his head - in the Egyptian death sign!
And, hey, it explains why his music went from brilliant to bloody awful almost overnight...
Spooky or what? Bottom line here, people. If you're Paul McCartney, then you're living a lie...

The Luciferian Deception

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  1. It should be noted that, on the Abbey Road cover, even 'Paul' walking barefoot couldn't hide the fact that he's still taller than the other beatles who wore footwear. This, one can tell by doing the old-fashioned straight line across the tops of the heads. Even without shoes on, 'Paul' is still at least an inch taller than John and George.

  2. Here is a link to an interview done with John Lennon and 'Paul McCartney' in 1968.

    At various points you can see what appears to be a fake earlobe as in other photographs of Faul. The clearest shots (where he turns his head to his right and you can clearly see a crease at the base where the lobe meets the jaw, and the different colour of the lobe to the rest of the head and neck) are at 2:31, 3:07, 3:12, 7:26 and 7:30.
    In the near future I'll be processing different takes of 'Your Mother Should Know' to try to glean information out. If what has been said about it being the last McCartney song he ever recorded and that another vocalist added his singing to the song, then it ought to be fairly simple to extract his vocals to identify him. I'll keep you posted

  3. Tina, you know that Paul wasn't going to have been 28 when Abbey Road album came out. You could put an editor note that it is how old he was going to have been in India astrology, which counts from rough date of conception.


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