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Ringo: "I am the last remaining Beatle." Repeat: "I am the last remaining Beatle."

Mop-Top Paul (left) vs. Faul (right)

In this article excerpted below, Ringo Starr claims to be the last remaining Beatle. It is played off as a "joke," but even Ringo admits there is an "element of truth to it." As followers of this blog know, it has been proven by forensic evidence that Paul McCartney was replaced circa 1966.

How many hints do these people need to drop before people start thinking *maybe* there is something to PID? It was stated that Ringo was the last remaining Beatle not once, but *twice* in the same article - just in case you didn't catch it the first time. Please, read between the lines! They are not going to just tell you Paul was replaced.

‘You all know that the only person round this table who can go is me. I was in the biggest rock ’n’ roll band in the history of music… I am the last remaining Beatle.’ ...

The best jokes are based on truth...

‘There is an element of truth in it,’ Ringo says, before pausing for thought.

‘But I think it’s people on the outside who perceive Paul as thinking he’s the only one left. Actually, it’s me. I am the last remaining Beatle.’ ...

[M]aybe Ringo is the one who has stayed closest to the original spirit of the Beatles...

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. Geez! How many hints do they have to drop for people to finally get it through their thick heads??

  2. Almost reminds you of "Being There": a man telling the truth quite ingenuously, and they all insist on having it some other way.
    "Deadpan is his default setting," see.

  3. Interesting. Did you happen to see this?

    Paul McCartney Really Is Dead - FOX 5 News Story

  4. Plastic Macca,

    How involved is JPM (who resides in the Kingdom of Heaven with Christ and his Blessed Mother for all eternity; Rest His Soul) in calling others to learn the truth about what happened? And would you consider him a martyr for the cause he died for (the refusal to corrupt young people)?

    That and are the interpupillary distances and August/December 1966 voiceprints on this blog 100% vertified?

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  5. I think Paul is quite involved in this effort to wake people up (in a spiritual sense, b/c I do believe he is dead). It's not just about him, tho (he's not an egomaniac, lol) - it's about waking people up to the larger agenda of using doubles to manipulate people. He is/was in a unique position b/c of his looks, popularity, & influence. He seems to be the focal point for exposing impostor-replacement. It's much more pleasant to compare pics of him & Faul than ugly old politiCIAns. lol

    1. My sister had a dream a while ago in which Paul was a little girl. He/she hurt herself and was sitting on my sister's lap and crying.

      At that time, I did not think of the PID phenomenon. It had read about it before but because I had only seen some clues with backward messages, I had not taken it seriously.
      After I actually saw many comparisons of photos, I was quite convinced although I could not understand how it had all been organized. I also started to see that there is an important reason why "Paul McCartney" was irritating me more and more in his extroverted behaviour, so un-Beatle like, I had become completely "anti-Paul", and then I remembered her dream suddenly.

      For me, this dream says that Paul is reincarnated as a girl (his soul is female I think, but that's another point) and is having a difficult life because an imposter has stolen his identity. Also, many true Beatle fans are sending out negative vibes to "Paul McCartney" (like I did) because they unconsciously sense that there is something wrong.
      A lot of people have grown up with Faul as Paul, and for them, Faul the fake one is the real Paul. It's like children growing up with chemical flavors in their food and later they can no longer appreciate the flavor of REAL strawberries etc. which to them will taste as fake.

      One of my major objections before I saw all the photographic evidence that I raised against PID was the unique artistic quality that cannot be so easily imitated and the family context. I believe that to this day the scenario of what really happened has still not be unearthed enough to make it really understandable.
      I have listened to the vinyl records themselves lately, and I think I hear two voices: one seems almost identical to Paul's, and another is higher pitched and not that good. The last one is from the Faul that would start Wings. Many people have grown up with this Wing's voice and view it as the "real" Paul voice. In fact, it sounds quite different and in live setting it sounds quite bad too.
      In the Let it Be film with the last rooftop concert, there appears a Paul with a beard. I don't think this is the Faul from Wings. His live performance is way way better, he never looks at his bass when he plays (just like Paul and unlike Faul from Wings) and has a different body and stance as well. He actually looks a lot more like the real Paul as well. If it weren't for the different body posture (no swinging hips, shaking head), and the weird hair (seems fake hair to me) I could be fooled that it is really Paul in a darkened mood after some tragedy. Makes you wonder why he did not continue to play Paul, but I guess not everyone is so corrupt and crazy to want to become another person for real.

    2. continuation:

      My major concern is always: how did the other three got trapped into this lie? For me, the Beatles themselves are real persons with a unique soul, a real group with real music. Nothing fabricated by some dark institute. Before '66, they were these four friends that hung together like brothers, and then suddenly it was gone. No more jokes, DEATH serious faces, a heavy darkness surrounds them all and John Lennon has gone crazy with evil Yoko. To know how crazy he became, one should read the book from May Pang.
      A possible scenario is following:
      Paul had a major accident. Whatever it was, it was not accidental but planned long ago.
      But Paul was not death, yet. Maybe he was in coma. So there was hope that Paul could recover.
      Since the Beatles already had doubles, and since they were the biggest band already, the other Beatles were forced to keep quiet about this. They might have been told that it was dangerous, that fans could commit suicide and stuff like that. Anyway, in this context, it was not weird nor evil from their part to keep silence. Once Paul had recovered, he would take his own place again and the Beatles would not have lost their continuity as a band and no pointless suicides would occur.
      But Paul did not recover (maybe a new murder attempt that succeeded, who knows). This could have been many months later in case of a coma. Maybe he died, or maybe his mental capacity was destroyed or maybe he was crippled for life. I personally think he did die.
      Anyway, Paul's place was taken by a few individuals and the remaining Beatles were caught in the web. They were certainly threatened if they would tell the truth. Since music was their passion and life, it was not weird for them to continue recording music whilst sitting in the middle of this web of lies and to even use the music in any way they could to reveal the truth. Also, songs Paul had already recorded or written would be released in future albums and assured true continuity of his musical presence.
      As the years went by, the nightmare became unbearable and the Beatles exploded. Notice that the three real Beatles kept sticking together however. The imposter that was to replace the real Paul for good was attacked by them in any way they could without revealing the secret and endangering their own lives or of their own family.

  6. Thanks!

    Oh! And can you answer the question about the interpupillary distances and August/December 1966 voiceprints on this blog being 100% verified?

    Thanks again for answering this last much-needed question!

  7. ^ Yes, but feel free to verify anything you want independently.


    Faul in propaganda doc

  9. ^ Paul McCartney makes 9/11 documentary

    "There was so much suffering as a result of 9/11 it's hard to imagine how one might bring relief to those who were impacted by the attacks, and honor those firefighters, police officers and rescue workers who lost their lives in their heroic attempt to help others. But Paul had the answer: music and a film that would tell the full story," the documentary's director Albert Maysles said."

    I'm sure it will be full party-line propaganda.

    I saw a recent article about how Faul performed "The Night Before" for the first time live - after PID Truthers pointed out that Faul had never done so. I just find it a little sad that 70+ year old Faul still has to pretend to be 24 year old Paul. lol I seriously doubt the real Paul would still be doing the same thing 45 yrs on. Actually, the real Beatles said they wouldn't be doing the same thing at 40 (much less 70) b/c it would just be ridiculous.

  10. could you give me your msn? I really wanted to talk to you

  11. ^ Feel free to email me at I don't have an MSN account.

  12. Plastic Macca,

    I have an idea for a blog post.

    Do you think there could be a post where people (obviously who know the truth about his murder) talk about how JPM influenced their lives and formed them into the folks they are today?

    I think that would be a great idea!

  13. ^ Thank you for that suggestion. That is a great idea!

  14. Wouldn't Pete Best qualify more as the last Beatle ? :D

  15. Thought you'd like this...check out this weird quote from Faul...when will the brainwashed ever learn??

    Extract from The Mirror, December 20, 2011 .....“In a way, someone else did write them - it was a 24 year old me.

    "And I look back on him and think, I’m looking at his writing as if he’s, like, another person, some of the lyrics thinking ‘that wasn’t bad - it was good the way he did that.”

  16. During an interview with George in 1988 regaurding Paul not showing up to there induction to the rock and roll hall of fame he said he still had fun without Faul and he said Faul twicem Paul said he didnt go because he felt it would be a real reunion because he was the fraud

  17. Ringo's comment was a freudian slip if there ever was one. From all the evidence (visual comparisons, forensic, obvious change in musical talent after Paul's death, Heather Mills almost spilling the beans on access Hollywood, etc.), you'd have to be blind or simple minded Not to see it. Thanks for the good work and diligence on this massive coverup.


  19. It's so obvious that Faul has had implants placed underneath his nasiolabal folds to appear more like John Paul McCartney - SUCH an unnatural look for a man of Faul's age. Plastic Macca, indeed. This is not at all what the real JPM would've aged into, and Faul's offspring look NOTHING like the real Faul. Of course not, because they've not had excessive surgery to look like Paul McCartney nor do they wear prosthetics and hairpieces and other Paul McCartney drag. I wonder if Stella even knows the truth? I've heard she's nasty but it must be pretty terrible to have been bred into such a massive lie and illusion of a life.

    Despite how apparent it is that the man we have all come to know as Paul McCartney is actually an impostor, it's still easy to see how and why the public has been fooled for so long. It's a pretty devastating reality to have to face that you have been lied to your whole life by the powers that be about something as seemingly innocuous as a rock musician. The obvious mental path it would lead down for most people would be "If Paul McCartney was fake all of this time, WHAT ELSE have we been lied to about?". It would cause a LOT of people to do a LOT of digging and it would seriously compromise things for "the system". This is why the official truth about Faul will never see the light of day. It's not even about the Beatles anymore, or about Faul or Paul, it's about protecting the secret tactics of the underbelly. This is why Faul is revered by the media to this day and treated as a king and why I promise you he will outlive Ringo. Faul will be that last "Beatle" alive to seal the "memory" of the "history" of the Beatles into the new generation's minds.

  20. i think willy campbell is very talented but he's no paul mccartney-he could have flown with his own wings under his own name but the illuminati needed to cover up their shit- they likely killed paul and brian -they've had these toys for some time now-they wanted someone who would promulgate their agenda and be pliable to them

  21. Alas and alack. I have spent the past two weeks mourning Paul McCartney. Feeling depressed and angry a la fois. People believe what they want to believe and I am no different. I shrugged the whole thing off in high school, in the fall of 1969, when my best friend played the back-stamping on Strawberry Fields and other Beatles tracks. Also, such lyrics as Penny Lane, A Day In The Life, Don't Pass Me By, Revolution 9, etc. Never gave it a second thought all these years, until now. Now I know the Paul died a long time ago and the clues point to the truth. This is NOT the same man I cherished starting in middle school! I finally got it by the hair, height, lips and obnoxious attitude. Faul has the over-confident air of a trained military/law enforcement/CIA agent. In other words, a lack of gentility and irony. That's why I get the feeling that smarty-pants Faul(s) doesn't get the clues and is totally unable to interpret such undercurrent lyrics as Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite. Again, John was informing us what was going down...

    1. what is the PID reference in Mr. Kite?

    2. "Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite. Again, John was informing us what was going down."

      It was about a circus poster that haS most of the characters in the song listed as sung. So John was singing about a circus, not a fake paul.

  22. I'm not convinced, but I admit that I am considering the possibility of a Faul. I've been watching some of the videos and seen several photos here and on other sites that claim to show Paul and Faul side by side, allowing the viewers to easily see the difference: well, sometimes the nose or ear looks markedly different. But then, it could be the angle of one of the individuals. Other times, I see no difference at all. Still other times, there's quite a difference. And still, yet on other occasions, it seems that the pictures have been presented to prove a point about photo doctoring, which I wish had been labeled on the photos themselves.
    But, as I say, I'm relatively new at this and have a lot more to got through. What REALLY bothers me, though, is hearing comments such as "Are you blind!!!" or "It's so obvious!!" It may be to some people, perhaps to many, but I won't be pressured into swallowing anything until I'm well convinced. I believe that common sense, logic, and scientific reasoning can get one almost anywhere one wants to go. Faith is the most important ingredient--faith in God! I found that out--and I found that science backed my faith in the Christian God 100%.


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