Saturday, March 30, 2013

Paul is Dead Clues in Beatles Cartoons

The following clues from Beatles cartoons were submitted by "MK-ULTRA." Enjoy!

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- Cartoon Ep 18 "Matchbox"

George: "Where's Paul?"
John: "Filed but not forgotten" (pulls out drawer from wall like a in a morgue.)

- Cartoon Ep 33 "Paperback Writer"

Paul is knighted by the Queen for discovering a cure for malaria.  He works in lab in front of a sign that says "BEETLE KILLER" then stabs syringe violently into other 3 Beatles (prisoners wearing shirts with numbers and arrows pointing up - George: 98, Ringo 99, John: 100) who instantly turn black and fall dead. 

Paul: "If you survive the serum you'll be free men again. . . .  Perhaps even some day we might even sing together." (Walking away, eyes closed complacently holding syringe out in front of him like a knife.)

Then there's a series of books and signs in the background:  "The John Lennon Story", "Aloha. . . .", "Exit", "Don't Be A Fool", "Year of Dazzling Adventure" and finally "Beat Stop."

- Cartoon Ep 30 "Tell Me What You See"

Monster Pictures Incorporated

John: "The man of 1000 faces, the most famous master of make up and disguises in all of Hollywood" (As he puts both hands in triple sixes over his eyes!

Then they go into a "make up machine" then go back through and change back but Ringo turns into Frankenstein's Monster, then into John (2 Johns), they fight, Ringo goes through again and changes into Paul (2 Pauls), they fight - neither wants to go into machine, one pushes other in but an octupus tentacle comes out and pulls the other Paul in, there are many changes: ape, lion, moose, 3 beetles march out and carry John back into the machine.

-  Cartoons in General

Countless unnecessary pyramids, 5 pointed stars, triplets of sixes, capitol 'G's, sun worship, heiroglyphics and symbols, egyptian themes, staring one eye, UFOs, aliens, monsters, wizards and ghosts.

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. According to Linda Goodman's Star Signs the only true book of numerology, 666 is the number of Creation and not of the devil. The Last Testament of George Harrison is disinfo because Rubber Soul and Help! are from '65 and they say Paul died November 9, 1966 even though that is a yank's interpretation of the He Die September 11, 1966 on the Pepper bass drum. Picture this: A Starfux picture sleeve for a cd single of Faul's "Gratitude" in which Wee Willie Lohemann's on the totem pole sits like Humpty Dumpty on the logo spilling and spelling the two inverted crosses as twin towers w/ the eye of Horus.

  2. I watched some Beatles cartoons recently and in one episode they went to rehearse in an old castle next to a cemetary. The band ended up among the gravestones in on one of the headstones it said "RIP MAC" clearly behind a frankenstein monster. Cannot remember which episode this was but we saw it on a youtube collection.


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