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Fleshing out possible motives for the murder and replacement of Paul McCartney

Below is a brief discussion of why James Paul McCartney may have been replaCIAed. For a more in-depth analysis, please see Tina Foster's book, Plastic Macca: The Secret Death and Replacement of Beatle Paul McCartney,

On August 25, 1966, the Beatles played their last concert with the original line-up in Seattle. After that, a body double began impersonating Beatle Paul. "Bill" is the name by which the lookalike is known in certain circles. In a brief period of time, Bill usurped the name and image of Paul McCartney. His identity has been subsumed into Bill's identity. As a result, Beatle Paul's memory is intertwined with the double's. Despite fans noticing that Paul was "different," Paul has more or less merged into Bill over the years. 

A major stumbling block for some people in seeing that Paul McCartney was replaced is not understanding why it might have been done. As it was, certain people found the Beatles to be a threat to their goals. When the Beatles began to get political and spiritual, they bumped heads with some very powerful forces. As the Beatles were a powerful force themselves, their challenge to the powers that be was deemed to be unacceptable. Certain actions had to be taken to neutralize the threat. 

Just what was this perceived threat posed by the Fab Four? To understand all of the facets of the Beatles' threat to the System, one must be informed about the Luciferian Illuminati. Without this knowledge, Paul's replacement will seem incomprehensible. 

The Illuminati are a secret society of people who pledge allegiance to the dark side. These people have managed to gain control of many of the world's industries and governments. The Illuminati operate in collusion with demonic entities. Once an Illuminati member attains a certain level in the hierarchy, s/he will become demon-possessed. The process is outlined in greater detail in Forbidden Secrets of the Illuminati: The Luciferian Deception by Michael Adair. Understanding the connection between the ruling Elite and evil entities is key to understanding what happened to James Paul McCartney and why.

In a position of global popularity and influence, the Beatles used music to counter the agenda of the dark side. Certain musical frequencies advance spiritual enlightenment and uplifting. The Beatles acted as agents of the Light to manifest a shift in consciousness by using frequency, melody, and certain words, such as "love." As their efforts began to take root, the Controllers took action against them. Paul, as the musical genius of the band, was seen as the main target. His music had to be interrupted as it put too many positive vibrations on the planet. His voice had to be silenced, if his role as a force for positive change was to be derailed. Once Paul was out of the band, the music catered to the dark agenda. Elements of Paul's compositions were used to maintain the illusion that he was still in the band. A careful examination of the music will reveal that songs of the later years lack the consciousness-raising quality of songs penned by the original Beatle Paul. It is not a quality that can be reduced to notes on a page, but rather is to be felt in one's heart chakra. People who resonate with the Light will feel an energy surge in their hearts when listening to songs composed by Beatle Paul. Despite cobbling together melodies that were more or less pleasing, Bill could never capture that quality. Indeed, it was not his intent to manifest a shift in consciousness towards Creator and the Light. His aim was to counteract and nullify Paul's effect. Bill could not completely erase Paul from history, but he could tarnish his legacy. As a result, Paul's contributions have been sullied by their association with Bill's. 

In addition, Paul and the Beatles criticized the government for exploitative taxation (“Taxman”), revealed Satanic Ritual Sacrifice (“Butcher Album”), and questioned the Vietnam War. Paul had also taken a keen interest in the Kennedy assassination, as recounted in attorney Mark Lane’s autobiography, Citizen Lane. Apparently, Paul did not buy the official story.

History awaits a separating out of Beatle Paul's work from Bill's. Once this occurs, a reevaluation of the music will restore Paul's place as the songwriter who propelled the Beatles to the toppermost of the poppermost and to the spiritual heights attained by enthusiastic fans of a band that resonated with Love. 

On July 20, 2013, Tina Foster spoke about PID on Radio Ab Irato

"I've done several interviews about the PID theory for my radio show. Tina Foster has done the most thorough comprehensive work on this subject matter."

~ Ed Opperman, The Opperman Report


  1. Hi Tina,

    After waiting for so long, finally 2 articles are posted here... :-)

    " Paul, as the musical genius of the band, was seen as the main target. His music had to be interrupted as it put too many positive vibrations on the planet. His voice had to be silenced, if his role as a force for positive change was to be derailed."

    Can't say 'No' to it... :-)

    I know someone who're living with many health issues and thats debilatating her. One of it is Crohn's disease. She was left imprisoned at her own house,and watching soap operas and sitcoms on TV was her only entertainment. Most of her friend turned their face away from her because of her illness.

    But thats not happening for too long until she had suscribed to internet service, and listening to Beatles pre-1966 song on youtube.

    The first song is, 'From Me To You' :-)

    Guess, what had Beatles songs done on her a week later ?

    1. She looks healthier and radiant for the first time since so long time. She's smiling on her first doctor appointment since the introduction to 'From Me To You' song !

    2. She's no longer hooked on her favorite soap operas and sitcoms. Because she was so satisfying with what she had received from Paul, John, George and Ringo.

    IMO, in comparison to many songs on air nowadays, Beatles song didn't cause sensory overload to the listener. Sick people, like the person I have mentioned above, experiencing sensory overload when they're listening to the new generations songs like those from Bieber, Snoop Dog or Jay-Z and bla-bla. Sensory overload, IMO, make health issues on someone getting worst.

  2. Thank you for writing this excellent analysis. You’re one of a kind. I've spent many hours of my curiosity time proving to myself that Paul was replaced by an imposter. I am one hundred percent sure that he was replaced. Your website woke up my curiosity and got me going.

    I haven't spent much time on the reason why, mostly on how and when and the proof. When I read your post it resonated as the reason why; I think you nailed it.

    The original Beatles were a threat to the power base as you have so well described; no different than JFK, RFK, MLK and many others during that era. Looking back then and at present, it appears to me when someone has the power of the people behind them then, time to beware. They become dangerous to the power base and become a target to be nullified by any unscrupulous means and at any cost.

    Looking back further in time it was no different; Ecclesiastes said what has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Unfortunately he was correct then and never so much as now.

    Hang in there, as I always say, it’s darkest before dawn. I think I’m writing this to convince myself to hang in there as well.

    By the way; the anonymous posting regarding the women's healing struck me too. Good for her; keep listening to that music.

    I want to find out if Paul and the band ever played in 435 hertz vs 440 hertz.

    Last year I delved into Solfeggio harmonics and listened to that music; something I recommend everyone tries. It’s easy and free, just go to YouTube.

    Prior to the standardization of 440 hertz by the American National Standards Institute was the Austrian government's 1885 recommendation of 435 hertz. Why the change?

    I believe in the possible that our body, mind and soul heal from frequencies including 435 hertz and others, and it is possible that 440 hertz and others are not good for our well being. All matter seen and unseen vibrates to a specific frequency.

    Edgar Cayce once said musical vibration is a medicine, and will be once again used as such in the future as it was used in the past. I believe it.

    1. The problem I see with MLK is that he was tied to over 60 communist organizations! I don't see how he could not know this? He very well may have been a comununist and if he was, good riddance. I have no feelings for the communists who infiltrated America to bring about the multicultural nightmare that I see here now. Comunists =illuminati.

    2. It is purely a logical fallacy to consider the forced intermingling of cultures as in any way good. This ridiculous fallacy is that in order to protect pure blood cultures (majorities and minorities), multiculturalism and interbreeding between those races must be a protected and in some countries even a forced privilege. Cross-race marriage is the poster-child of equality and civil rights issues. Without the Jewish/Masonic concept of political equal rights as a political legal status (a fraternal brotherhood of “citizens”), the minority international Jew would never have been able to corrupt and subvert the majority races by taking seats in their governments. And so the “spread of democracy” continues across the globe through war and oppression (law through force), so that all people become equal under government law (equally enslaved by the privilege of law). In this way, the people can be tricked into “democratically electing” a Jewish/Masonic friendly (Zionist) government against the best interests of all people – a single supremest minority ruling the majorities in most countries of the world.

      Feel free to call me a racist but just make sure you are right.

    3. Hi Anonymous,

      " By the way; the anonymous posting regarding the women's healing struck me too. Good for her; keep listening to that music."

      I read your short comment on my comment, and thinking of giving some more add-up.

      Before that, thank you for the comment. (^_^)

      Her illness are still with her, she still get some flare-ups. She can manage her pain and ailment better than before.

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  4. Beatles wrote in 432 hz - See "Get Your Freq On" post (July 2012).

  5. Awesome - thanks for the url.

    By the way feel free to post the comment you removed from the person who responded to the post above.

    I accept all and respond to all; I may be able to help them. They can't hurt me.

  6. Thank you for your work!
    There is an event that happend in that time that I consider very interesting: John "lost it" and suddenly became the creepy binomial John&Yoko. He really substituted Paul for Yoko, probably missing the guideness he used to get when working with Paul. I've read that she might have connections with Illuminati and even was married to a man envolved with occult rituals.

    1. I'm not sure if he lost it or he was replaced. John 62-66 had a very full body and face. He had broad shoulders, thick neck, arms and legs. He was a pretty stocky guy. And he was in his early 20's which means he was going to grow some more.

      All of a sudden, it seemed, he ended up as this sickly looking thin person. Of course he grew all kinds of hair, wore freaky cloths, spectacles, hats and everything else I would do to go into disguise.

      He ends up with a girlfriend who doesn't seem to speak a lick of the English language so asking her anything was a waste of time because no one expecting anything of substance. Another huge advantage if you are hiding something.

      Not sure if he was replaced, poisoned or drugged himself into oblivion.

      Lets ask Colin. Who looks more like John in in 64.

      Are these the same people. Fuck no.

      Ringo what happened to your nose. You must have been lying like pinnochio.

      Wake up and smell the tyranny.

  7. There are several scenarios that one could envision that might have prompted the replacement of Paul. First, I don't think this can be properly explored without placing this event in the context of the times. The Vietnam war was rapidly escalating. President Kennedy had been assassinated. The Warren Commission report, rather than resulting in a closure of the issue resulted in a huge loss of confidence in government. The counter-culture movement posed the threat of accelerating this trend, with the government becoming increasingly irrelevant. Civil disobedience or even revolution were possible outcomes. Rock music was a primary nexus of the counter-culture movement and the Beatles were central players.

    The simplest counter to this threat would be to discredit rock bands as a center of alternative authority. This could be done by portraying the Beatles as being influenced by satanic or occult forces. The weird imagery of the later albums and clues were suggestive of this. The influence of Aleister Crowley and Charles Manson's claim that the Beatles influenced him may be relevant here. Focusing on mysticism would at least keep the Beatles away from politics. If the Beatles had refused to comply with this scheme a replacement of one or more members might have been the reaction.

  8. Little Ralph Ellis loved that bastard, Puff.

  9. Little Ralphie Ellis looved (sic) that bastard Puff the Tragic Wagon? Can U dig it? Mike Richards turned down a gig with Ruth Buzziy. Peter Sellers smoked Alcupolco Gold with the Featles during the "Get Back Sessions" and he also bowed by laying flat on the floor when he was in the presence of His Divine Grace A.C.

  10. I will say as a lifelong musician who has delved into the issues of tuning and frequency that it is of little consequence. What matters with music is intention and the heart that creates it will always be communicated. The Beatles at any tuning will come through as who they were and the nature of their expression will remain undiminished.

    Turn it around the other way, playing Bieber, Jay Z or other dark toxic corporate music at A=432 isn't going to charge its ugly evil nature at all, period.


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