Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Faul does best Paul McCartney impersonation - Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon recently told Faul McCartney that he does the best Paul McCartney impersonation. Why yes. Isn't that why he got the part? You have to read between the lines sometimes. They are just putting it out there that Faul is a double.

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  1. Wow, he couldn't have exposed him any better. Hollywood is in the know i'm sure. Faul doesn't even attempt to speak like Paul anymore.

  2. When he says: "You do a fantastic Paul McCartney", Faul gets nervous, and while Jimmy says: "You're really one of the best Paul McCartney impersonators, I mean, ever!", Faul says in a veeeery nervous way: "Ah yeah yeah ohyeah ahyeahyehyehyeh yeah". Just listen closely!

    1. this fraud has a set of you know what ,going around all these years playing the role

  3. Yeah well, he always gets uncomfortable when anyone mentions impersonations! LOL! Faul never did really sound scouse or Liverpudlian like the original Paul and in many film clips from 1967 to the present, he not only fails to sound Liverpudlian, but sounds like he's concentrating pretty hard on how to sound British. Is he really a Canadian, perhaps? LOL!

  4. The replacement of the other Paul -
    This is interesting the replacement of the other Paul

    Pope Paul VI


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