Monday, February 23, 2015

Opperman Report | Tina Foster : Paul Is Dead

Opperman Report | Tina Foster : Paul Is Dead 2015 02 20

Youtube Link to Feb. 20, 2015 PID interview

Ed Opperman interview with Tina Foster about Paul McCartney having been impostor replaced in 1966. Topics include doubles and impostor replacements, weaponized music, the drug agenda, and the NWO. (recorded Jan. 23, 2016). Audio file:

Tina Foster Jan 23, 2016 PID interview   LINK


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  1. Found this on Before It's News...

    When I traced the links it went to World News Daily, a supposed American Israeli Zionist Mossad news source. I think that with you, Fetzer, Ole Dammegard , Opperman and others making this an issue, they have decided to admit the replacement, but leave out info to occlude the fact there is a much bigger picture is involved in the promoting of the Beatles.

    Why would the Beatles kill Brian Epstein, attack George Harrison and use Operation 40 members to take out John Lennon, and kill Mal Evans with the head cop being involved in the Robert Kennedy assassination?

    Why did Led Zepplin, an Apple Records client (Jimmy Paige into Aleister Crowley, a satanist and MI 5 agent), also use backwards masking on their records? Were they supposedly leaving clues for fans? By the way, George Martin of Apple was a govt. communications expert in WW2.

    These are a few of the things that lead me to believe that now that the cat is out of the bag, the powers behind the scenes are willing to take down Faul and try to whitewash the rest. Time will tell...

  2. I'm sorry if this has already been discussed as I am new to this site. I do believe completely that the current "Sir Paul" is not the real deal. Has nobody discussed the "Pipes of Peace" video from 1983? Obviously it is meant to be one "Paul" playing both the British and German Infantry Officers and a supposed split screen I think at one point. Just look at the video though. The German Ofificer looks much more like the Shears McCartney. Long, thin and saggy face etc. The British Officer looks a lot more like the real JPM. Face shape matches and the eyes as well. Also interesting is that the "British" Paul has some quite well pronounced scars around his eyes almost like he could have had surgery on them. I haven't found this video being discussed anywhere but apologise if I have skipped a page. I've put a link to the video below. You can clearly see the eye scars at 0.50 - 0.55 minutes in. Please tell me these 2 guys aren't the same person?! Talk about hidden in plain sight!


  4. ^ that article is just a hoax, Guys. It's meant to further the disinfo that Paul died in a car crash...


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