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Comment on CHIEDI CHI ERA QUELL BEATLE? / Ask Who Was the Beatle?

Gabriella Carlesi is an Italian forensic pathologist with a subspecialty in odontology (the study of teeth) [link to Wired article]. Her life's work involves identification of people through craniometry -- the scientific comparison of skull features. These scientific analyses have been carried out with Carlesi's partner, Francesco Gavazzeni, a computer scientist. Since the 1990s, this pair of forensic sleuths have used their dual expertise to work on a number of high profile forensic identification cases. 

In 2008, Carlesi and Gavazzeni became interested in tackling the James Paul McCartney replacement conspiracy. They originally attempted to disprove the legend of Paul McCartney's replacement. However, the researchers discovered, much to their surprise, that they confirmed the replacement. After images of Paul McCartney, taken before as well as after late 1966, were compared, the professionals were shocked to discover that they simply did not match. 

Their findings were published in the July 15, 2009 issue of WIRED ITALIA, the Italian edition of the U.S. magazine, WIRED. To ensure proper photographic comparison of Paul's face over time, the photos had to be re-sized to scale. The researchers chose to use the inter-pupillary distance to scale the facial features. After the photos were scaled to pupil distance, they were placed over each other for comparative visual examination. The photos taken before late 1966 did not match those taken after late 1966. 

One of the first noted differences was the frontal jaw curvature. The replacement Paul's head was clearly more oblong than that of the original Paul. The differences found in the mandibular curve between the two sets of photos showed a stark discrepancy of over six per cent, well beyond the margin of error. In photos of the real Paul taken before late 1966, each side of Paul’s jaw was composed of two curves, whereas photos of the replacement Paul taken since 1967 demonstrated his face to be comprised of only a single curve. Carlesi pointed out that the width of the line that separated the original Paul’s lips was much different than that of the replacement Paul. The identifiable point at which the nose protruded from the face was also different. The dental features of the original Paul McCartney were also quite notably different compared to those of the replacement Paul. 

The analysis also found wildly bizarre characteristics of the ears -- this consistent with the well-known phenomenon of photographic tampering carried out on many of the photos dated before late 1966, which were found to have been altered to make the facial features of the replacement Paul appear more like those of the original Paul. Doctor Carlesi was most amazed with the differences in the shape of the hard palate, which is unalterable without significant plastic surgery. Any surgery that would alter the hard palate shape would have necessitated approximately a year or more of recovery time. The man known as Paul McCartney is not historically known to have undergone any significant cranial surgery and, for sure, was never shown to have been in a year-long post-operative recovery phase. Aside from that, there would have been no obvious reason for the original Paul to have had his hard palate surgically fractured and reset. 

The forensic researchers suggest that if the man referred to as Paul McCartney wanted to put an end to the rumors of his replacement, then he could submit to a DNA test -- clearly pointing to the infamous early 1980s paternity case in which the replacement Paul McCartney submitted a DNA sample in Germany. At that time, a German woman named Bettina Krischbin, known as the REAL Paul McCartney's REAL love child, claimed that her 1962 birth certificate shows that McCartney is her father. The DNA submitted by the Paul that showed up to submit the DNA sample did not match sufficiently with that of Ms. Bettina Krischbin (McCartney) [link to article about DNA test]. OF COURSE, the DNA did not match. The replacement Paul McCartney is NOT Bettina's birth father. If Paul was her father, it would have been the ORIGINAL Paul. Having the DNA of the REAL Paul McCartney, not of the replacement Paul, would be necessary to prove that the child was sired by the genuine James Paul McCartney. 

After the original DNA test was found to not be a match, Bettina Krischbin accused Paul McCartney of sending a substitute to donate his DNA for the test. Well, in essence, the Paul McCartney that showed up to submit a DNA sample WAS INDEED a substitute, but he was not sent by the real Paul, whose whereabouts to most of the world have been unknown since late August 1966 [see link].

It was also claimed by Bettina Krischbin (McCartney) that the signature produced by the Paul McCartney who showed up to submit the DNA sample was that of a right-handed individual, not of the TRUE LEFT HANDED PAUL [see link]. 

In 2006, the German authorities re-opened the legal case for Krischbin's (McCartney's) paternity claim. If Paul McCartney was ultimately proven to be the father of Bettina Krischbin, then Ms. Krischbin would have been due to receive 10% of McCartney's estate upon his death. Clearly, the Krischbin legal team did not understand at the time that the REAL PAUL McCARTNEY was not available for DNA submission. If it had, then the members of that legal team would have known that Bettina Krischbin had ZERO chance of ever proving that she was the love child of the real Paul McCartney. 

Interestingly, on July 15, 2009 (the same date on which WIRED ITALIA released Carlesi's and Gavazzeni's data which proved that Sir Paul McCartney was not the original Paul McCartney), the replacement McCartney gave an outdoor musical performance in New York City, and then later that day, appeared on the David Letterman Show at the Ed Sullivan Theatre/Studio 50 at CBS Manhattan (where the ORIGINAL Beatles - including the GENUINE James Paul McCartney - performed for millions of people on American television back on February 9, 1964) [see link].

During that Letterman interview, the imposter Paul McCartney nervously laughed with Letterman when they discussed the rumor of his death. The interview was even more interesting to those of us who understand the body language of liars, as the replacement Paul McCartney fully projected the body language of an abject liar during that interview, perceptible to even the most amateur of body language students. 

This lie-fest included the ridiculous lie that the replacement Paul told Letterman's audience about taking his shoes off for the Abbey Road album cover photo shoot "because it was hot." The last thing any human being would want to do when it is truly hot outside is to remove one's shoes, which would expose the feet to burning hot ground temperature. 

The timing of this July 15, 2009 Manhattan performance/Letterman appearance seems suspicious for being planned on the same day as the release of the Wired Magazine article, perhaps to help provide a distraction for the mind-controlled robots of the world by diverting their attention from the facts of the case. 

This would all be laughable, except for the fact that the replacement McCartney has been besmirching the personality of the original Paul McCartney, who was a soft spoken, laid back, really cool guy and a champion of the people (pushing for A 432 Hz musical tuning and planning to write a musical score for Mark Lane's movie about JFK, Rush to Judgment). 

If one considers that the replacement McCartney cavorted with Charles Manson via Terry Melcher before the Manson murders and that Malcolm Evans was executed in cold blood by insider Charles Higby a mere few hours after the replacement McCartney negotiated with Mal to pay him royalties for well-known contributions to the Sergeant Pepper album--it suggests that replacement McCartney is the opposite of his public persona of being a good guy. 


~ submitted by Anonymous


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  1. Its a shame that the truth hasn't came out and all these years people refuse to accept that JPM is dead.Maybe one day this guy will get called out and then we all will find out what happened to the real JPM

    1. Don't feel bad; I've tried my best to put out that ALL of the ORIGINAL celebrities -- NOT just Paul McCartney -- have been murdered and replaced with impostors (with some individuals being unfortunate enough to become victims of identity theft and impostor-replacement{s} BEFORE they become household names) but most, if not all, of the time I get assaulted/hit with teasing, mocking, ridicule, derision, skepticism, name-calling and even indifference [which is even worse]. I am at my wits end and am starting to lose heart and just give up on educating people about this sort of disturbing phenomenon of celebrity murders and replacements. People need to WAKE UP (from their collective and systematic slumbers) and SMELL THE COFFEE about this kind of mess, because it is NOT a game... because people getting murdered and replaced is NOTHING to sneeze at whatsoever.

  2. Couldn't DNA from Paul's real father (or another close relative) be used to prove Bettina Krischbin's claims?
    Were ALL the Beatles replaced?
    Did the real John Lennon marry Yoko Ono?
    Did the real John Lennon begin speaking out against the Vietnam war?
    Did Mark Chapman murder the real John Lennon?

    1. Here is my take -

      Couldn't DNA from Paul's real father (or another close relative) be used to prove Bettina Krischbin's claims? YES that would work.
      Were ALL the Beatles replaced? Paul and John for sure, the other two had imposters not sure if they were temps or permamnt
      Did the real John Lennon marry Yoko Ono? NO
      Did the real John Lennon begin speaking out against the Vietnam war? NO
      Did Mark Chapman murder the real John Lennon? NO not sure he murdered anyone.

      BTW FAUL was once detained in Japan because his fingerprints didn't match from a previous trip. Woops.

    2. To answer your questions (didn't get to the last time because I didn't log in correctly so my post didn't go through, so here they go again:

      1) Yes it/they most certainly can... this is only possible IF any of the parties are still alive, of course. I don't trust the Illuminati and will NEVER put anything horrendous past them.
      2) HELL. YEAH. George and Ringo disappeared by mid-1964.

      -Can't exactly pinpoint when the REAL Ringo was seen, but he had disappeared some time within the first half of 1964.

      -Based on the photographic evidence that I've gathered the ORIGINAL George Harrison was last seen in Tahiti in late May 1964.

      -Not exactly sure when Paul disappeared, but it could have likely been between (at the earliest) in 1963 OR some time in the summer of 1966 (at the latest).

      -As for John Lennon, the last I saw of him and his FIRST and ONLY wife (Cynthia) was in Trinidad and Tobago back in late January 1966. I never saw this power couple in any photographs again after that, and what came of them is still yet unknown.

      -Poor Julian, he had to grow up without his ACTUAL parents, and most likely did not remember them all that much because he was only 2 [and not even 3] years old when they disappeared without a trace. Unfortunately Julian too, became a victim of murder and impostor-replacement by his early 20's (like his parents before him). Poor sap.

      To be continued...

    3. (Continued from the first reply)

      3) HELL. NO! John Lennon and his lovely wife -- my favorite Beatle and favorite Beatle wife -- disappeared (it's a mystery as to exactly when they [and so many others who have experienced this] died) before this "Yoko Ono" character came into the picture. Moreover, in retrospect I just could NOT picture the ACTUAL John Lennon divorcing his beautiful wife, abandoning his adorable baby son and running off with the faux Yoko Ono(s), living happily ever after, pretending that Julian and Cynthia had NEVER came into the picture at all. The story ALL makes sense/falls into place now.

      -I also have my reasons for believing that the ORIGINAL Yoko Ono herself was also a victim of murder and impostor-replacement before the Illuminati had set up the fake one(s) to be the handler(s) of the Fohn Fennons. Additionally, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if one of the fake Yoko Ono's played a part both the REAL John and Cynthia's deaths during some sort of secret, deep-underground sacrificial occult blood ritual.

      To be continued (due to character-count restraints).

    4. John and the Beatles were not replaced. It is counter to the sense of the band and friendships and the forensics (John's nose is the same, for example, just that the photos double-promoter theorists use are largely badly lit).

      As to the person claiming to be an illegitimate son of Paul (Jamie, as he calls him): if you are, watch your back. Others are told by Sir Paul's lawyers that JPM is dead, to freak them out, make them feel betrayed and actually not believe that Paul died. Bettina seems to have been bought. Get a test done quickly and quietly or drop it.

      Paul would have been buried close to home, on private land and protected by connected people. With the multiple references to burial on a hill, it would have been at the very protected lot, Strawberry Field Orphanage.

      The body is a risk long term, however, and McGear and Sir Paul and others would have had it destroyed by now -- cremated. You could have thought this through for yourself.

      Highgate was a huge deflection.

      Good day.

    5. 1) No.

      2) Yes.

      3) No.

  3. Hi, my names Stephen, i live in Liverpool always have and i am Jamie's son, my dad died in November 1966 eight months before i was born, I dont think he even know of my existence. Mum married another man and was carrying me on her wedding day. I came to know the man she married as dad, i was six years old when mum told me Jamie was my father, she died less than a year later, one minute she was there the next she was gone, i suspect foul play, the local GP who treated her is now a big cheese with the BMA, Ive wondered if his rise to the top of the medical profession was a reward for his services. I met John, George and Ringo briefly and remember saying to john you'll never get away with it, he looked at me smiled and said we already have, were letting it be, he was right it was 1973 now and they had gotten away with it, i said to them as they were walking away "was it God or the meanies who killed Jamie", john and Ringo never said anything but as i walked after them George turned around held his finger up and said " we have our suspicions ". So it was just before my seventh birthday and id lost both my parents. Luckily the man mum married was a nice kind man he brought me up as his son and we didn't once talk about any of this. i don't even know if he knew that i wasn't his son and after mums death i didn't talk about it as everyone in the know knew Let it Be was the order of the day. Who was i to go against there wishes. I came to this site trying to find were Jamie is buried, Even though i never met my biological father i would still like to visit his resting place. A Son should be able to visit his fathers resting place, It gets me down when i see an interview with the man who replaced him and he claims to have written songs i know he had nothing to do with. Even the later stuff wasn't Fauls it was a combo of dads stuff left after his death and the genius of John George and richie no doubt Faul contributed to the work but no were near as much as he says. Mum was only two months pregnant when Jamie died, i like to think they would of married if he would of lived. A few people know my story but not that many, until the internet you couldn't even say Paul's dead, people would think you were crazy, I'm glad its all coming out. Love and Peace Stephen.

  4. PS if Bettina Krischbin is my half sister that would prove something wouldnt it, Love and Peace

    1. Yes it would. You could get a sibling DNA test and if you shared the same parent it would have to show up. In fact testing with a half-sibling spots the exact chromosomes that came from the shared parent.

    2. Thanks that seems quite straight forward, i tried to add Bettina Krischbin on facebook and sent her a short message but no reply, im game for it and i already know what the results would say. Love and Peace Stephen.

  5. Check this out - breaking news?

  6. WOW, nice one Richie, i hope its legit, Love and Peace Stephen.

  7. This is a comment on facebook by Ronald Chasse‎ to Tina Foster, im interested in the last part about "the girl from Germany demanding another test using Mike McGear,"comment is,,,,,,,,,, What do you make about Ringo's comments? Seems to have Faul pretty steamed up, to much plastic surgery to be a pretty boy in jail though
    I wondered if this would happen, I feel the powers that be feel his money making ability is diminished and it is probably bigger money to seize his assets, the girl from Germany is demanding another test using Mike McGear, M15is going after him for fraudulently being knighted,,, end of comment,,,,,,as we know Mike McGear isnt Jamies blood brother only step brother. Ive sent a message to Bettina Krischbin and would be happy to have a blood test,,,,,I know im Jamies Son Love and Peace Stephen.

  8. Hi everyone, Ive looked all over the web but still cant find out were my Father is buried, i dont want much really, id just like to know what happened and were his resting place is,,,,,,Love and Peace Stephen.

    1. Do you really believe you are Paul Mcartneys son?

    2. They will not tell you it's their top secret Stephen

  9. Tina--the above CHIEDI CHI ERA QUELL BEATLE? expose was absolutely AWESOME!!! I've never read anything that was so articulately put and clearly stated in the PID field of research.


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