Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hillary Rotten Clinton Double Exposed

Plenty of evidence suggests Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) has a body double. Astute onlookers captured her stand-in on video last week. I am not going to repost the evidence at this time. I simply wish to make a few observations.

"Hillary" is not so much a person as a brand. She stands for the interests of the banking Elite. It does not really matter who is wearing the Hillary-mantle. She simply regurgitates catch phrases her handlers feed to her. Anyone can do this. All that is required is a good enough likeness to HRC to pass undetected by the public. As we can see, Double Teresa Barnwell was not quite good enough.

Please know that the outing of Fillary has hurt her campaign. Puppet doubles are more widely accepted now as facts of life than they were just a few years ago. HRC has lost credibility even in the eyes of those who think she just used a temporary stand-in. People will wonder now if it is the real Hillary at every public appearance. 

It is possible HRC will be retired and replaced with a new candidate. "Health issues" will probably be cited as the official reason. We know the real reason, however.



  1. Have you notice the similarities between this story and the PID story line?
    I think someone(s) is messing with us again....

  2. HRC was caught wearing a covert earpiece at the Commander-in-Chief Forum on 9/7 to do just as you pointed out "regurgitate catch phrases her handlers feed to her". Sadly the MSM did their best to bury the story.

  3. I almost felt the HRC being shoved into the van looked vaguely like a dummy (no; not that kind), mannequin, or robot malfunctioning. The SS didn't even look all that concerned. But, whatever or whoever that was, the HCR who emerged from the medical cen- I mean, daughter's apartment -- without the SS -- was certainly not the same HRC. Crazy...

  4. I kept re-watching that video on 9/11, in which the old girl was ill, and waiting to enter that van, hoping I'd be able to see what others were claiming to see. However, I did see someone who looked like 'death-warmed-over', in pics taken of her before she was helped walk to the van. She looked so bad prior to the emergency that day, that she looked even older than her 68-69 years! As I watched the more enhanced videos showing her collapse as they attempted to help her step into the van, I noticed a couple of things no one has yet elaborated on: the fact that, while standing at the curb, her hair didn't resemble the hair on her head before that moment; also, one secret service man walked over to the post against which Hillary had been leaning before her collapse, and he reached out and touched it in the strangest way.

    Her hair keeps bothering me, though. It looked as though she's stopped off at the nearest beauty salon on the way to the van--it was cut and styled so nicely--in the pics prior to that, it had appeared stringy, and tired-looking, which honestly matched the look on her face. I also keep wondering why that SS man reached over and felt the side of that post in such a strange manner!

    Some people now believe the video of that incident was falsified, and they give some very convincing reasons why they believe that. The background contains people across the street who were walking--but, they are walking double-time, which seems to indicate that the video was sped up for some reason. There are some other reasons why that video is now coming under closer scrutiny.

    Also, some people are now asking questions concerning the videographer--who was he/she, and why were they allowed to simply stand there, out in the open, video taping the whole scene, without any of the SS coming to inquire as to what they thought they were doing by filming it all minus any press credentials[?]! It's claimed it was just a regular, run-of-the-mill ordinary citizen standing that close to Clinton, filming it all with their phone's camera--not a likely scenario, unless the SS had given them their permission.

    So, even that video of Clinton collapsing is now under suspicion. The whole thing now smacks of a three-ring circus--we have body-doubles for Clinton, who it's claimed had pneumonia that contributed to her massive coughing fits, and her spitting out blobs of green goo into her water glass during a speech, as well as possibly faked video of the very possibly faked incident on 9/11--what's next--talking dogs on flying trapeses?! They are trying to scam us all, believing the only diploma any of us ever obtained was one signed by our kindergarten teachers!

    And, I'm so glad you hit on what Clinton really is--just a brand to them--just the way they viewed Paul. Which is why we see old 'f'aul still out there slugging away, when he could be nicely retired and sitting on some beach somewhere, taking it easy, while spending all that ill-gotten gain he received from doing his Paul McCartney impersonation all these many years.


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