Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tavistock, The Beatles & The Faux Paul Conspiracy

Thanks for the shout-out, Mark Devlin (starting @ 20:45).



  1. Wow....just wow. So I am really new to all of this, only been researching PID/PWR for a few weeks now, I'm wondering if I am a tad too late for the brunt of it since so many links I try to click have been removed. :( First off, I must thank you Tina,my research led me here after several days of studying Paul pictures and to just have it suddenly CLICK. These really are TWO different men!! My heart sank and I got sick to my stomach, I just sat staring at my computer just dumbfounded..but this blog has really been just amazing! Thank you Tina for all your really hard work! It's such a mystery as to what happened to the beautiful man we knew as JPM, I'm not 100% sure that Paul was killed but I am definitely sure the man calling himself Sir Paul is not the same man I saw in A Hard Days Night in the late 70s/early 80s when I was discovering The Beatles and LOVING Paul! I've so confused about his music since that time,and the older I've gotten,the less and less I've listened to him even though I was a huge fan once upon a time. Well my eyes are open and starting to seeing scary world out there! Is it good or a bad thing?....I don't know..I guess living really is easy with eyes closed. *sigh* I believe in Yesterday.

    1. I was only six years old at the time, but Paul was my favorite Beatle, and then suddenly he wasn't. I actually didn't like him! And John assumed that position. I always attributed it to maturity (LOL), but now I know that -- even then -- I discerned not only the switch, but the shift from "good" to "evil" here.

    2. I had same experience.... lost all interest in Paul, then found solo efforts devoid of qualities that had been endearing.

  2. I am also new to this belief and am still torn. I find myself so sure when confronted with the image comparisons but then I watch say the recording of Abby Road and Paul is being silly and joking around and I just can't quite make that leap. Couldn't Paul have gotten very ill or had some sort of break down and was out of the spotlight for a few years while a double filled in? He could have blown out his voice? Lost weight? Gained? He could have turned to the darkside and devastated John his oldest, dearest friend? This is the clip I am talking about, Paul starts really joking around at 2:25 and he is seems sincere. The sense of humor is the thing that I recognize in old Paul that I see here:

    1. Hello Al233,

      Thank you for your post! I have been a lifelong Beatles fanatic and I, too, am new to this belief in the last six months (and I do believe PID), after having heard what I believed was rumour for years.

      However, I also struggle with a few points in time. For me, there seems to be elements of or a very like-likeness to the REAL JPM during, say, the "Let it Be" Apple rooftop concert and some photos from the India/The White Album photo collage.

      Some of the photos and footage from this era are obviously Faul (i.e., the suddenly-much-taller Paul in India with Jane Asher), but some of the late "Let it Be" footage seems, to me, much closer to the REAL JPM: the whole-body jiggle/dance whilst performing (think Apple Rooftop), and the "joie de ve" and rapport with John as you mentioned the video link above (reposted here:

      In this video, you mention the sense of humour -- I agree. Also, here the accent sounds rather more Merseyside than Sir Faul (who, to me, does not sound Merseyside at all but rather someone affecting a working-North accent. Or, perhaps more clearly to say, someone of a higher, more educated class posing as Scouse; some of the terms are Merseyside but the pronunciation feels off, to me, at least).

      Also, in this video, the jamming and smashing the bass like after he recalls the "She Loves You," and the Jimmie Nicol bit feels more like REAL JPM. I am not saying this is our Paul, merely calling attention to eras of time whereby I feel most conflicted.

      Speaking of the rapport and the banter, John seems happier in some of these bits from the posted video than in "Hey Jude," or anything to do with "Sgt. Pepper" and "Magical Mystery Tour," and some of the brotherly-soulmate vibes seems to be here betwixt the two.

      Another note, childhood pictures of REAL JPM show a widow's peak and there seem to be glimpses of that hairline during the Apple Rooftop concert and some bits from "Let it Be." I think Sir Faul has a high hairline, but not a widow's peak proper.

      Also, for me, some of the photos/footage from The White Album era and also "Let it Be" show a darker-haired, cooler-complexion person as "Paul" than the reddish-warmish-tone Sir Faul. I believe there may have been multiple replacements prior to settling on the Sir Faul as the sole replacement.

      I am grateful for your post, because whilst I believe PID entirely, I have some contradictory pulls (although, admittedly, these likely stem from a semi-conscious desire that wishes not to have to believe/know that PID. This of course, calls to mind the Ecclesiastical "for in much wisdom is much grief"). To recognise the enormity of the deception rather pulls you at your centre. Thank you for admitting you feel torn.

      Tina, I am so grateful for your hard work. Please keep going, and please, please weigh in. I would really love to hear your thoughts on the late-era Beatles photos/footage I have mentioned here.

      Gratefully yours, in Truth,

      --Justice for Paul + Truth for us ALL = PID is real

    2. I've also read about the idea that there are twin Pauls (Mike being his identical twin) and he didn't die but backed off being in the band a bit. When you look at who they say is his brother they look nothing alike.

      So, perhaps the twin Pauls come and go every few albums (thus JPM on therooftop). If not twins, then simply Faul sometimes, Paul other times.

    3. Mike McGear and Paul McCartney were not identical twins. lol I think some people are just spreading disinformation.


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