Thursday, June 8, 2017

Howard Stern believes Paul is Dead

Howard Stern says he believes Paul McCartney died and was replaced within the first two minutes of this interview with Cynthia Lennon. Cynthia also says that Paul was "rejuvenated."

Cynthia Lennon interview on Howard Stern (2001)



  1. Sorry not Cynthia Lennon. Another actor being fed a script by another actor Howard Stern. They are mocking every-one.

  2. How sad the sweet dignified dear soul Cynthia Lennon went on this smarmy chump's show.

    Why hasn't he mentioned his belief in PID since? He also has had Faul on a cpl times. Did he confront the truth in those interviews?

    A very telling little moment there at the start though!

    I'd like to hear people's observatuons/reactions to the new Pirates flick "Dead Men Don't Tell Tales" even though turns out Macca only has a cameo.

    P'haps the film is still loaded w/coded references re:the replacement in spite of William's "limited" role.

  3. Happy Birthday to the inimitable James Paul McCartney 1942-1966.
    May truth prevail.

  4. There is a special edition magazine in celebration of Faul's "birthday" on newsstands. I turned to my companion and said "there will not be one image of the real Paul in here (early Beatles days before the replacement). Lo and behold, we flip through while waiting for a coffee, and there wasn't a single picture of the true Paul. I said "Wouldn't you think that a birthday retrospective would have at least a few images from the first days of the Beatles, the biggest rock act ever?". But no.

  5. I've seen interviews with Cynthia and that sounds exactly like her. I'm sure the Howard Stern interview with her can be verified too.

  6. It is here:


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