Tuesday, June 6, 2017

PID Paul is Dead - Tina Foster on Sage of Quay Show (June 2017)

Sage of Quay Radio - Tina Foster - Faul McCartney and The Plastic Macca (June 2017)

Published on June 6, 2017

Tonight my very special guest is Tina Foster. Tina is the creative force behind the very long running and very popular blog Plastic Macca which has been exposing the Paul Is Dead conspiracy since 2009. Tina’s research into the replacement of Paul McCartney is extensive and it was a pleasure having her on the show to share her insights and knowledge. * Tina's Blog: http://plasticmacca.blogspot.com/ * Sage of Quay PID Playlist: https://tinyurl.com/z8af2b7



  1. Great show.

    Faul's son looks so much like that weird dude Stanshall it's just amazing and could not be coincidence. The DNA is not lying here.

    At first glance there is no way my eyes and mind connect Stanshall to Faul BUT after staring at the side by sides I can see how hair, hair color, contacts, plastic and Botox make it happen. That condescending smirk of a smile is dead on match too. I can't connect the Phil Ackrill transformation to Faul with my eyes, Denny Laine maybe.

    BTW - even our advanced population at large is oblivious to this new technology to create fake speech in video as shown at 1:20:00 of the video.

  2. Just found this, supposedly Stanshall wrote 4 columns back in 1969. The second half of the LAST one is very interesting. Pay attention from "By the time you read this I shall be the U.S.A.".

    "Make it Judie" as in Jude? "Yeh Yeh Yeh" as in fabled Beatles lore? "This is my last column for you", WHY?

    Who talks like this and why? It makes no sense unless you believe these people are Free Masons, Illuminati and mocking you. They love to leave clues and mock. It's seems to be something they must do to fulfill their pledge and code.

    Either way this is not a normal way to express yourself in a publicly read column even if you're act is to be a freak of nature. He’s obviously up to something here and making an attempt to tell the public something in a mysterious coded way.

    The Viv Column - From Beat Instrumental, 1969.


  3. About the video where Tina comments on Paul playing bass: He held the bass and fingered it in "Broadstreet," but there was no actual bassline in the music. His guitar wasn't turned on. Also, in the video of the Beatles playing Helter Skelter in the field, Paul is holding his left handed guitar, but George is playing the bassline. You can see Paul's not even strumming the guitar. He is recorded as saying he's no good on bass. I have only seen him actually play an acoustic guitar left handed, not a bass, and he often checks his chording fingers, unlike the pre-66 Paul.

  4. Another comment: Bill Shepherd's son says his dad wasn't Paul, and remember, the backward masking says, "I WAS WILLY CAMPBELL." Let's start calling Faul "Willy Campbell" instead of "Bill Shepherd."


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