Thursday, September 14, 2017

Faul doesn't imagine he's Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney was the "successful bit of it all." Faul doesn't imagine he's Paul McCartney. Another telling admission from Faul in the short video below.

Faul McCartney?



  1. Bill has said some interesting comments over the Years like saying "There are two Paul McCartney's" He also said he joined The Beatles as an already set up affair
    I also saw a video where he say " I"m not really dead just a good replica.

    they are interesting comments even from a PIA view

  2. So essentially Faul is a psychopath admitting he can't stoop so low as to be a sociopath because he would blow his own head off. I wouldn't be proud of that "other guy" Faul.

    Sociopath vs. Psychopath: What’s the Difference?

    A key difference between a psychopath and a sociopath is whether he has a conscience, the little voice inside that lets us know when we’re doing something wrong, says L. Michael Tompkins, EdD. He's a psychologist at the Sacramento County Mental Health Treatment Center.

    A psychopath doesn’t have a conscience. If he lies to you so he can steal your money, he won’t feel any moral qualms, though he may pretend to. He may observe others and then act the way they do so he’s not “found out,” Tompkins says.

    A sociopath typically has a conscience, but it’s weak. He may know that taking your money is wrong, and he might feel some guilt or remorse, but that won’t stop his behavior.

    Both lack empathy, the ability to stand in someone elses shoes and understand how they feel. But a psychopath has less regard for others, says Aaron Kipnis, PhD, author of The Midas Complex. Someone with this personality type sees others as objects he can use for his own benefit.

    In movies and TV shows, psychopaths and sociopaths are usually the villains who kill or torture innocent people. In real life, some people with antisocial personality disorder can be violent, but most are not. Instead they use manipulation and reckless behavior to get what they want.

    reference -

  3. As a long time Clinical Psychologist, I disagree. Psychopath was an earlier diagnostic term in the DSMII and III, In DSM IV they "softened" the term but it still means essentially without a conscience. Many levels of behavior are included. Remember, Bill is illuminati and he has been handsomely rewarded through fame and loads of money and power. He may have had a hand in the death of James Paul. He's just playing with our heads for his own amusement.


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