Monday, September 11, 2017

Vaccines and the NWO Depopulation Agenda (Parts 1 & 2)

Vaccines and the NWO Depopulation Agenda (Part 1)

Download Part 1

Vaccines and the NWO Depopulation Agenda ~ Tina Foster, Esq. (Part 2)

Download Part 2

Attorney and author, Tina Foster, discusses with Bill and Joe from "Answers for the Paranormal" how vaccines are part of the New World Order depopulation agenda. Topics include toxic ingredients, such as heavy metals, and secret sterilization agents (hCG, squalene, Tween 80).


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  1. We are in an age where ANY challenge to main stream thought is thoroughly and quickly frowned upon - and this is no more evident than the subject of commonplace vaccinations....if you, in any way, shape or form go against what MSM outlets present as "science" regarding vaccinations then you are relegated to "conspiracy theorist"'s a simpletons approach that needs to be avoided at all cost...


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