Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Numb3rs said Paul was dead

Sometimes they drop truth bombs.

Numb3rs TV show (CBS), “Conspiracy Theory,” Season 5, Episode 9 (December 5, 2008):

“Paul McCartney dying in 1966 and being replaced by a lookalike, that is of course, pure fact... Check out the cover of Abbey Road. The clues are all over it.”

Go to episode (at 8:40)



  1. I can't check your whole site to see if someone thought of this before, so I'll post it here. Anyone can ask me to delete it if it's redundant:

    McCartney is an Irish name. Campbell is a Scottish name. So, where did "Paul" (I'm-not-him-I'm-just-some-little-kid-dressed-up-as-him") buy his estate? In Scotland. Mary McCartney, Paul's mother, was Catholic. So all the McCartney children were baptized as Catholic. If Paul is dead, look for his grave in a Catholic cemetery, not Strawberry Fields (unless they dumped his ashes at sea, which is not a Catholic practice--but Paul wasn't a practicing Catholic.) OK, my 2 cent's worth. Hope it helps.

  2. The link to the episode in the post above won't load. :(


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