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Beatles Conspiracy/Paul McCartney's death & replacement on Answers for the Paranormal w/ Tina Foster

Beatles Conspiracy/Paul McCartney's death & replacement on Answers for the Paranormal w/ Tina Foster

Attorney & author, Tina Foster, discusses the latest in Paul is Dead research with Bill and Joe on Answers for the Paranormal. Tina's new book about the PID conspiracy will be out this Faul. Date recorded: 25 Sept. 2018 Tina's book: "The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor-Replacements" - available on Amazon at


  1. are you. I've been trying very hard to follow this story about PID and you and Mike Williams quests to get to the bottom of this theory. I can only see confusionl, turmoil and a complete legal mess for many many people who have innocently been drawn into this mess. I know you and Mike have done tremendous amount work on this, but no one seems to be on the same page. As quoted from John Lennon in a phone interview, not long before he died, he said "There are many "itty bitties" in the lyrics and albums since Sgt Pepper to keep "them" search for 100 years. I think he's correct
    I also think that Paul did take some time off and he did have at least a very closely resembling him in all aspects, to body doubles to cover him from a distance. I think that's the way celebrities have to operate to have a somewhat normal life when they are not performing. I won't comment on the Tavistock institute because there are too many bizarre theories about Paul and all the Beatles. I do, on the other hand, think they were involved in some secret society, whether it is the Illuminati or the Bohemian Grove ....and I think you understand what I'm talking about. Paul's latest video about "Who Cares?" is about as transparent as it can be. If you haven't see it, I recommend you make a point to inspect it.
    The question still remains if the "good" Paul or the "bad" Faul is the one in that that is still alive and currently touring with his "Egypt Station."

    I was brought up listening to the Beatles since about 1963 and have followed him and the Beatles since that time. It may very be that he was in a automobile accident and was injured enough to need intensive surgery and rehab.

    I've read the Thoma Uharriot book, and the suggestions that were made were absolutely off the charts in being unreasonably untrue. I have photos from a very early age to within the last year that could prove without a doubt that he is alive.

    My question is who do I give it to? I don't trust one source involved in any of it to hand this information with eyes that have not been tainted with one theory or another.

    If you know of anyone in that category, please contact me. my email is

    Regards, Simone

    1. Simone,

      Unfortunately, there is a lot of disinformation that has been spread to muddy the waters about PID. Please stay tuned for my upcoming PID book, "Plastic Macca," which attempts to sort out the mess.

      The real Paul is not alive.


  2. Hi Tina, I've seen your photo comparisons for years. Heard about five or six radio interviews are YouTube videos looking like such .

    That being said, Mike Williams was the one that really got me on board. I remember hearing a reading that you thought that the William shears book was disinformation. But that's what really made me look at various videos and got me on board and got me one hundred percent with you.

    Something tells me that the leaders of this PID singer all going to be this info people. That would unfortunately include you and Mike. But that being said, it finally got me good Faithfully been able to play Big Beatle songs and like them from the beginning to Abbey Road to finally get on board with folks on the PID side of things.

    I'll tell you that one video of the John whoever guy at the childhood home of the real Paul McCartney sure looks a hell of a lot like Paul!

    I saw a recent interview with you tonight with a guy on YouTube, can't remember, pretty much full balding all on set. Anyway, I am leaning towards your opinion or my opinion that they were not a TavisStock creation from the get-go.

    Theories as to whether was to push the drug agenda or not sound very likely. It's the only thing that makes sense of Elites getting into that transition or replacement. Assuming that's what happened.

    But the flat-earth thing is not something I put stock into yet. That's the only place I disagree with the very intelligent Mike Williams.

    I've been obsessing into this over the last month having watched like 50 of these videos or maybe 80 in the last two weeks. At times it looks like John was our place to in 1966. But on the other hand, I'm sick it with the one obvious one for now and I'm not going to guess the motives quite yet or the overall purpose.

    9/11 or JFK are obvious government ordered Cyclops which included killing. All I can say for now is that it's apparent that there was another guy playing Paul McCartney from 66 to 69. I have see videos where they also compared the doctoring of video from 68 of Paul or fall in the yellow suit on a TV show. And they compare the VHS version to the doctor digitally restored one.

    As I hear more info the modius will become more obvious. But for a lot of info and the drug addenda is the most fossil won so far. But maybe it's for something else completely different.

    I normally don't like it, Tina, when people do comments on YouTube videos. Blood seems obvious that there are people that like the troll the videos and all.

    Anyway enjoy your work and I'm glad that there are youtube there that are spending time and starting to come up with their own theories. That's helping me lean towards making a further conclusion of what might have happened.

    The till fall comes out or someone else after his death that's going to be inevitable in the following years, all I can do is speculate. But there's a lot of catching up I have to do to you experts on it. In a worst-case it's all this info but there's some grains of Truth. Without a doubt the Fsul McCartney after 1966 never looked like the guy he replaced


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