Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Beatles and Me ~ by Jessica

I have listened to The Beatles for as long as I can remember. The fondest memory I have of their music was when I was 7 years old, going through the records and LP's at home.
From there, I grew a love for their music that has always stayed with me. My favorite childhood memory was the long car trips to the beach, just listening to and singing their songs. I memorized all the lyrics to almost all of their songs and that's the thing - remembering was hard for me then as it is now.

I have an intellectual disability, which affects how quickly I learn and pick up on things. For example, it may take me two days to learn something while only a day for other people to learn something new.

Emotionally, this has affected me so much as a child, not being able to get though school, while others succeeded, falling behind.

I spent most of my time alone and even when I was with the other kids at school, it still felt lonely because I couldn't connect with them.

But I wasn't completely alone, I had The Beatles and their music. Those songs about love and friendship gave me hope, and for someone like me, who couldn't even write a sentence, I could remember their songs.

During high school, I did a PowerPoint about their 1965 Shea Stadium concert. My favorite concert of their's and the one I wish I could have gone to.

When I presented the PowerPoint, I got a lot of good feedback and even some of my classmates, who weren't Beatlemaniacs wanted to learn about the Fab 4.

Sadly I did received some negative feedback, and while I don't expect everyone to like The Beatles, they should be at least respected for the work they did.
I always remembered, this classmate calling The Beatles "ugly"; she never liked me and I knew she said that to try to upset me.

But I didn't let it bother me, I simply said, "No they are not; they are fantastic." Now that I look back on this incident, I see that there was a more spiritual reason as to why she hated The Beatles and me, as well.

She was a Satanist, and she loved listening to rage music about blood and gore. It was that low vibration/frequency that kept her in that space of negativity.

I always believe that what you choose to listen to, what kind of lyrics you choose to fill your head says a lot about who you are as a person.

The high vibrations/frequencies of the early Beatles music made me a much nicer, happier, peaceful and open-minded person.

I believe that's why we didn't get along.

Speaking of high vibrations and frequencies, when I look back on some of the concert footage, I remember how I used to complain about the loud, screaming fans.
But I now realized something, all that screaming, the tears, the fainting and the joy on each fan's face.

Those fans were experiencing something unlike anything else, those high vibrations of love and happiness, they didn't realized that they were being lifted from that low vibration to a state of pure bliss.

It's a hard thing to explain, that feeling. It's something that you don't understand mentally but you can feel it in your heart.

I have a lot of anxiety and stress, and yet when I listen to them, all that negativity leaves for those few moments. 
Their music speaks to the heart and soul, and though their lyrics were simple, it is the little things that make all the difference.

Their lyrics speak to us as fans, wanting to hold someone's hand, begging for help when you're feeling down, etc.

It's everyday lyrics about love, a force that we can't see but feel. 
I do believe that with all of my heart, that they were organic and that is why we fans can connect with them so well.

Just look at the fans whether they are photographed with them, it's natural, the fans seem so comfortable and the four lads themselves are not overpowering.
I forgot who it was, but someone said that they can sense a strong connection between The Beatles and their fans.

There are many wonderful stories about The Beatles and their fans, the media tries very hard to hide this and so research needs to be done.

Furthermore, it was the many fan stories I read that made me believe that The Beatles did respect their fans and, therefore, wouldn't have decided to stop touring the way they did.
The whole "We wanted to stop touring because the fans were so loud" is a huge lie, because they wanted to tour in 1967. Most likely their farewell to fans.

Of course, we know why they had to stop, and telling the fans that they had to stop touring because of the screaming probably felt very hurtful. Especially when they said that they lived for the tours, the playing and fans.
I came across P.I.D as a preteen but didn't believe it because we were told it was just for marketing.

But it did lead to researching the elite and discovering the dark truth of this world, which helped me open my mind to a lot of things, but led me down the wrong path because I started to believe that The Beatles were not organic, that they were Satanists. 
I started to believe P.I.D and though the evidence for the replacement is very revealing, I didn't care if Paul was dead or how he died.

Because of the disinfo, I simply didn't care for any of them, they were Satanists and I didn't want to have anything to do with them.

I stopped listening to their music, took down their posters and any desire I had to learn music just left me.

But during the time, I went without their music, I went into a dark place, I just hated life. My obsessive belief that nothing is good, turned me into a person I hated.  

Though I believe that what the shills were saying was true, something kept tugging at me about The Beatles.

I couldn't completely get away from them, because my family likes them and the radio kept playing their songs.

Those lyrics, "When I touch you, I feel happy inside" - it was like I was having a moment, then I realized perhaps I was wrong about them.

So that one day, I sat down and played their songs, and afterwards I got emotional, maybe it was because I hadn't heard them in so long? The fact that I wished I hadn't allowed myself to listen to the shills, how I wish I could take back everything negative I have ever said about them.

It was as though I was that little girl again, from that age I believed that they were angels, because their music gave me hope to get though my personal battles. It inspired me.
They were like my friends back then, and sometimes people would say, "But how can you love people you have ever met?"

That's because love means many different things, it's something we can't explain, it's just there. You don't need to be in the same room, country and time period to love someone.
Look at the many fans they had and still have today, young and old, children and adults, etc.
I was not around to meet them all those years ago, but that does not mean I won't get a chance to meet them in another place, somewhere far away.

If I ever meet them, I would thank them for their music, for their humble personalities and that they gave me much happiness.

Their music really is a part of my life. However, when I wasn't listening to them, I turned to low vibration-type music, the kind of music that keeps you in a low mental state, sometimes it makes you angry, or just drains you completely.

I call that kind of music "cheap thrills." It feels great at first, but when it's over, it's a regret.
Sadly, this is what happened to The Beatles post '66. Once Faul came into the picture, the music just changed.

Music is very spiritual within itself, when someone is filled with light, then their songs will be filled with it, too, because it comes from the heart and not the head.

It isn't rock and roll that is evil; there is nothing evil about three guitars and a drum set. It's the people and what is influencing them spiritually that can be evil.

How you ever felt on edge, bothered, angry or drained after listening to most of the music from today's sellout artists/bands?

Have you ever felt like listening to The Beatles' earlier music? 
The Beatles were not religious, but that doesn't mean that they were anti-God. John did say that they believed that there is something out there, they just don't know what.
When I look at John's "Bigger Than Jesus" statement, I see two things:

1. I see the point he made about idol worship and how it gets out of hand.
2. I see John as someone who did not like religious institutions

Back to my above statement, at a young age I believed that they were angels, and when I look at their music and just them as people. It brings me right back to this belief.

They may not have believed in God, but that doesn't mean God can't choose them to fulfill a purpose.

They were angels in physical forms, physical bodies. They were given a gift, a musical talent and four unique voices.

The ability to create music with high frequencies of love was something they couldn't create on their own, it was something from a higher power.

I have always believed that they never realized the gift they were given, which was sad, but that makes it interesting.

Because it's we the fans that kind of have to tell them, "Hey you know, there is something special about you guys."

Four imperfect ordinary men played on the radios all of those decades ago, and their music forever changed our lives.

Other artists/bands are good in their own right, but we will never experienced those high vibrations of happiness ever again.

And that's why I don't believe that John and Paul ever sold out, because if they had, they would both be alive and The Beatles would just be another sellout Satanic band promoting NWO.

Both John and Paul were agents of love in a way; people were turning to them more than the elite, their minds were opening and the elite couldn't have this.

Sadly, Paul died and I believe that John may have died shortly after, though I'm not fully sure about John yet.

I think of how George's reaction to John's supposed death in 1980 was strange, how George said that he just went to sleep. You really can't sleep after losing your close mate to a bullet.

So that means John may have died earlier, either a year after Paul or in the 70s perhaps? Of course, many will say that is crazy but consider this:

It wasn't just Paul that was the problem, it was John as well.

Together, the two of them could have exposed a lot of truth through their music. If they could replace Paul, then they could have done the same with John.

John and Paul were the most influential Beatles. George and Ringo were important as well, but I don't think they were ever replaced.

George said that he and Ringo were the economy class Beatles, that they weren't as important or as listened to as John and Paul. (Though we fans would disagree with George's statement because we loved them all.)

What is sad here is that the two of them had been the last 2 remaining Beatles for a lot longer than we realized.

The deaths of Paul and John must have been hard for them, but it makes sense as to why George and Ringo stayed together for all those years.

There isn't much I can say about Faul. I simply don't have any respect for the guy. How can you live with yourself? Lying and conning people...

To make a mockery of the real Beatles? He probably feels entitled, because he thinks he is the one who he is keeping the memory of the Fab 4 alive, all the while trashing their image.
Meanwhile, Ringo is not allowed to give any interviews, because his story will be different from Faul's.

I call that a bully, but grant that some of Faul's music is good, but most of it is just emotionless and serve as an elite agent. It was his job to come in and ruin the once happy image of The Beatles.

Most of his songs are low vibrations. He isn't capable of creating something that the originals could because what they had was a gift.

The only song I ever felt had any real emotion was "Fool On The Hill," because you can just sense that Faul is singing about himself.

It is quite easy to get lost in the post '66 image of The Beatles, because it is heavily promoted in the media and most people tend to prefer it... well, the sheep, that is.
However, if you go back to the start pre '66, you will see what The Beatles were really all about: Love, happiness and friendship.
They didn't sell out because if they had, then they wouldn't have been able to create some happy music.

Once you sell out to the elite, than everything that comes from you is dark.There is a coldness to Faul's eyes, but when you look at Paul, there is a warmth to him, and that goes for all of them. Eyes are the windows to the soul.

Like all good things, they didn't last - especially in a world full of evil. But that's the thing - good always overcomes evil. Everything will come to light, and truth will be exposed.
John, Paul, George and Ringo were angels sent to fulfill a purpose, I take comfort in knowing that we still have Ringo. I recommend watching one of his concerts from recent years. He performs quite close to the fans, and in those recent concert, not one fan was sitting down.

I take comfort in knowing that Paul, John and George are all in a better place, just waiting for Ringo to join them one day.

We'll see them again.





  1. Similar life experiences with how heavily Faul was promoted on 70's Radio and Sgt. Pepper on forward in the 80's. With a few exceptions pre 67 seemed to get far far less airplay. Here at the end of the second decade of the 21st century I pretty much listen to Beatles for Sale, Help, Revolver, and Rubber Soul.

  2. The fool on the hill most likely refers to the fools who believed that the Featles; post Aug 29 1966, were the same Beatles in 1964. Who else killed and replaced? We know that Hillary has several; espesh after her 9/11 sickness when she was thrown in the van like a bag of potatoes. Elvis? most likely killed and replaced when he was in Germany in the US army. Why was he sent to Germany? I guess that being sent to Japan would raise too many eyebrows. Tom Jones? just compare his face from 1965 to 1975. He looked like a young Arab guy and then transformed in to a handsome Las Vegas guy. Joe Biden? most likely. But the music of the Featles is eternal, as is their earlier period too. Such a breakthrough of turning macho 1950s rock into the songs of vulnerable young persons willing to give it all for love.

  3. I just skimmed through your comment but read a good portion of it and I love your comment about John being possibly taken out too. Possibly as early as 1966. The guy who had that mega Vitality in the interviews is just not there. Not to mention the physical differences on their faces possibly.

    It took me till last year to get onto the PID bandwagon. As for John, I'd rather it be the psychological devastation that made him different than being KILLED (replaced) so early (years before 1980). The jury in my head is still out on him


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