Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Faul McCartney admits he is "just a good replica"

Paul McCartney (left) v. Faul (right)

Faul McCartney says in this interview that he is "not actually dead" and admits that he is "just a good replica" (at 6:14). This is but one of Faul's many slips and admissions that he is not the real James Paul McCartney.

Paul McCartney: Scott Osbourne Interview 1974

Tina Foster, Esq. 

Author of The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor-Replacements

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  1. Yeah. And not to mention behaving very mind controlled or android/clone-like ?!?!
    Not only does cloning appear to be involved, but both the original and the "new and improved" rejuvenated replica appear in Let it Be the film.
    Furthermore, in the last Iamaphoney Rotten Apple (#89) at the 2:08 mark someone yells out "clone" in what sounds like a Russian, German or Israeli accent. This has been out for a while. Strange it hasn't come up in more formal discussions. It would also explain the 2 mysterious passport fotos coming out at the same time of 2 similar-yet-different individuals. There is clearly an OVERLAP in the replacement. Not just a simple cut n dried disappearance. There is still ZERO evidence that Paul physically perished in 1966. Would Beatle lyric references be admitted in a court of law as evidence? Of course not.


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