Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Faul McCartney admits he is "just a good replica"

Paul McCartney (left) v. Faul (right)

Faul McCartney says in this interview that he is "not actually dead" and admits that he is "just a good replica" (at 6:14). This is but one of Faul's many slips and admissions that he is not the real James Paul McCartney.

Paul McCartney: Scott Osbourne Interview 1974



  1. Yeah. And not to mention behaving very mind controlled or android/clone-like ?!?!
    Not only does cloning appear to be involved, but both the original and the "new and improved" rejuvenated replica appear in Let it Be the film.
    Furthermore, in the last Iamaphoney Rotten Apple (#89) at the 2:08 mark someone yells out "clone" in what sounds like a Russian, German or Israeli accent. This has been out for a while. Strange it hasn't come up in more formal discussions. It would also explain the 2 mysterious passport fotos coming out at the same time of 2 similar-yet-different individuals. There is clearly an OVERLAP in the replacement. Not just a simple cut n dried disappearance. There is still ZERO evidence that Paul physically perished in 1966. Would Beatle lyric references be admitted in a court of law as evidence? Of course not.

  2. Mentioning cloning destroys your credibility, because the cloned Paul would have been an infant in 1967. Besides, even infant cloning was impossible in 1966.

  3. So your mentioning a clone is meant to color this whole argument with ridiculousness?

    1. Yet flogging a dead horse with the same tired arguements for which there is zero hard empirical evidence isn't rediculous?
      Here is what evidence we do have: forensics, handwriting and voiceprint experts established that there were at least 2 different ppl playing "Paul". Period. This we can all agree on. Got any scientific or clear proof of the car crash or of JPM vanishing into thin air over night?
      ...didn't think so.

  4. These comments about Faul being a clone should be deleted, because they are just a "straw man," easily knocked down, to convince rational, informed people the PID crowd are conspiracy nuts within any real evidence.

    But the facts include that John dropped clues in the music, and John was assassinated by someone who calmly wanted for the police while reading "Catcher in the Rye," like someone mind-controlled. And George said things like, (but not limited to) at the Rock Hall of Fame when he accepted the award for the Beatles, referring to himself and Ringo, he said they were "all that's left, I'm afraid," (of the Beatles). Then he said, John would have been here, "and we all know why John can't be here. And we all loved John so much. And we all loved Paul very much also." Then George was attacked in his home by a knife-weilding assailant we know nothing about. Very hashed-up affair, though being stabbed in the lung doubtlessly hastened his losing the battle against lung cancer. Ringo hasn't dropped any clues, and he is still alive. On the other hand, Heather Mills says the secret she knows about "Paul" has put her life in danger, and it's a secret so incredible, no one would want to believe it. So let's remove the wacky clone posts, and stick to serious clues. A life has been threatened and others have been lost.

  5. So a person isn't allowed to posit an alternate theory? Countless technologies have been obfuscated and occulted from the general domain. What is "science fiction" to YOU is reality behind the scenes and has been employed for decades if not millennia. What started out as "the dark arts" became technologies only hinted at by Asimov, Heinlein and Bradbury, or spelled out by Philip K Dick. Ever seen Dr. Who and the TARDIS?? Ever seen LOOPER??They give you the fairy tale wizard of Oz/ convoluted topsy-turvy Back to the Future version of the sinister truth: that time travel has been used to bring dopplegangers or fully grown clones back to earlier timelines from the future.

    You have one or two implanted storylines embedded in your PID explaination, and its all the cliche "clues" carefully planned and executed by the wizards and handlers. They bank on gullible groupthink. You got hosed. The whole PID rabbit hole is in fact P-W-R!
    He was terminally ill for fuck's sake. The 2 men briefly overlapped, allowing the original to groom his replacement! They both did Beatles fans a service, they literally made a new Paul to carry the torch, to bear the role, to keep the kiddies happy. Duh! Time to let this one go. It's a near seamless, watertight airtight mindfuck but ultimately HARMLESS.
    So Heather Mills was shocked and appalled to be one of the few commoners to be made privy? Well sure, who wouldn't be?
    Newsflash: Time travel, teleportation and human cloning is REAL. More real than flying fucking saucers and "aliens". More real than bird people and orbs and abductions by sophisticated off world beings!! THEY, "THEM" are in your midst! And watching your every predictable algorithmically monitored and filed move.
    No, sorry. You can't just dismiss whatever notion makes you unconfortable and call the source crazy. That's what pot was introduced for. To help make wild goosechase Beatles lyrics clues into hardcore "evidence". LOL.
    Weed was their best tool to date to lead folks by the nose--from legitimate egghead "Researcher" to the most lowly "troll". Dunderheads on the primrose path, all.
    If Lewis Carrol and The Beatles taught us anything it is that NOTHING is as it seems! And usually it is the OPPOSITE of what you assume to be true, that truely is.

    1. Tho' as it happened, ganga also turned out to be helpful medicine, just as Beatles music (and for some folks even LSD) was by its very nature a channel and force for positive healing frequencies.
      But ultimately all those good vibes made a lot of ppl extremely rich, and generation after generation continue to take a bite of Eve's Apple.
      Maybe Ringo should have named his latest album Give More Cash. But no, its we--the "fans"--who are obliged to 'give more love'. Its an agreed upon symbiosis to supply the culture with heroes, and to keep a particular type of addiction in place... tho' we'd love to think its all genuinely about Art. Does a pushing-80 Macca really tour his bollocks off just for fun or to serve the fans? How 'bout he feeds off the emotionally supercharged energy of those massive adoring crowds?

    2. No, it is NOT science fiction to me. I have professional expertise in the field of laboratory medicine, and I assure you it is poppycock that Paul could have been cloned. Posting such drivel only makes intelligent, informed people dismiss the whole thing.

    3. No, intelligent informed people are more than capable of wrangling multiple viewpoints--both objective and subjective--without getting triggered or defensive. No one yet has cracked the PWR code. Something as tightly guarded and sealed as PWR is fair game when it comes to specuation.

      Want to answer me this? Why hasn't the Apple money-making machine released the film Let it Be?

  6. Tina, how it is possible to replace Paul in few days. Because we are shure that he was real Paul on the August 1966? Such replacement I think need a long time to prepare double and everything? Also we should look for the reaction of another Beatles at that time, their mood at the press conferance.

    1. That is why I reject the "accident" theory. I think this must have taken months to plan.

  7. In this case you are right)) But what about reaction of John, George? They looks so happy at the conference which I saw in August. Is it possible if something happened with Paul? I think this is real mystery. Do you think that this is not Paul on the well known picture at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles on 28 August? I agree that the end of the August was a turning point of all this story.


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