Thursday, October 15, 2009

Official Paul is Dead (PID) Video Tampering

It has become clear over time that original photos of Paul McCartney and Bill (Faul) have been manipulated to make both men appear as the same person.

Likewise early video footage has been "cleaned up" or remastered for the same reason. Below is the original clip of a BBC interview with Bill in 1968. Lets take a look -

Paul is Dead :The Powers of the digital remastering "Faul as Paul [1968]" only true HD

First we'll examine Bills eyebrows and hair. His hair has a bright sheen indicative of colouring. It is either a false piece or copious amounts of black colouring were applied. His eyebrows are also unusually black and appear comically false.

Also take note of Bills slender frame, his almost gaunt features.

Now here's the remastered clip (again it's the same interview at the same segment) -

Spot the differences, amazing isn't it!

- Gone are the ridiculously fake looking eyebrows.

- Gone is the brightly coloured black hair (if not a hairpiece) replaced by an extraordinarily realistic looking head of hair.

- The footage is also compressed to give Bill a fuller appearance. Gone is the gaunt, skeletal frame replaced by a chubbier, healthier looking individual.

It's almost hard to believe that both of these segments are of the same interview, with the same individual at the same point in time. This is what can be carried out with modern vid tech to "clean up" the past, so it can be said double.... what double!

Bill (Faul) moulded into the appearance of the man he replaced.

Edit by Tina:

Paul on Aug. 19, 1966:

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  1. great work here. now if someone could just slip faul some truth serum. actually, I think Heather Mills holds the key. I wish she would tell what she knows. I think this would be setting the ultimate example for her daughter in choosing courage and refusing to live in fear. perhaps she would be able to have an authentic relationship with her father, then. It has to be frightening, but she said on the GMA interview that she has a lot of support and friends who stand by her. You can do it Heather.

  2. I've felt that way for a long time. If only there was a way to contact her privately. Maybe then, she could be convinced to do the right thing.

  3. Shankly, the differences between the two videos is very obvious to me. Do you have the means to capture a few frames from each video ? It would be great to have a comparison of him at the exact same time in both videos...

  4. Great idea Nanabird, I'll look into it.

  5. Top vid account terminated now.

  6. A girl from ArgentinaNovember 12, 2011 at 11:05 PM

    Hi! I don't know if this video is useful for comparisons. Is this the original, isn't?

  7. I just watched A Hard Day's Night... hadn't seen it in a few years (not since discovering all of this) and I couldn't help but notice that the version streaming on Netflix (the 40th anniversary edition, I believe) seems to have been tampered. I could just be imagining it, but there are quite a few times that JPM's features look very... Faulish. Ears and nose, especially. What a shame.

  8. I also noticed that some videos are tampered with just audio only by changing Paul's voice to Faul's. Honestly, I do not know how some people can not differentiate their voices. I am so annoyed by this deception. I truly hope one day the truth will be revealed.


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