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Imposter detection methods using non-physical criteria

Sometimes when you’re looking for a rat,
you’ll smell it before you see it.
~ Fritz Springmeier

 Paul McCartney (left) vs. Faul (right)

My last post [link] discussed methods of identifying doubles based on physical differences, but what if there are no discernable physical differences? Does that mean the person is the original? No, not necessarily. It may just mean that the physical appearance of the target has been flawlessly recreated, i.e. that the double is a perfect copy. In this case, it would be useful to have on hand a way to detect an imposter-replacement based on non-physical methods. Here are some suggestions that may be worth pursuing.

If the person just does not seem right, i.e. their behavior is off, then a behavioral biometrical analysis may be in order. Behavioral biometrics "are related to the behavior of a person. Examples include, but are not limited to typing rhythm, gait, and voice."Source:
Pay attention to subtle differences in actions, behavior, and character traits. The differences may be subtle. Please see Vocal differences & voice technology for differences between Paul's and Faul's voices.

Another method to detect a double might be to use machines employing processes similar to Kirlian photography, which shows a band of light surrounding an object.

Kirlian photo of a fingertip

Used as a diagnostic tool, it is said of Kirlian photography that
... Variations in the shapes, colors, and intensity of the images produced are said to provide clues to the patient's overall health and energy level and to indicate the presence or absence of disease, specific emotional states, and other physiological or psychological conditions...

Kirlian Photography
In this way, it might be possible to capture the energy pattern surrounding the physical body of the suspected individual, and compare it to the original. A difference in the energy pattern may be a way to identify an imposter.

Finally, it might be possible to use some device whereby electronic frequency of the person could be measured. In this way, an individual's particular energy signature could be identified. We might look to the field of radionics for such a device.

The Drown Diagnostic Instrument purports to measure the energy frequency or rates of vibration of matter:
... Differing molecular arrangements producing differing forms, must also produce differing characteristic emanations in each case. In general terms, they produce differing frequencies or vibrations. These emanations may be detected and numerically classified on the Drown Diagnostic Instrument, ... [which] is a very simple impedance rheostat, consisting of nine dials, each of which can select ten tuning stubs by its rotation. Each dial is numbered from 1 to 10, each dial position making contact with a stub. The possible combinations permitted by this arrangement exceed two billion.
Systematic use of the Drown Diagnostic Instrument through the past thirty years has established that healthy human tissues and organs have definite "Rates" of vibration, or molecular broadcast frequencies, which the diagnostic instrument can detect. The entire human body has been assigned "rates" as they are termed, for all organs, glands and tissues...
Radio-Vision: Scientific Milestone
Comparing the original person's energy signature to the suspected Doppelgaenger might reveal whether the person had been replaced or not.

Happy hunting!

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  1. I was just wondering if handwriting experts could also contribute to identifying 'f'aul as an imposter. I don't know if the skill of recognizing forgeries has made great strides over the years, but I suspect it has, especially if computers could be used to aid in identifying fakes from originals. If enough evidence could be compiled using various ways of detection, I wonder if a good enough circumstantial case could be built successfully, and then used to unmask, and even prosecute, someone like him? It's all so frustrating to realize that they've gotten away with this for all this time! When I looked at a picture of Paul with his dad, then of 'f'aul with someone who was supposedly Paul's dad, it startled me to think I was viewing two different people posing as Paul's father. It is a creepy idea that's been posed by some people that the illuminati/elitists/nwo has been going around not only replacing one member of a group, but many, with doppelgangers/doubles. But, that idea somewhat reminds me of the plot from the movie "The Body Snatchers", only minus the pods from outer space! Yet, I am suspecting it might just apply in cases like the Beatles, and might have extended to close family members as well, just to help ensure the success of the replacement of the members of the band. If that's the case, we're not merely looking at something the size of which most of us think might be manageable at all--if true, the size of the deception is monstrous! Which might be why the nwo is often referred to as 'the Beast system'.


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