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Paul is Dead (murdered): "Braverman's Condensed Cream of the Beatles"

The 1974 film, Braverman's "Condensed Cream of the Beatles," contains some disturbing images that seem out of place for a light-hearted documentary of a rock band. In Was Paul McCartney murdered?, I provided reverse speech clues that seemed to reveal Paul had been shot execution-style. The images in "Condensed Cream of the Beatles" seem to support that theory. The images may be telling the tale of a car chase, a car crash, an execution, an imposter-replacement, and a warning to keeping silent.

Condensed Cream of the Beatles - Part 1

Condensed Cream of the Beatles - Part 2

The first set of images are evocative of a car chase and a fiery car crash.

The next set of images suggest an execution.

This photo looks lie a dead Paul McCartney. (The original was of Paul in a swimming pool).

There is a body shown, which seems to be a disturbing reference to a dead Paul.

Skeleton hands and dead people at a morgue are yet more death imagery from the film:

Also shown is a man with the drum in mouth may be a symbol for silence.

This same symbolism was used on Faul's "Red Rose Speedway" album:

I believe that agents of the Illuminati were responsible for Paul's assassination and replacement.

The serpent is a symbol for the Illuminati, also found in the film. The film was released by Pyramid Films. The pyramid is another symbol of the Illuminati.

I believe the Illuminati tried to use the Beatles to push their LSD drug agenda on the public as part of MK-ULTRA. Paul, reserved in his drug usage, probably refused to go along with their agenda and refused to quit. He had to be eliminated. An opportunity presented itself to take Paul out of the picture. A plausible scenario is that they chased Paul in a car, which caused it to crash. They shot Paul in the head, removed his body, and disposed of it somewhere no one would ever find it. A stooge double immediately stepped into Paul's shoes who could exploit his popularity and influence to promote their agenda. Not long after Faul began promoting LSD usage and the drug culture, "the whole world went crazy," according to George Harrison. [Please see Entertainment industry & mass manipulation for more information].

Paul's murder not only eliminated someone who would not get with the program, it may also have served as a warning to friends and family to not step out of line. The code of silence is strictly enforced, as both Mal Evans and Heather Mills found out.

There are other possible motives for removing Paul. For example, the "Butcher Album" may have revealed too much about the Illuminati's ritual abuse of children. See Illuminati, Intelligence services, & the Beatles for more information about that.
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  1. Plastic Macca,

    Is it just me or am I beginning to see that Faul is a probable sociopath? It seems that he is able to act out or display emotions in some cases but unable to actually feel them. You can see in his eyes that he doesn't feel remorse or regret taking over another man's life. Too emotionally dulled to think of the seriousness of the situation and a certain mocking look when he sees his fans (or JPM's fans). He seems to look at the true James Paul himself with a certain disdain as if to say "What an idiot!". In certain interviews, he will mock JPM's habits or behaviors with a certain sneer to them.

    With the true Paul, you could see every emotion running through his eyes from fear, to upset, to joy and so on. You can see he's hiding no secrets, no agenda, no malicious intent, but rather a naked truth behind every display of action and emotion. With Faul you don't get that at all. Everything is dead, everything is cold, everything is farce, forced and phony.

    Have you noticed this, PM?

    1. IMHO I am POSITIVE Faul is a classic psychopath. I've had enough psych + life experience to instantly see that. I believe that Faul was chosen specifically for the Paul role. They needed a fellow psychopath to pursue their agenda. Plus - it makes no sense to either murder Paul, or NOT to take advantage of such a great opportunity, only to replace Paul with a moral person?? No. Also, Faul didn't exactly resemble the real Paul IN THE LEAST. Hence, the many surgeries. If u read Faul's epic novel, " The Memoirs of Billy Shears", it's VERY obvious. Bragging, lying, twisting the truth, his Freemason allegiance, etc.

    2. I saw him in pittsburg pa the out there tour . i was close and got closer with binoculars .i told my daughter he looked demonic in his lifeless eyes. It creeped me out .Billy is not james paul . Hes talented and is an inlightened free mason. Big into occult and crowley. Ive heard he may be crowleys kid. All i know is after loving the fab 4 all my life and after studying PID. The whole music bizz. Is demonic .u cannot look into it without coming to that coclusion .God bless us all.

  2. ^ It's not just you. I think Faul is very dark. I have been planning an article on that, so thank you for your post.

    1. PM, I wonder when we could see your article about this impostor, bad character, identity thief: The abominable Faul!
      I love PAUL wholeheartedly, because he was really special, much more than the other Beatles; he absolutely did not deserve the fate he had had. I would like in my dreams of being able to bring him back, or that he were alive somewhere. I wish I could avenge him at least, but who am I, including the real fans of him, against this enormous and damn mafia of darkness, who are a bunch of vampires, with their criminals butchers?

  3. Hey P.M.,

    What do you think happened to Paul's remains and where do you think they are today?

    I was talking with some people about this and one person suggested that his body was chopped up and thrown into trash cans (which I find absolutely terrifying), another suggested his body was burned into ashes and scattered in several places, but I personally have an inkling he might be buried (unmutilated) somewhere.

    What do you think?

    Also, what made you decide to get into the crime of Paul's death? I enjoy hearing what other people have to say about how they came to this saddening conclusion.

    And IF (I mean a big IF), his body or remains were ever found, what do you think the outcome would be? My only regret is that he never got a funeral in the style of Princess Diana or Michael Jackson.

    And why doesn't Mike Mccartney seem to want to talk about it? He is Paul's brother after all. He should want the Truth to come out even more than the other three Beatles (Jim, Paul's dad, is long since deceased obviously). Although, Mike is big into early Beatles history, so that's interesting. Maybe to perserve Paul's legacy, perhaps?

    And one last question. Did the other three Beatles ever get to see one last look at Paul's body when they came back from their trips? From what I read in Mal's drafts from his never published book, he and Bill were together from the very beginning and when they came back from Africa, everybody was "shocked" and it mentions George weeping a lot. It then talks about everybody drowning themselves in intoxicating substances to ease the pain of everything. The interesting thing is, when beLIEvers (those who deny Paul's murder) see these drafts what will they think that the "pain" is? Interesting, yes?

    So those are my questions. lol

  4. What I personally think might have happened to Paul's body is that it was dumped in the water & weighted down so it wouldn't rise to the surface.

    Octopus' Garden might be a reference to a sea burial. Also, if he'd been weighted weighted down, he'd be carrying that weight a long time...

    But I think it's pretty unlikely we'll ever find his body. Pretty much everyone suspects that Jimmy Hoffa was murdered, but no one has ever been able to find his body. Sadly, no one has even looked for Paul's :-(

    When SIR Paul dies, people will celebrate Paul's life - probably even more than Faul's.

    1. What about the "buried" clues and messages such as John saying "I buried Paul" at the end of Strawberry Fields Forever. Or All Together Now backwards being I Buried Paul. Or Paul's brother Mike when ask when the last time he saw Paul was "at his funeral".

    2. Some other things that come to mind. 1) Octopus Garden could be a song about Paul buried in a body of water and the Beatles are coping with it and making it sound he is ok there, that it's a nice place with shade and friends. Or 2) it could be a eulogistic tribute to Paul, who wrote Yellow Submarine. This song would be a sequel, you could say, to Yellow Submarine, in memory of Paul.

      Also. I know the story out there about Paul's bass is that it was stolen. But is there any evidence of it being seen post 66? Even if it was do we know if it was the original or not. My suspicion is that the bass was buried with Paul and we will know if a grave contains Paul by that evidence.

    3. Yes, Paul is sleeping with the fishes... But the Octopus could also be a reference to the Illuminati. Hydra's symbol is an octopus...

  5. Found out something about where his body could be.

    It seems to be that at Highgate Cemetery near Crouch End, London there is someone buried there named Peter James McKilroy, Date of Death being September 1966. It appears that a fellow PID'er questioned who this person was to the personnel of Highgate but was told this was a fake person's name (an alias) but they would not say who was actually buried there.

    Do keep in mind that Paul loved the London scene and Crouch End was (is) a large scene of musical and artistic happenings. Surely Paul would have been buried near someplace he loved to frequent.

    Then again, this could easily be disinformation.

    I found this comment while scouring as well:
    ‘’My uncle helped bury the real Paul some time in Sepetember 1966. He's buried in a grave at a cemetary near Crouch End, under the name "Peter James McKilroy". George and Ringo both went to the funeral, in disguise, but John never did.’’

    I'm assuming that George went to India shortly after this excursion and John was busy filming "How I won the War".

    More research definitely needs to be done , IMO.

    It wouldn't hurt to inquire Highgate Cemetery whether there really is a Peter James McKilroy buried there. All of this could easily be disinfo to throw us off but if it's for Paul, then I'm ready to take the plunge.


    1. I'm with you. I could also do it for Pau! anyway, for sure! I love him so much and are uncountable the moments I find myself depressed and helpless, in the face of this reality. Hurts imagine the circumstances, the persecution, the evilness or what they were forcing him to do etc. I cannot stand think: What he felt, maybe desperate, alone... Or what really happened to him, before and during this sad, cruel and revolting episode. The distance of the true that those which are on darkness are keeping us. Anyway this is the Promise:
       “So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known ". Mathew 10:26

    2. I warn that surprised me the exact date and time that the posting occurred; being that it was not deliberate. Well, the numbers are added: [3 + 9 = (3 = 12) = 2015 + (8)] = 1 + 08 = 11 & 9; which together are the very powerfull numbers, used by Kabbalists, and not coincidentally, is also the date of the alleged murder of Paul, which to the occultist, implies in blood sacrifice. So there must be something very significant in this case because there are no coincidences when it comes to energetic sintony. Sinister!

    3. Anonymous from Nov. 12, 2010 at 6:48 P.M. The thing about Highgate is there are two sections. One you are allowed to wander around on your own, but the other section is accessed by guided tour only.

  6. What did Mal say he and the others were "shocked" about? And why did George cry, according to Mal? Did he give any context at all, even if it's a lie? (A commenter said Mal's excerpts mention "shock" and crying.)

  7. Hi! I am wondering, Anonymous, I believe, mentioned drafts of Mal's book; are these available to read or is this mention in reference to the youtube video that shows quick clips of some type of handwritten document? Also, concerning Mal and his suspicious death, has anyone considered that his girlfriend at the time may have been some type of 'handler'? It seems, from what little I have read on the incident, that it may have been set up with her assistance as she made the call to the police, correct? Thanks again for your awesome blog. I am catching up on all of the old posts and looking forward to new ones. Namaste.

  8. Misty, excerpts of Mal's book were published, but not the whole thing. I'm sure the PID bits were edited out. His g/f may very well have been in on it, as a handler or maybe they black-mailed her into setting him up. Here is the post on Mal:

    I really hope you will join the PID Miss Him forum :)

  9. One of us has been recently in the Highgate but we couldn't find him. Do anyone had found him? Pleas share where to find Paul!!!!

  10. hay que pedir por su alma donde sea que este, al igual pienso que ocultan verdad, y falsifican todo, es como una red encargada de cambiar fotos , videos a favor de faul, pero no pueden cambiar algunas cosas, como movimientos faciales, corporales, eso la cirugia no lo hace, al igual me gustaria saber donde esta paul,

  11. ^ I just ran this through google translate to get the gist:

    have to ask for his soul wherever it is, I like hiding truth and falsify all, is like a net charge to change photos, videos in favor of foul, but can not change some things, such as facial movements, body, surgery that does not, as I would like to know where paul,

  12. I would love to know were dad is buried. Campbell is a sociopath and a murderous one at that, Love and Peace Stephen.

  13. Stephen,I just recently watched your YouTube video statement and I do
    believe you. This whole thing haunts me,just read something about Beatles last concert at Candlestick speculating that's when they ALL were murdered while exiting in armored truck.....originals never seen again.

  14. I'm new to this topic, but have been voraciously reading everything I can find regarding the Paul mysteries. Huge acknowledgement to all of you for your years of research!

    I was surprised by the few mentions of the possibility of Paul and Mike being twins. In the few photos of them as toddlers, they are definitely not 18 months apart. So that got me thinking...maybe the twins sometimes took turns at being Paul. This would explain the noticeable differences in Paul's appearance pre-1966.

    So I started looking more closely at photos of the adult Mike (McGear), there is no way the round-faced little boy shown in early photos of him and Paul grew up to have such a long, narrow face and wide mouth. This observation Made me wonder if, when Paul disappeared in 1966, brother Mike was recruited full-time into The Beatles. The next question was, then who is/was the Mike replacement? My really wild idea is that Tara Browne, who allegedly died in a car crash in late 1966, was transformed to replace Mike.

    This is all speculation, ofc, but I wanted to share my thoughts. After all, it would be easier to train a twin brother to impersonate Paul than a total outsider. To round out my theory, it does look to me like the early 1967 Faul is a third person, very possibly William Campbell, aka Billy Shears, who had musical ability and looked similar enough to fool people while the long-term replacement was trained and groomed for the role.

    Again, just my personal thoughts and opinions. I may be completely off base. Lol

  15. may be you know when John Lennon was replaced?

  16. the last Faul is very far from Paul

  17. Sucks that the second one 2.5 that you took the screen shots from was pulled for copyright. Does anyone ever notice how George and Ringo acted around Faul when they got together for the John remake song? They smile politely to him in a way that shows they sort of fear being around him as if they have experienced bad tidings and anticipate more bad things happening to themselves if they say the wrong thing. As if they concluded there is some kind of apparatus around Beatle Bill that will do anything and everything to cover up the replacement.


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