Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Illuminati Operatives on Sgt. Pepper Album Cover

Getsmart is a researcher whom I greatly respect and admire. I have invited him to be a contributor to the Plastic Macca blog. For now at least, I will post for him. I found this recent post of his on Sgt. Pepper to be especially insightful and Illuminating. Even if I don't necessarily agree with everything, I think it is worthy of thought and discussion.

I have re-posted it below with light editing.

I venture to suggest that all of the individuals present on the cover of Sgt. Pepper may have been participants in the Tavistock MK-Ultra mind control mass manipulation operated through puppet politician actors, film stars, etc. and it is no coincidence that Aleister Crowley is present. The cultural control of populations by means of fabricated and coached celebrities is an operation which predates the twentieth century.

After examination of the List of images on the cover, it seems that it isn't so far fetched that those on the Sgt Pepper jacket were probably participants in Mass Mind Control through celebrities.

Here is a small compendium of potential links of all those shown on the cover of the Sgt Pepper album with the Illuminati Bloodlines behind the Tavistock Institute and the Great Beatles Manipulation.

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The numbering will be off, as I first used one template which got lost, and then I downloaded another one, but it should help more than giving no visual referencing.

Numbering of individuals on the album cover:

1. Indian mystic Sri Yukteswar Giri.His book Holy Science proned a "Unified World Religion"

2. Sinister occult leader Aleister Crowley.The Beast 666 who was co-Founder of the Tavistock Institute

3. Bawdy hellraising actress Mae West.Shocking promoter of a "Sexual Revolution" in the 1920's

4. Offensive stand-up Lenny Bruce.Used Comic Obscenity to promote the "60's Cultural Revolution."

5. Pioneer of electronic classical music Karlheinz Stockhausen.Invented the Electronic Music used in "60's psychedelic Counter Culture."

6. Comedian and actor W.C. Fields.Child hater who as Dionysos through wine and madness ended care and worry.

7. Founder of analytical psychology Carl Gustav Jung.Laid the foundation for Mind Control programming.

8. Dark crime writer Edgar Allan Poe.Ill fated creator of satanic epics of damning horror and obsessive dementia.

9. Dancing movie legend Fred Astaire.In-law of the Duke of Devonshire and a CIA Director, partner of Claire Luce went on to act at Stratford-upon-Avon.

10. Leading artistic chronicler Richard Merkin.American designer who may have contributed to the crisp "Beatles look?"

11. Painting of air force icon Varga Girl.War propaganda use of airbrushed sexploitation imagery.

12. Big-faced actor Huntz Hall.The most sensitive of the Dead End Kids and Bowery Boys of early Hollywood serials - the US corollary of poor lads from Liverpool.

13. Genius builder and designer Simon Rodia.An obsessed mind-controlled builder of fantasmagoric contructs.

14. Cutting-edge beat poet Bob Dylan.Himself murdered and replaced by an impostor who confesses to his pact with the devil.

15. Fifth Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe.Died of brain hemmorage in 1962 the day before The Beatles' return to Germany.

16. Controversial cartoonist Aubrey Beardsley.19th Century Artist and Poet who died at age 25.

17. Old mannequin.Hairdresser's dummy in reference to expendable mop headed musician stand-ins?

18. British Police founder Sir Robert Peel.Mind controlled from childhood to become a politician.

19. Drug-dabbling writer Aldous Huxley.Promoter of Mind Altering Drug Culture used for mass social reprogramming.

20. Poet Dylan Thomas.Author of the highly revealing Illuminati poem "My World Is Pyramid".

21. US screenwriter Terry Southern.Wrote Dr. Strangelove, sixties drug culture Easy Rider and MI-6 spoof Casino Royale.

22. Doo-wop singer Dion DiMucci.On February 2, 1959 he refused to board the plane which crashed killing musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. Richardson.

23. Comedy actor Tony Curtis.Former Marines turned actor who lent his voice to Polanski in Rosemary's baby.

24. Cutting-edge artist Wallace Berman.California Beat Artist author of 8-minute Aleph film on life, death, mysticism, politics, and pop culture.

25. Radio favourite Tommy Handley.Comedian of the BBC show "It's That Man Again" in which he replaced Adolf Hitler as "That Man".

26. Blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe.MK-Ultra Mind Control Sex Slave handled by husband Henry Miller and silenced by the CIA.

27. Drug-inspired writer William S. Burroughs.Double talking beat author of "The Naked Lunch" who shot his wife in Mexico, William Tell style.

28. Spectral yogi pin-up Sri Mahavatar Babaji.The "Great Avatar" and "revered father" was a legendary person of whom nobody knew the age, family, place of birth, true name, or other details.

29. One half of comedy double act Stan Laurel.In 1910, Stan was in Fred Karno's troup and "played the double" of a young comedian: Charley Chaplin.

30. Painter of heroic figures Richard Lindner.German painter raised in Nuremburg, inspired 'Yellow Submarine' graphics, taught at Illuminati Yale University.

31. Tubbier half of comedy double act Oliver Hardy.Despite being a trained attorney, Freemason Oliver and Stan's contracts left all royalties to the Studios.

32. Author of the Communist Manifesto Karl Marx.Creator of Marxism on the Rothschild Payroll

33. Time Machine author H.G. Wells.Fabian Socialist also author of The New World Order.

34. Yoga guru Sri Parama-Hansa Yogananda.Pre-war founder of the California Self-Realization Fellowship, proponent of a United World with American efficiency and Indian spirituality.

35. Desert hero Lawrence of Arabia.British officer who wrote the "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" outlining guerilla warfare tactics approved by his NWO Fabian Society friend George Bernard Shaw.

36. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.Inspired Mass Mind Control social programming as Tavistock's first Director.

37. Mannequin.No comment.

38. Pin-up cartoon of a Petty Girl.George Petty was a photo retoucher creating artificial sex symbols using doctored photos.

39. Wise-cracking stage man Max Miller.Britain’s top comedian known for holding an audience in the cup of his hand.

40. Another Petty Girl.George Petty said "When you touch the wrist of a Petty Girl, you almost expect to feel a pulse."

41. Moody actor Marlon Brando.Stanislavski actor who mastered the intangible aspects of human behavior such as emotions and artistic inspiration.

42. Cowboy actor Tom Mix.Royal Arch member, Scottish Rite member, Actors' 233 Club "Craft degree".

43. Irish Writer, poet and wit Oscar Wilde.Wrote the Portrait of Dorian Gray invoking the sale of one's soul to evade the consequences of Evil acts.

44. Zorro actor Tyrone Power.Hollywood sex symbol cast in dark roles such as the callous "women user" in Nightmare Alley.

45. Modern artist Larry Bell.He was also a composer, who reminds of "the best of The Beatles" according to William Zagorski - Fanfare.

46. African explorer David Livingstone.Mapped Africa for colonial conquest and control by Great Britain using the notorious "3 C's".

47. Tarzan actor Johnny Weissmuller.Olympic swimming champion who claimed that his Hollywood career was nothing but a "succession of frauds".

48. American author Stephen Crane.Before the haunted manor of Brede Place he lived in the Limpsfield-Oxted area near members of the socialist Fabian Society.

49. Music hall comedian Issy Bonn.Issy Bonn Known for singing "My Yiddish Mama", his hand is shown above Paul's head in sign of death.

50. Legendary Irish writer George Bernard Shaw.Co-Founder of Fabian Socialism who recruited Aleister Crowley.

51. 3D artist and designer H.C. Westermann.Former Marine whose artistic works revolved around Illuminati accidents and death.

52. Liverpool FC legend Albert Stubbins.Soccer player with ties to Paul or Faul?

53. Indian spiritualist Sri Lahiri Mahasaya.Worked for British Military Engineering then revived Kriya Yoga lost due to "priestly secrecy".

54. Alice In Wonderland writer Lewis Carroll.His books were used by Tavistock in the Mind Control programming of children

55. Boxer Sonny Liston.Won all his fights by Knock Out except one, to Mohammed Ali, died mysteriously in Las Vegas in 1970.

56. Waxwork of George Harrison.Wax effigie of deceased Beatle.

57. Waxwork of John Lennon.Wax effigie of deceased Beatle.

58. Waxwork of Ringo Starr.Wax effigie of deceased Beatle.

59. Waxwork of Paul McCartney.Wax effigie of deceased Beatle.

60. Albert Einstein."Well read" patent office employee used to front for Illuminati new technology.

61. John Lennon.Disguised Replacement Operative.

62. Ringo Starr.Disguised Replacement Operative.

63. Paul McCartney.Disguised Replacement Operative.

64. George Harrison.Disguised Replacement Operative.

65. Child star Bobby Breen.Lenny Bruce mentioned Breen in his comedy routine "Hitler and the MCA" where two German talent agents in 1930, desperate to find a dictator, discover and recruit a handy house painter.

66. Hollywood actress Marlene Dietrich.Mind Controlled Sex Slave.

67. Legionnaire from the Order of the Buffalo.Member of the actors' Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes tied to the Grand Lodge of England?

68. Shapely actress Diana Dors.Lead role in Hitchcock's "The Sorceror's Apprentice" about the Devil and Assassination, her Estate vanished.

69. Child star Shirley Temple.Precocious actress exposed in the womb to music and litterature, her husband was Director at Tavistock's offshoot Stanford Research Institute.

70. Japanese Fukusuke doll.Baby faced Shinto god of merchant fortune.

71. Snow White figurine.The original story tells of a failed attempt at maternal infanticide, by abandonment and poisoning.

72. Statue from home of John Lennon.Controversial attributions ranging from a young Walt Disney to a gaunt Aleister Crowley.

73. Plastic doll.No Comment.

74. Doll with Rolling Stones jumper.No Comment.

75. Figurine of Hindu goddess Lakshmi.Kundalini sexual yoga connected to the cult of Isis in Book IV of Crowley's Magick in Theory and Practice.



The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. Probably I say nothing new, but many of the ppl on the cover are/were doubles, a huge hint to what THE BEATLES turned into. SHIRLEY TEMPLE was replaced while still in her childhood, Marilyn also was a string of imposter replacements, BOB DYLAN (as u mentioned, replaced by another string of replacements), MAE WEST (replaced by her brother), POE (his stories about doubles) etc.


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  2. Hey Plastic Macca,

    First I want to say, GREAT JOB on the blog.

    Now I have a bit of a curiosity to ask you. I have been looking at the books that tell of so-called "official Beatles history". It's incredible how many hidden (and not-so-hidden) references to the Illuminati/Tavistock Institute that there are. For one, I was reading how "Paul" (allegedly) began hooking up with people like Allen Ginsberg (a well known agent and LSD peddler) as early as 1966. Someone named Barry Miles is also mentioned quite a bit. An Indica Bookstore is named that supposedly contained corrupting books as well. In 1967, the Beatles (and/or their handlers) were assumedly involved in organizing the Monterey Pop Festival.

    Now, reading and watching JPM and how his personality functioned, I HIGHLY doubt that he would have committed to something so inconceivably wicked as a task to spread drugs to innocent youth and distribute debased philosophies to brainwash them with. As you can see with the Faul 1967 LSD interview, SIR FAUL had zero qualms about such crooked schemes and still has no problem with them to this day.

    The Official Beatles History is now trying to say that JPM had basically surrendered himself to the NWO agenda. Now for the actual question. Do you think that JPM could possibly have had ANY connections to evil souls such as any of the people "the books" claimed that he collaborated with? I personally believe The Beatles were surrounded by people who let's just say....did not have their best intentions at heart. With so much that we know of Illuminati disinfo, I think that 98% of "Official Beatles Books" (and the {dis}information in them) are totally and utterly false, concocted by the Upper Elite and their cronies. So now not only are They writing JPM himself out of history, They are now trying to say he was their NWO buddy when we all know it was quite the opposite.


  3. To answer your question:

    "Do you think that JPM could possibly have had ANY connections to evil souls such as any of the people 'the books' claimed that he collaborated with?"

    No, I believe Paul (& the other Beatles) was of the highest Light. I think he refused to go along w/ the dark Agenda of "selling" LSD to fans & spoke out against the war, so he had to be removed. Someone like that who commands a huge audience could be dangerous to certain people of dark intent.

    I do not believe that John Lennon "sold his soul to the devil" for fame, either. Actually, Alex Constantine has written about Project Walrus, which was a US government project targeted at Lennon to discredit him.

    I think there is a smear campaign being waged against the Beatles, who in my opinion, were good people.

    Thank you for your excellent comment, by the way!

  4. Thanks for the answer!

    There are many interviews with JPM that state that he genuinely cared for the fans' well-being.

    Here's one from August 1966 - "The girls waiting outside. I don't despise them. I don't think fans are humiliating themselves. I queued up at the Liverpool Empire for Wee Willie Harris's autograph. I wanted to do it. I don't think I was being stupid."

    Somehow I don't think a person who'd say something like this would do something to intentionally hurt his fans and potentially damage their lives. Another thing is why would he buddy up with people who peddled hard drugs to youth when he never took any {hard} drugs himself? That bit sounds EXTREMELY suspicious. Now Faul on the other hand...that sounds more like something in his vein.

    About the smear campaign: That sounds like a very probable thing that the Illuminati would definitely do. Discredit them and rewrite their personas so people do not go researching for Truth! One only has to look at Michael Jackson to see what a Illuminati-inspired smear campaign can do.

  5. Marilyn Monroe's husband was Arthur Miller not Henry Miller. Babaji was Lahiri Maysha's guru who was Sri Yukteswarji's guru who was Yogananda's guru. They were all Holy men. Don't do LSD you may regret it.

  6. "George Harrison" is pictured wearing a Babaji pin or button on the inner sleeve of Extra Texture. Babaji was not photographed and looked 25 as he was a Christ-like sage even at 2000 years old. He was joined with his Twin S-elf ( his female counterpart). You can read about him as "George" did in Autobiography of a Yogi by Parahamansa Yogananda. Yogananda mastered the art of dying by leaving a corpse that did not decompose. Linda Goodman preaches physical immortality in the 1987 bestseller Star Signs. She also warns us of the CIA , FBI and what can only be construed as the illuminati. Faul McCartney on TV last night. Loves to lie about growing up in Liverpool only without any basis in facts. People who do not study the Beatles and do not think are starry eyed in the audience whether celebrities or not. The true story of the Beatles is that the handsome Paul McCartney was thrown from a plane rendering his beautiful face mutilated back in September of '66. We have been lied to ever since even though Feorge says in his last testament that we should thank Faul for helping the "Beatles" and thus preventing an alleged potential mass suicide of mind controlled slaves thanks to neutral my ass Tavistock. P.S. That must have been some handjob Faul received from the bird next to him in the Hey Glued promo. God Save the Queen she aint a human bean as she is an alien reptile humanoid who murdered Princess Di.

    1. "Paul McCartney was thrown from a plane...". This is likely the truth of the matter with Paul's death. This was a preferred method of killing for higher-ups in the intel services of the both the U.S. and Britain for at least 25 years. Most often, after watching the victim fall there would be a toast of either or both of drink and/or the lighting of cigars.

      As for the Pepper's cover, remember Lennon said everything the Beatles did was done with a purpose. To popularize occultists and the cult of death, as was done on Pepper's, allowed the powers that be (PTB) to make their twisted practices appear "mainstream." As great numbers of denizens of Western society began top peer into the abyss that are the Dark Arts, we have witnessed the sharp downward spiral of every Western or Westernized country. Though the vast majority of people lack the necessary education - the purposeful dumbing down of education - to truly understand what is is they are perceiving, they aspire to be like the people who do understand - and are mind-controlled to the point where they defend the acts of PTB without every thinking to question what it is they are defending...

  7. Correction: I was looking for a bugle in the photo that Yako threw out.

  8. Looking for information on a bugle that John Lennon own.

  9. I am immensely interested in any information anyone can give me regarding the other three Beatles also being replaced. I've been trying to research this but there's not near as much info on this as there is on Paul/Faul. I'm also very curious about what the first comment (signed "C") said about other celebrities being replaced!

    PLEASE PLEASE if you have any links about this stuff, post them here! I really want to figure this out but it's hard to find stuff.

  10. Here are a couple of posts on the John-double:

  11. just super, doll in 73 is Sherly Temple

  12. sonny liston knocked out everybody he faced, including policemen, except for cassius clay/muhammad ali on the infamous "phantom punch" or "anchor punch" liston, who was notoriously afraid of needles to the extent that he skipped out on a european tour because it would require immunization, died of a morphine overdose, no? awfully suspicious..his tombstone reads simply, "a man." while seemingly a humble epitaph, he was also heavyweight champion of the world & much greater than just that. peace

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  14. Not to forget Tara Browne that died in 1966 in a car accident. A dear friend of The Beatles that inspired the song A Day in the Life, according to John Lennon. Born in County Limerick. Resembles Paul McCartney a great deal. Tara was in a custody battle for his children at the time of his death. His father was in The House of Lords for over 40+ years. They can be seen at Indica Gallery together with other's such as Brian Jones, the night Tara died was on Keith Richards birthday.That's my contribution.

  15. First Paul, then the other Beatles, now Dylan. This is too much. Links please. Thanks in advance.

    1. Read "Plastic Macca."


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