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The McCartney/London Eye

The 9/11 Mega Ritual

For anyone interested in the occult significance of September 11th 2001, this guys vids are well worth a look.

Please also check out the Brave New World Order blog. The McCartney/London Eye (Pt. 1)

These next two videos were released by iamaphoney under a different you tube address some time ago -

We're all aware Faul/Bill took a particular interest in the London Eye and wanted to have it renamed
"The McCartney Eye" (if only temporarily). This was something which puzzled me a little - I knew Bill had a pretty big ego but there had to have been a genuinely good reason for him wanting to be associated with this new London landmark.

London Eye to be renamed McCartney Eye?

Sir Paul Mccartney - Mccartney Plans London Eye Makeover

If you look closely at iamaphoneys vids they contain alot of symbolism with the same images repeatedly showing up, particularly the date 9/11 1966.

What struck me after watching the vids regarding the occult significance of 9/11 is that there are similar parallels which iamaphoney highlights regarding Faul and the Beatles, this may not have been completely intentional but nonetheless lets take a look.

In the iamaphoney series we're often shown an image of Faul standing alongside
"B 111" - I took this as a reference to the three remaining Beatles. But there appears to be a deeper meaning regarding the Three Pillars of Light.

As in 9/11 there were three buildings which fell, representing the three Freemasonic pillars. The sacrifice were those unfortunately caught in the buildings when they collapsed.

If Paul was bumped off (as many suspect) couldn't he also be viewed as a sacrificial victim, with his three remaining bandmates John, Ringo and George representative of the Three Pillars? (If you freeze the video below at 50 seconds you'll see the image I'm referring to - B 111 with Faul between the B and 111 -

Why didn't the author just write the number "3" or word "three" -
Why the three columns?


So what about Faul - What does he represent? The answer is right in front of us, Faul and the Beatles have been putting out clues indirectly for almost 50 years, they haven't stopped coming. Have a look at the massive eye in the artwork for "The McCartney Years?"

In my opinion Bill/Faul in the Beatles drama is represented by
the Stellar Gateway, the Eye of Horus, also known as the All-Seeing Eye. As was pointed out in the 9/11 Mega Ritual vids The Three Pillars and The All Seeing Eye/Stargate go together.

The Three Pillars in 9/11 lead to the doorway/
Gateway/All-Seeing Eye of higher consciousness.

Bill is
never seen by the masses. He "sees all" but few see who he really is - An imposter (the eye sees all but who sees the eye?). The Eye may also be representative of an intelligence agency behind Bill/Faul, as in Mi6/CIA - think of the James Bond movie "Golden Eye."

There is massive occult symbolism associated with large world events and of course major players like the Beatles. Just read what Timothy Leary has to say about the effect the group (coupled with drugs) had on the young 60's generation.

There appears to be a spiritual awakening of sorts within humanity - TPTB want to control this process or they'll
loose control over us. Everything from what we eat, watch and listen to is of the utmost importance to them. The Beatles were big players in this human drama (within the music and entertainment industry) and not only in the 60's time frame. In essence they were the blueprint for the majority of rock n'roll acts to follow.


Movie - "Conspiracy Theory" (1997)
Three Pillars of Light imagery

The main character in the film is Jerry (played by Mel Gibson), an MK-Ultra
"Manchurian Candidate" trained assassin. In the scene below Jerry looks over a bridge off Queens and stares at three massive power-station chimneys. We learn later on in the movie that Jerry received mind-control training here and wasn't aware of it at the time.

The Three Towers pop-up often throughout the film and imo are representative of the
Three Pillars of Light / three towers which would fall during 9/11 2001.

Conspiracy Theory (1997) - Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, Patrick Stewart [full movie]

At the end of the movie, Julia Roberts character grieves at a gravesite. Watch when she gets up and turns around to face the graveyard... We see the
Three Pillars of Light once again, this time represented by three headstones on the hill she is standing on.

She says the words
"I miss your face" gets up, turns around and symbolically walks towards the three headstones (The Three Pillars) and stands on the path.

Don't these three headstones remind you of
Jesus and the two robbers on the hill of Calvary - at the crucifixion (cruci-fiction), the three Pyramids of Egypt, the father, son and holy spirit (Christian blessing), the three towers of 9/11. It's the same imagery and symbolism TPTB use time and again in their ritualistic hold over humanity. The McCartney/London Eye (Pt. 2)

There are
32 carriages/viewing decks on the wheel itself - what's important about this? Well I thought with the elites preoccupation with the number 33, surely there should be another carriage? (33 degree Freemason/Jesus died at 33 years of age etc.)

However when you look at London city itself there are exactly
32 boroughs.
The City of London, also known as The Square Mile, is not a London borough, and is the financial powerhouse of Great Britain. In fact the only other city on the world stage (claiming to be on a par economically) is New York. The City of London is similar in this respect to the District of Columbia in Washington as it has a separate flag, taxing system, police force and is run by a Corporation. The Lord Mayor of London and The Lord Mayor of the City of London are two separate offices. Technically, as far as I'm aware, The City of London is not actually part of England.

Jordan Maxwell has named Washington DC, The City of London and the Vatican in Rome as
the Three City Empire of the New World Order. DC is head of the military industial wing, London (City of) the economic hub and the Vatican obviously the spiritual centre. On the Washinton DC flag there are three stars which are seen by some to represent this Three City State Empire.

So we have
The City of London as the unseen 33rd all-powerful corporation which binds the other 32 boroughs of London together. It can be represented as the "iris" or centre of the eye on the wheel (just above the triangular/pyramidal shaped stand with capstone removed) -

I'm also reminded of my own
island of Ireland which has 32 counties (26 counties of Ireland/Eire, and the 6 counties of Northern Ireland).

So why did Bill/Faul want the London Eye to be named after him?

- Is he in fact a 32nd or a 33rd degree Freemason (all the more reason to knight him)?

- Is he representative of the All-Seeing Eye, the stellar gateway that we've looked at recently in this little drama?

- Could Bill be into ritual abuse (as getsmart hinted at recently), and/or has he himself been abused by those with more power and influence than him who have given him his privileges... could he he a host for some lower fourth dimensional entities (which Icke has often referred talked about about when referring to the elite and their ritual ceremonies)?

It's also interesting to note that there were
32 teams who played in the World Cup Finals in South Africa recently.

When Ireland were denied by a blatant Thierry Henry handball in the knock out stages, the FAI (Football Association of Ireland) lodged an official complaint with world governing body FIFA.

The FAI even asked if Ireland could be added as the
33rd team. I remember Blatter smirked to his buddies on stage at the time and said this would not be possible - No country could be added as the 33rd team. I think we're beginning to see why.

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  1. It has been reported Imaphoney’s web address is at the same complex where Ringo Starr’s PR office is located. If this is a fact, then you can make the assumption they are working together. Imaphoney’s videos are professional, and he appears to have access to a lot of inside information. The question then becomes why?
    (1. Profit: Further selling of all Beatles materials.
    (2. Induction: Processing people through Aleister Crowley’s teachings. All Beatles were and are occultists.
    (3. The eventual Revealing: There is a slim, but very real possibility that the remaining Beatles are about to reveal the truth about Paul McCartney.

  2. Computer acted up, wasn't sure if you got this, repeating; There is a present day photo of Faul and the real Paul McCartney sandwiched in an Imaphoney video. It’s a flash so you have to slow the video down to catch it. I’m sorry I don’t have the number of that particular video. When I have time, I will get back with you with that information.

    The real Paul McCartney is still alive: suffered brain trauma in a car accident. He suffered from short term memory loss: Continues to work behind the scenes with Faul to this day. That is the reason you have had no real information as to what really happened back in 1966. People ‘in the know’ have been protecting BOTH men. Meanwhile, the Beatles materials keep selling, the interest is still very much alive in a group that disbanded 40 years ago.

  3. The picture of JPM and Faul in video, discription: Faul is standing outside a building in London, a maroon lexus is parked in front of him, a grey-haired man with his back to the camera is about to get into the car and is looking at Faul, in his left hand, he is carrying binders. Grey-haired man is JPM.

  4. When you think about what the Beatles (with a little help from their well-placed friends) have accomplished, it is pretty amazing. Not covering up the 'death' of JPM, but covering up a 'living' JPM.

  5. Picture of JPM and Faul in Imaphoney video is located in Rotten Apple 71 Pause at 2:02.

  6. Although there is a slim possibility the Beatles are going to reveal the truth about JPM in 2012, there is an even greater possibility the ‘revealing’ is going to be something altogether different. The Beatles are followers of A. Crowley. Imaphoney’s videos are tools of indoctrination, using PID as bait. The occult world is waiting for the Masonic Christ, the Superman who will rule the world; AKA as the Antichrist of the Bible. Don’t be surprised when, after WW3 (yes, a world war is coming soon), the Masonic Christ is introduced in Dec. 2012; and don’t be surprised if the Beatles and other occultists rock groups get behind this Superman and urge their ‘fans’ to follow him. In the end, it’s not about JPM/PID, it’s a supernatural agenda they are following, and many ‘fans’ will respond to their urging and ‘worship’ this Masonic Christ, to their own detriment. This is the real evil behind what the Beatles are doing. It has very little to do with JPM.

  7. When confronted with the truth after years of research, it leaves one with a strange feeling. It’s hard to expose this, and over the years, many have chosen to remain silent. No one really wants to do that to the real JPM. And people have a tendency to be silent for Bill (Faul) as well. Remember Russ Gibb? He stated he heard something in London back in the 60’s that although may not be key, he believed it went a long way toward explaining some things. He said the Beatles may not even be around when it finally comes out, but one day, it will come out. He knows the truth and has remained silent. There are others who have found out the truth, and remained silent.

  8. Bill looks at his professional persona as a stage name; a name he has to always live, but a stage name nonetheless. It would appear JPM franchised his name for Bill to continue. It’s only business, but an extremely profitable one, for Bill would never have known such a career had it not been for that car accident in Sept. 1966. We know it was in Sept. because people on the east coast heard a brief news tease while watching the Monkees premier. This gave the Beatles time to prepare Bill for his new role.

  9. I've become acquainted with a 33rd degree Freemason (supposedly 'disgraced', and he's certainly not wielding any noticeable influence that I can see) and though 33rd degree his ring only said 32; the 33rd is 'hidden' and is implied by the 32. Since the 33rd degree is itself hidden a 33rd degree ring would be a phony.

    Also one of the main tenets of the Craft is "To Know, To Dare, and To Be Silent." So if we're dealing with Masons then silence is expected. It's not hard to extract silence from someone who knows just how badly things could go with a loose tongue...

    The 33rd degree itself is merely the invitation to what lies beyond, some say the Rosicrucians. While it's not 'nothing' it's kind of like being a Sergeant in the Army - you're a member but you're not all that high up, still doing the footwork for those above.

    The above comment hits a nerve; tell me that ANYONE doesn't have someone, especially when younger, whom you idolized enough to want to BE them; say you even look like this person or one of these people, and you were offered their entire LIFE - fame, fortune, influence. Or, you can continue getting paid almost nothing to be a body double for photos and such, go back to your flat and try to use your cool job to get laid.

    Hell, I'd do it. Too bad everyone tells me I look like Randy Quaid, he ain't doin' so hot these days...

  10. This may be obvious to you but the B III in the hypnotic McCartney Years video could be a simplification of the name....B ILL. We know who B ILL is.....


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