Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Derren Brown PID clue - Person Swap episode

Derren Brown - Person Swap

At 3:45, Derren Brown asks a woman if she knows how to get to St. Paul's Cathedral. While she is focused on the map, a couple of people carrying a large portrait of Derren Brown come between them, and another man takes Derren Brown's place. The woman does not appear to notice that Derren was switched out. Derren's comment was: "I'm sure that wouldn't have worked so well if I was a super famous pop-star." 

This was not an accident! It seems highly likely that Derren Brown is onto the fact that Paul McCartney was switched out for Faul. I suspect that Derren Brown purposefully referenced St. Paul, as that is a well-known Paul Is Dead clue song (see St. Paul - Terry Knight revealed Paul was dead).

Paul McCartney (left) vs. Faul (right)

I can see how Derren Brown is using the suggestion of the portrait plus distraction with the map to keep most people from realizing that he had been swapped out. What I would like to know is how have so many people been blinded to the fact that Paul was switched out? Is it some sort of mind control? Is it suggestion and trance? If this spell could be broken, then people would wake up to the reality that Paul was replaced.

Thoughts? Please put in comments below.


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  1. You're right, the reference is about as open a one as you can imagine without his explicitly S-A-Y-I-N-G it! Sort of like PID in general.

    A lot of people are like the guy at 1:49: it looks way not right, but then, which one are they gonna believe--their own eyes, or their confident, nothing-wrong-here interlocutor?

  2. Why Denny Laine? And how? Faul & Denny Shared a stage for all the World to see.
    Great post btw

  3. Faul & Denny Shared a stage for all the World to see > maybe, maybe not. I'm convinced Denny Laine was Faul for a time. Maybe it was Laine playing w/ Faul, maybe it was a Denny double playing w/ Denny Laine-Faul. Maybe Denny got promoted to "Paul McCartney," & some other guy got promoted to "Denny Laine." I plan to post more on this, but Laine quit the Moody Blues in Aug. 1966 - right in the timeframe Paul was replaced.

    Anyway, followers of PID should know that nothing is at it seems, & nothing can be taken for granted or at face value. It's a huge psyop mindf*ck.

    1. I saw Denny Laine perform two years ago at a record store in Bordentown NJ. He looked old and beat up like he drank too much. He sounded just as I remembered him with Wings. I could never understand how he had sunk so badly in music business. Perhaps for

  4. Good answer, Thankyou

  5. lol... great catch on the Derren Brown thing, Tina. I must have seen that clip at least 4 or 5 times and that never occurred to me. Though I always did find that comment odd, and couldn't help but feel like he was referencing something specific, which I was missing. Maybe that's why...


  6. what makes the Derren Brown thing interesting is that he is always debunking psychics and other phenonema his shows are all about distraction and he has done this type of thing several times always with success, so this is not a one off, he achieved the same thing at a dinner party where he distracted the person he was talking to, replaced her food and she never noticed the food was changed. So it seems DB's skepticism and his business going about debunking psychics and conspiracy's theorists has worked this time positively by showing that people can be deceived quite easily, it seems.................. if only people would not walk around with their eyes wide shut!

  7. Does anyone know who that "famous pop star" is? I don't recognise him!

  8. Caught another show in the know : "Person of Interest" season 2 ep. 17 (2013) :
    An impostor is seen on camera using his right hand to open a door after
    he has killed a left-handed Canadian (!) student.

    The episode title? "Proteus" (as in the Beatles publisher, and god of the sea --
    allusion to Stephen Crane reference?). Hmmm...

    The comments made by the conscientious Finch are spot on.

  9. I see this Youtube clip is now 'blocked in your country on copyright grounds.' Is it something we said?


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