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The Charming, Amazing Rude Faul McCartney

Written by WilliamBillyShears

When we look at celebrities we have our favorite ones. You can tell which ones are a "class act" and which ones are a fake replica.

If your new to the entire story of the killing and replacement of James Paul McCartney, you have to look at a lot of the evidence that is out there.

My own search for the truth around the Paul is dead / Paul was replaced story started in the late sixties and it was not until 2010 while living in New Zealand that I devoted over 1000 hours to the subject of "Faul." 

I'd like to thank Tina for allowing me to place additional research here. It means a lot to me as I am a syndicated radio and music producer by profession and took on the name of William Billy Shears to simply be able to "research" and "vent."

Paul (left) vs. Faul (right)

There are millions today who were not around in the early 1960's when John, Paul, George, and Ringo hit the world stage. So first I want you to watch the real Paul. Yes, thousands of photos and videos are being changed as Faul's manager even stated that over the past 5 years that he has managed "Faul," that all of the photos and videos are being retouched. (I smell more fish).

To get you quickly up to speed I want to you look at an original James Paul McCartney. You may have to watch it more than once as he replacement (and there may be more than one), took over since 1966.

A link to the video above:

Got it? The reason I became so obsessed with the story was I noticed bizarre differences in not only his "personality," I noticed changes in attitude.

Now fast forward to 1968. Really compare the two interviews. Now I know what is below is from 1968 and if you look carefully, you'll see that the mannerisms are "imitated" not real.

This video was placed here for educational purposes only and without profit.

After looking at hours of video tape, I also started looking at photographs that look strange to me. Ready to look at a few? Hold on to your seat bels.

So how did the charming Paul turn into such a rude guy.....

                                         This video was placed here for educational purposes only and without profit.

If you think the above picture(s) [removed], are Paul you better look closer. The video at the top of the post is very telling. Now look at another situation where Faul is just rude:

One researcher wrote:
Little is known about the impostor. He is sometimes known as William Shears Campbell, or William Sheppard. It is said that he once won a Paul McCartney lookalike contest, and was plucked from obscurity to become the new Paul. Some have claimed to have known him, but few have corroborated their tales. What is known is that the Faul was required to have many plastic surgeries in order to look more like Paul. Retouching on album artwork and official photos was painstakingly done. In attempt to hide the imperfections, he grew a mustache. And for long, no one suspected a thing. Foolishly, many still don’t.
Most have considered the story of Paul’s tragic death a mere hoax — a story, and a blatantly unreliable one at that. Until now.
Before you watch this final video below.....I want you to think about something ready? Why did Billy Preston Die on June 6, 2006? (Often considered the 5th Beatle...why 06/06/2006.....666).

Here is what Faul Had to say......directly:


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  1. Even though I've known about the Paul/Faul thing for several years now, I still enjoy reading and watching videos about it. I just recently got an old friend who is a huge McCartney (not) fan (there is no accounting for taste, I've always thought solo mccartney sucked) to understand that it isn't the same man as Paul. One cannot sanely argue the physical attributes that cannot be changed by plastic surgery that absolutely  exist. The mind is a fragile thing, eh?

    McCartney joke: you ask somebody "what year did Paul McCartney write Silly Love Songs"?
    Answer- '73,' 74, '75,' 76,......

    1. What year was it written or what year was it recorded produced and performed?

  2. I have watch enough video and seen enough photos of Paul and Faul to the point where my brains ability to determine the difference is automatic. They are completely different persons to me even in 1966 video and photos. 1965 was a key year because that is when both were being swapped in and out of concerts. 1966 was the final swap.

    You say “Before you watch this final video below.....I want you to think about something ready? Why did Billy Preston Die on June 6, 2006? (Often considered the 5th Beatle...why 06/06/2006.....666).”

    I see that Billy Preston and George were the best of friends. Good friends are like brothers and sometimes share very personal information. I also think George was never happy about Paul being replaced by Faul from the get go and never budged from that mindset. I think John and Ringo were more accepting to the circumstances.

    Another strange event accompanied by a much talked about date is the stabbing of George Harrison on 12/31/1999.

    Here we have a local town chap, Michael Abram, who goes on a mission to kill. Arriving at the Harrison mansion at around 3:00 am he is able to breach all security systems, gain entrance and stab George close to death. Luckily his courageous wife Olivia was able to beat this psycho senseless with metal lamp stand.

    My intuition says that this guy was brainwashed and sent to kill George; a MK-Ultra like Manchurian candidate?

    The horror story

    Olivia and the don’t mess with my husband photo

    I’m not sure if these two events are related but what is sure is there was a lot of good times and bad time for the Beatles and many close to the band.

  3. Before I know about PID, I 'd hear Faul's songs and always ask myself: What the hell happend to Paul? Did he simply forgot how to write good songs? In fact, I used to give Lennon most of the credit for all those amazing lyrics they wrote together. I don't understand why with so many evidences, people continue to ignore the fact that PID

  4. Ralph ellis Tara browne

  5. Hi,

    Ruth McCartney speaking about living with Paul and Faul...

  6. Poor Heather it must have been a hell of a shock. She has a kid with Faul too! I think he may really be William Junior Cambell from the lesser known Scottish rock band Marmelaide. Junior was left handed and "down to juniors farm" let it go let it go down to juniors farm. Why would McCartney be so distant from Liverpool? The real Paul loved a woman named Jane Asher. Faul married Linda who helped cover up the deceit. Crazy and the creepiest thing the illuminati has done besides911 or Ssndy Hook or the moon!!!'

  7. I think that the real Paul got married, not to Jane Asher but to someone yet unmentioned

  8. hmmm - i find this interesting and poosibly true, but this needs to ve said - people are underesimating the behavioural change that can happen from taking drugs and learning more about the world. Case in point, the second video, here they are putting up with a puppet for the establishment, thinking he knows something about the world, he certainly is in no position to speak about jfks death or what really happened there, or John and Paul both know that it, only 27 and they know that this interviewer is a clown (who then insults them fron being from liverpool). So after a while, that plus lots od drugs will change a young mans behaviour with respect to an establishment with its hands over its eyes. John is really blasting this guy here, Pauls forced to join in by the outright mistakenness of this reporter.


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