Saturday, December 23, 2017

Simply Having a WonderFAUL Christmastime

Evidence and clues indicate that James Paul McCartney, the original Beatle was gone by late summer 1966. In Paul is Dead lore, the date of his death is thought to be either September 11, 1966 or November 9, 1966. For many reasons, Nov. 9 appears to be too late in the timeline. At any rate, Beatle Paul was definitely gone by Christmas 1966. One of the many anomalies that pops up in this time frame is the radical departure in Beatles' Christmas messages from the past.

“The Beatles’ 1966 Christmas Fan Club offering, Pantomime - Everywhere It’s Christmas, marks a drastic turn in their holiday recordings... Several aspects of the 1966 recording set it apart from the Christmas messages that preceded it. First, the Beatles do not provide a direct spoken message to the fans in their usual roles as band members, nor do they reflect on the events of 1966... Rather, they choose to take on alternate roles as character actors in a recording inspired by pantomime... Second, rather than simply parodying folk songs and Christmas favorites, Pantomime includes, for the first time, original compositions... Third, McCartney created a psychedelic, hand-painted, full-color illustration especially for the disc sleeve, which stands in stark contrast to the black and white band photos that adorned previous Fan Club discs (Spizer 329)."

New Critical Perspectives on the Beatles: Things We Said Today
Edited by Kenneth Womack, Katie Kapurch, p. 166

Beatles Christmas 1966 - Pantomime (Everywhere It's Christmas)

Other indications that James Paul McCartney died and was replaced are biometrics and voice prints

The Beatles - Christmas Record 1968

John Lennon asks, "Are you Faul?" at 1:10:

The answer is "Yes!"



  1. Merry Christmas Plastic Macca. Under the Trump Admin there is a treasure trove of documents ordered released. The Pres understands that to survive as a country and a sane world the corruption at the highest level of government and corporations must end. Truth and transparency. Despite what the MSM is feeding you this is true.

    I pulled these from the FBI Vault. I haven't read them yet, it will take a bit of time. I'm hoping there is something in here that will help flush out the JPM fact from Faul fiction. There's a lot of redaction which pisses me off but this is what we have.

    PS The JFK files have been release as well. Huge number of files text, pdf, audio. I may need to quit my day job.

  2. I don't know if any of you have seen this but in a freeze frame of the Free As A Bird promo, at about 2.21 there is allegedly one of four 'death' or post mortem pics of Paul reflected in the window of the police van. I took a screenshot and posted on the following link. Be warned, it is a tad spooky

  3. Who'd have thought, all those years ago, that 50 years later he'd still be recording and performing.

  4. Ive listened to Mark Devlin talk of the scene in the 1984 film Give My Regards to Broad street, in which Paul (or Faul) is shown walking into an office and is apparently heard to be introduced to by the other men as "William". However, apparently, according to iamaphoney, this person named William is actually one of the characters of the men in that scene and not part of a revealing joke alluding to the fake Faul. There was a promo book which accompanied the launch of the film, there is a section from the script referring to William as one of the other characters and not McCartney.

  5. Re: Anonymous's message ^ from 1st Jan.
    That's called 'plausible deniability'. Faul's whole career is laden with double-meanings.
    - Pete

  6. Tina,
    Do you follow Elena of the Beatles on YouTube? She has posted some picts of the Beatles during their 2 days off in August of 1966 -- it is true Paul in those pictures I believe. Where they stayed might be close to Laurel Canyon area, an area of the world that became famous for rock stars. In those pictures is -- gosh, can't remember the name -- someone you had mentioned during their 66 LA conference?

    Also, do you follow JamesPaul66 on YouTube? What I find fascinating are the comments by JamesPaul66, as well as comments from others. You do good work. Opened my eyes. I had always liked the Beatles music during the 60's, but could never understand what happened to them -- blamed it on drugs -- wondered why I had ever liked them after Sgt. Peppers released.

  7. Dropping this here. The sinister ones in High Places that control governments, history, science, religion, communications (Beatles), banking, referenced by JFK's famous speech are now being systematically dismantled.

    #The Storm is Upon US #The Great Awakening

    If you want to know more and want to be aware start here.

  8. I have to say... Man that is some Bizarre Music to be called a Christmas Album...


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