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Agents for change: Beatles, LSD, & social-engineering

"If the Beatles were really bad, we could have played Hitler's game. 
Such was our power."
~ Faul McCartney, from the Anthology

The Beatles' identities were co-opted to serve a dark agenda.

As discussed in Entertainment industry & mass manipulation, celebrities are used to sell the power that be's (TPTB) agenda. They are particularly well suited because they are popular and influential. Many people will emulate them, because they set the standard for what is "cool." It seems TPTB used the Beatles as agents for change in their social engineering efforts. In 1972, John Lennon admitted that "[c]hanging the lifestyle and appearance of youth throughout the world didn't just happen - we set out to do it. We knew what we were doing."
In 1978, [Lyndon LaRouche] wrote that "[t]he Beatles ... were a product shaped according to British Psychological Warfare Division (Tavistock) specifications, and promoted in Britain by agencies which are controlled by British intelligence..."
The views of Lyndon LaRouche and the LaRouche movement

... [T]he Beatles [played a] key, pivotal role in the mass social experimentation carried out by Britain's Tavistock Institute in conjunction with covert intelligence agencies like the CIA, NSA and Britain's MI5/MI6...
Lennon was murdered shortly after he gave an interview to Playboy magazine in which he blew the lid off the fact that the Beatles were part of massive experimentation in social control/engineering unleashed by Tavistock and intelligence agencies, as was the deliberate introduction of drugs like LSD into the burgeoning "counterculture" scene during the 1960s and 1970s...
Harrison Stabbing & Masonic Symbolism
NewsHawk(r) Inc.
...MKULTRA was divided into 149 Subprojects. One group of Subprojects involved the development and testing of mind control drugs. The goal was to identify compounds which would assist in interrogation and in the creation of amnesia. The CIA sponsored LSD research through MKULTRA. It also financed LSD conferences and books. An undated document entitled “D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LDS-25),” states “Some of the more outstanding effects are the mental confusion, helplessness, and extreme anxiety which are produced by minute doses of this substance. Based upon these reactions, its potential use in offensive psychological warfare and in interrogation is considerable. It may become one of the most important psychochemical agents.”
Project "Bluebird"
Colin A. Ross MD

This is from the interview with John Lennon that was conducted shortly before he was assassinated on December 8, 1980:
PLAYBOY: "Acid?" LENNON: "Not in years... We must always remember to thank the CIA and the Army for LSD... They invented LSD to control people and what they did was give us freedom..."

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There is a question about how one might "market" a mind-control drug to the masses to where they would take such a thing willingly. In this case, a super-famous, popular rockstar would, no doubt, fill the bill. The unsuspecting fans might want to try it because it's "cool."

Paul McCartney seems to have been unsuitable for this task. He seems to have been rather reserved in his drug use. For ex., he limited himself to one prelude usually and outright refused to try heroin.
...McCartney's introduction to drugs started in Hamburg, Germany.[142] The Beatles had to play for hours, and they were often given "Prellies" (Preludin)... McCartney would usually take one... ... Help! director Dick Lester said that he overheard "two beautiful women" trying to cajole McCartney into taking heroin, but he refused...
Paul McCartney

Perhaps Paul had a moral compunction about "selling" LSD and other drugs to the kids. Perhaps he resisted being a change agent for inducting the NWO drug culture, and that's what got him eliminated. We will never know for sure, but Paul was not involved in promoting LSD use, since he was replaced by September 1966. [See Was Paul McCartney replaced in August 1966?] Obviously, his replacement, Faul, had no such moral compunction. Here he is talking about taking LSD in a June 1967 interview:

At 4:40, Dick Cavett astutely remarks that the Beatles' huge influence might have influenced people into taking drugs. George Harrison admitted that after "Paul" said he took LSD on TV, the "whole world went crazy."

CIA asset, Timothy Leary, said:
The Sgt. Pepper album... compresses the evolutionary development of musicology and much of the history of Eastern and Western sound in a new tympanic complexity. Then add psychedelic drugs. Millions of kids turned-on pharmacologically, listening to stoned-out electronic music designed specifically for the suggestible, psychedelecized nervous system by stoned-out, long-haired minstrels. This... is the most powerful brainwashing device our planet has ever known. Indeed, if you were an observer from a more highly evolved planet wondering how to change human psychology and human cultural development ..., would you not inevitably combine electrical energies from outside with biochemical catalysts inside to accomplish your mutation?"
Dr. Timothy Leary, from his "Thank God For the Beatles" essay

LSD, then, was a psycho-chemical, psychological warfare agent, which was used as a "brain-washing device" in combination with psychedelic music. Inducing mental confusion and helplessness in people makes them easier to control and manipulate. The hippie music fans became too busy turning on, tuning in, and dropping out to effectively resist TPTB's other agendas, such as expanding the war machine in Southeast Asia. The anti-war movement was thus rendered impotent.

Our task is to put the PID pieces of the puzzle together...

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  1. Thanks, iamaphoney! How do you get the letters upside down? That is a cool effect.

  2. These people are sick. How could they do this to another human being?

    How come no "true fan" cares about this? Don't they claim to care about Paul at all?

    Don't some of them at LEAST suspect something was up around late 1966-1967?

    Plastic Macca, What do you think were some of his last thoughts?
    Do you think there was any torture involved before his execution? It's well known that the Illuminati like to "play" with their victims before they are killed.

    I read another comment on here that said that TPTB are now trying to write slanderous things about JPM. That's so horrible. Talking smack about a dead man who can't even defend himself. It seems like people had no misgivings over being nasty towards him.

    I recall watching an interview after they got their MBEs and Paul mentioned something about a guy who came to him and said "My daughter wants your autograph. I don't know what she sees in you". Paul, who obviously looked hurt talking about this, would reply back "Well, she must have her reasons".
    I also recall another interview in August 1966, in Memphis, where he just looks very, very sad and depressed. Pretty much close to tears. I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about. I wonder if he knew his days were numbered. Maybe he knew he was a bulls-eye assasination target for the Illuminati even then (as well as death threats overseas)?

    Also, notice how around Revolver, Paul's music suddenly became awakening for lack of a better word. In none of Paul's songs on Revolver do they connotate an NWO agenda or a plot to destroy family values with LSD. In fact, it's totally the opposite. It's embrace love, love life and pick yourself up after heartache. In fact looking at all the songs that he wrote in his lifetime, only someone with a pure, beautiful, loving heart and soul could write those artworks. You can see it all over his eyes, expressions and body language.

    Enter Faul and that all changes forever.

    What's your take on all this?

  3. Anonymous, I love your interpretation of Revolver. I completely agree that Paul was a beautiful soul. I know "Tomorrow Never Knows" is said to be about LSD use, but it could just as easily be a description of meditation, which I personally think is more likely. IMO, some people are trying to re-write history to turn the Beatles into something they weren't.

    I also think some people are trying to discredit Paul to make it seem like Faul was somehow more deserving of the position of "Paul McCartney." I guess they hope to convince people to accept the impostor that way.

    As far as what Paul's last thought for, I could only speculate that he was shocked at what was happening and didn't want to die. I'm sure he regretted not being able to say good-bye to his loved ones.

    I don't personally think torture was involved. I think he was probably executed with a shot to the back of the head. I don't see the need to torture him, since they weren't trying to extract information from him, but rather wanting to replace him w/ a stooge double that they could use to promote their agenda. However, some people believe Paul may have been a ritual sacrifice, & if that had been the case, then he probably was tortured to maximize the hormone that the Illumanati sickos get off on.

  4. I've heard rumors from "Official Beatles History" (*cough*lies*cough*) that James Paul Mccartney "allegedly" did LSD and cocaine.

    I personally believe that's bullhonky, but what do you think, Plastic Macca?

  5. ^ According to Dick Lester, Paul flat-out refused to try heroin. I have also heard that he refused cocaine, but I don't remember the source. Although I could imagine that he would smoke pot b/c he was a smoker & it's a natural substance, I have trouble believing that he would drop acid if he refused heroin.

    I believe the Controllers are giving us disinfo about the Beatles' drug use (or lack thereof) to give drugs a certain cache. They *wanted* people to take their psycho-chemical warfare agent, LSD, so they used stars to promote it. It's just advertising. Hey, if you want to be cool like Faul McCartney or Jim Morrison, drop acid, right?

  6. Plastic Macca,

    I always thought the fact that Paul never took LSD to be pretty fascinating. Do you think he had more of an idea of what was going on than the other three? I've read books that said that the other three bandmates were kind of miffed that he never took it and I think even Lennon considered him an "outsider". In all the research that I've done, the "first LSD" encounter for Faul was in December 1966, about 3-4 months after JPM's death.

    So why do you think that Paul never took LSD and the other three did?

  7. I do not personally think Paul ever took LSD. I believe that his refusal to promote the LSD agenda was at least partly why he was replaced.

    As far as the other Beatles go... there is very good evidence to suggest they were also replaced by the time Sgt. Pepper came out. In fact, I believe that the cover of Sgt. Pepper is a funeral to the old Beatles in their entirety & not just Paul. So far, I have only posted about John, tho.

    You can't always tell the would-be's from the real thing

    I don't believe in Featles: CIAlebrity impersonator: "John Lennon"

  8. I always assumed that Sgt.Pepper, and beyond, all were albums heavily influenced by psychedelic ingestion of which the energy garnered from can allow the user to hear and experience things previously unfathomed. You saw this transition occur in all or most of the bands such as Creme,Rolling Stones, and the Beatles ,especially, since they were all big stars for several years prior with a body of work only slightly beyond the simple lyrics of 50's rock tunes though the popularity of Dylan, especially started opening up greater depth of music and lyric, it seemed to super ignite with Magical Mystery Tour. The Rolling Stones, sort of the "bad boy" version of the Beatles similarly had an album by the name of I can't remember now.Songs began encompassing long instrumental interludes with innovative ways of expression, that were the perfect counterpart for what a listener, high on acid was experiencing.It is also,true that ppl could achieve a similar high by being around people that were literally high. This was called "hitch hiking"Possibly the real Paul was this type of person. With bands like the doors, Joplin, Hendrix and the like, they literally broke thru as acid bands, so their music was always freaky, though, what tended to happen was after a period of time, acid and peyote got bypassed by downer drugs and speed as they were more controllable and ,say, like in the doors case at the end, they were a hard blues band as a result.Just some hard info from a guy that lived during those times passing on what my gut tells me . great site!

  9. The Rolling Stones, sort of the "bad boy" version of the Beatles similarly had an album by the name of I can't remember now > Do you mean "Her Satanic Majesty's Request?" BTW, that album title really ought to raise a red-flag for those knowledgeable about the Illuminati.

  10. well i believe there were doubles
    atleast of paul mccartney, presumably of the others aswell.
    but there are isntances in which a beatle would appear to "come back" (I am quite convinced of one 1968 interview on youtube, with Lennon and Mccartney/Mcfartney, where john seems somewhat comical and authentic, though clearly disturbed at something or another, perhaps the idiotic interviewer. we have a faul in this interview the way i see it, no comparison in mannerisms, little comparison in looks and startling amnesia. John recounts a few stories and events and ends with "yeah, thats what happened" and Faul's incredibly elaborate input is a repeat of "yeah, thats what happened")

    but i see comebacks, i just cant dismiss it. i believe the doubles scenario, even can adapt to the nearly complete replacement scenario, both which could include coopting and blackmail, corruption of image etc. but i find it very hard to believe they were all killed. its a risky enough illusion to kill one, even figuratively (using doubles), but to kill them all and still present outstanding photo evidence of paul's father laughing heartily next to Faul? to present photos of Mccartney's brother laughing and smiling beautifully next to Faul while at his own wedding, Faul being none other than best man????) coopting can only go so far, me thinks. doubles fit most scenarios, and they fit better than "nothing ever happened go back to bed." kudos to you for the site, im an on-the-fencer regardless of what i say.

  11. Paul: You say you want a drug revolution? Well you can't count me out!

    (Death to Paul)

  12. Wonderful research, Tina. I really don't need to to any other sites to do my own continuing PID interests - you have it right here.

  13. Wonderful research, Tina. I really don't need to to any other sites to do my own continuing PID interests - you have it right here.

  14. By admitting to taking LSD, the Beatles we’re giving a ‘thumbs up ‘ to trying it, which I did in 1969. Then played Beatle albums all night. It takes your mind on a journey, a colourful one. I did it a few times but really did it to ‘fit in ‘. Still wish I wasn’t pressured into it. I was 17.


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