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"St. Paul": Terry Knight revealed Paul McCartney was dead

Terry Knight and Grand Funk Railroad
In May 1969, before the "Paul is dead" rumor started in earnest in October (in USA), Terry Knight had a minor hit with a song called "St. Paul." The song seemed to hint that Paul McCartney was dead. Andru J. Reeve, author of Turn Me On, Dead Man, discovered that “Saint Paul” was not published by Knight’s publishing company, Storybook Music, which published everything else he wrote, but rather by Maclen Music, Inc.,  which only published the words and melodies of Lennon and McCartney.  
The very strange song actually came out in May 1969 - five months before the first article on the subject appeared in the campus paper at Iowa's Drake University. More mysteriously, "Saint Paul" is the only Knight composition administered by Maclen Music - McCartney and Lennon's exclusive publishing company!
TURN ME ON, DEAD MAN: The Complete Story of the Paul McCartney Death Hoax by Andru J. Reeve. Ann Arbor, Popular Culture, Ink. 218 pp. $ 40.
Richard Harrington, Washington Post
The Jerusalem Post
May 6, 1994

Paul McCartney

Knight had met with "McCartney" in February 1969, and talked to Apple about signing him as an artist. On the flight back to New York, he allegedly wrote the song "Saint Paul."

Terry Knight - "Saint Paul"

Here is my interpretation of the lyrics:

St. Paul
[According to Christian tradition, St. Paul was beheaded in Rome around the mid-60s AD... at Tre Fontane Abbey [see]. Many of the clues suggest Paul suffered some sort of head injury. This could simply be a reference to Paul's being executed. See Was Paul McCartney murdered?]

I looked into the sky
Everything was high
Higher than it seemed to be to me
[When someone has passed on, one may look up to the sky thinking about the person's spirit form.]

Standing by the sea
Thinking I was free
Did I hear you call or was I dreaming then, St. Paul?
[People who are grieving may go to the sea to seek solace. They may also hope to communicate with someone who has passed on.]

You knew it all along
Something had gone wrong
They couldn't hear your song of sadness in the air
[They couldn't hear it because Paul had been silenced.]

While they were crying out, "beware"
Your flowers & long hair
While you & Sgt. Pepper saw the writing on the wall
[It's possible Knight thought Paul had been around for Sgt. Pepper, and didn't realize he was gone by then.]

You say you want to live your life to the future
They say they've got dues to pay today
You say it's the fool who plays it cool, Sir
And if tomorrow comes, you know, they'll all hear St. Paul say:
Let me take you down

You have a different view
[This could be a double entendre: you look different &/or you had a different opinion about how the band should be run.]

Hey there, Paul, what's new?
[Could this be a reference to a new "Paul"?]
Did Judas really talk to you
[This could be a reference to Judas' betrayal of Jesus to the Romans. Was Paul betrayed?]
or did you put us on?
[Possible reference to deceiving the world with Paul's imposter-replacement.]
I think there's something wrong
It's taking you too long
To change the world
Sir Isaac Newton said it had to fall
[This seems to be a reference to an apple. Apple was the Beatles' publishing company.]
Hey St. Paul!

You say you want to live your life to the future
They say they've got dues to pay today
You say it's the fool who plays it cool, Sir
And if tomorrow comes, you know, they'll all hear St Paul say:
I read the news today, oh boy.

You had a different view
Hey there, Paul, what's new?
Did Judas talk to you
or did you put the whole world on?
I think there's something wrong
It's taking you too long to change the world
Sir Isaac Newton told you it would fall

You didn't listen, St. Paul!
[Paul didn't listen to the warnings, and paid the ultimate price.]

Iamaphoney, creator of the legendary Paul is Dead - Rotten Apple series, says that the theme of the song is the death of Paul:

Mysteriously, Iamaphoney tells us to "find the cancelled check from Paul McCartney made out to Terry Knight."

Here is a reversal of "St. Paul." As discussed in previous posts, reversed speech can be quite revealing.

Reversed lyrics:

He will be with me.
They may hide it.
He must be with me.
They miss him.
He must be with me.
They miss him.
They hide it.
Who lives with that?
Paul is dead.
Who lives with that?
Paul, miss him.
Paul, you lost your wings.
Paul is screaming.
Paul was cut. Why? (Paul is dead.)
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Please, get me out!
Who is Paul?
They bought me out. (head wrapped)
They bought me out.(miss him)
They bought me out.
Please, get me out! Please.

Unfortunately, Knight would never talk about the song. "Reeve tracked the reclusive Knight to Arizona and hammered him with letters and phone calls, but Knight wouldn't talk." [Susan Whitall, "Paul is Dead: Old Death Rumor Won't Die,"]

Knight was murdered on November 1, 2004, so whatever he knew about the death of Paul McCartney died with him.

My impression is that Knight was given this song and paid to record it. It is also possible that it was commissioned to be written. That would explain why it was published by Maclen, and why there was a check made out to Knight from "McCartney." Knight may have been threatened with some dire consequences if he ever talked about the song or what he knew, considering Mal Evans and Heather Mills.

I think the Powers that Be tell us the score, not out of some sense of honor, but because they derive amusement from the fact that the sheeple never catch on, even when they are actually told the Truth.

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. Like many people, I had never been much into the Beatles post-1966 (except maybe for the White Album a little bit), so after reading this post and perusing your site a bit, I decided to go to the library and check out the CDs. Whoa.
    First of all, Paul's songs on Magical Mystery Tour and Abbey Road are DARK, nothing like Paul's previous writing style. One song stands out to me, and I have been listening to it over and over..."You Never Give Me Your Money". It sounds like it's written in the point of view of Faul, talking about his feelings when agreeing to be Paul McCartney. Maybe I'm crazy, who knows....but I can't get it out of my head (and I'm generally a skeptic).

  2. Thank you for sharing those insights. My personal belief is that Faul is dark, so that is very interesting to me that you picked up on that about the songs.

  3. What's interesting is that both Paul Mccartney and Saint Paul were executed for defending Truth.

    Unfortunately it appears that the executions of those who protest against The Beast, refuse to wear his mark and condemn Satanic occultic activities of the N.W.O. and their New Age Agenda will only increase over time. For some time, Evil will flourish all over the world. On the bright side however, Evil will only reign for a short while until Our Holy Father returns for good. And those who have been martyred for the sake of Holy Truth will be with Christ :)

    1. I know this doesn't have direct bearing on what happened to Paul, but you mentioned that the 'beast', when challenged by those who find out the truth, and try to expose it, will be killed, and that the list will grow longer over time: I found this video about those who have died mysteriously when they've tried to expose the Clinton's and their nefarious goings-on:

      It gave me the chills just listening to that list, which goes on for over one hour! I know Paul was not the first person who's efforts on behalf of the truth ended by them becoming statistics on police blotters, with no solution found as to why, or how they really died, or disappeared, but as you said, it is getting worse, and that list is growing exponentially now. Even the process server, who served papers to the Democrat National Committee the other day, was found dead around 24 hours after he served the papers containing the subpoena for DNC chairwoman, Wasserman-Schultz.[!]

      "Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus."[Revelation 22:20]

  4. Hey Plastic Macca,

    Is it just me or does it seem that JPM might have a certain "way" to him? I don't know if I can explain it all that well, but it feels like he had a certain heavenly blessing that the Lord sometimes bestows upon very important individuals (like Saint Joan of Arc for instance). I've noticed quite a few people in my church community gossiping about Paul for the last couple of months and how they've just been having certain "twinges" that something is not all that right with the "Sir (F)aul" who parades about in the media eye. Prayers of mine for the Truth's Sake have been answered now more than ever in the past year or so. I have a strong feeling that this is NO coincidence. The chains of injustice are beginning to break little by little.

    But back to Paul. I feel that he was bestowed a special gift by God to compose the way he did. The creation of "Yesterday" for example, shows all the signs of being gifted with sudden inspiration in a sense. And it's no wonder Faul hasn't come up with anything even 1/8th as good! It must really drive him up a wall to see Paul's song as one of, if not THE, greatest and most popular ever composed and subsequently covered.

    Before his death, you can clearly make out that SOMETHING set him apart from the other three in a way. It's in his voice, his body language, his eyes etc. Something that is ALIVE and ready to burst forth from the constraints of his oppressed surroundings. The other three on the other hand would take a much longer time to get there, if they even did at all. In his behavior, there is a tenderness so encompassing and longing to love that others around him immediately noticed. It's evidenced in Mccartney-penned songs like "Here, there and everywhere", "A World Without Love", "Woman", "And I Love Her" etc. When the other three were not up to going out of their ways or were too harried to assist a fan, Paul would come over and take care of whatever it was. This has been documented by more than several people throughout Beatles History.

    I read up on this blog that you were writing an article on Paul so I thought this would be a good anecdote. Do you have anything else to add or to comment on?

    Thank you!

  5. Yes, I agree w/ you that Paul "had a certain heavenly blessing that the Lord sometimes bestows upon very important individuals." I believe Paul was a powerful light-being (angel) who came for a purpose - to raise up the frequency & increase the Light here on Earth (& draw people closer to God). He's also been instrumental in exposing the treachery of the dark forces - their use of impostor-replacements especially.

    That is great that people in your Church are starting to recognize what is going on w/ Sir Faul :-)

  6. Hi--I believe the 'elitists'/illuminati occultists, need to tell everyone what they are really up to, because they have to, since God told us that, before He does anything, He tells all of us through His prophets. Those prophets wrote down all that God told them would take place until Christ returns, and beyond that.

    So, if we read, and believe what God's prophets told us in His written word, when certain things begin taking place we can recall what God has already told us about what would be going on, and what we can expect in the near future because of it. So, since the 'elite' serve satan, who is the enemy of God and of men's souls, they are commanded to let us know, but they obviously do not need to tell us outright. The way they lay everything out is convoluted, and even twisted, just as they are, so that means we need to dig out the truth for ourselves from the garbage heap into which they place it. God allows that because we are told to be good stewards of His written word, and He obviously expects us to be on our toes at all time where the enemy of our souls is concerned, as well. So give those 'elitists' no credit, since they have to let us know. They just don't need to make it obvious. The truth is there, but we need to dig it out, that's all. The truth about what happened to Paul is in there somewhere, too, I'm sure of it now.

  7. Hi--this is about the differences between the version of "Saint Paul" put out by Knight to begin with, verses the version he was allowed to re-release after MacLen made him pull the first version off the air. Here is a link to the version Knight first released:

    As you can see, on the label it clearly states on the right hand side of the label that it was by "Storybook Music", and was a "Good Knight Production", through "Capital Records". What MacLen wanted taken off the song seems to have been what Knight placed in the last minute or so of his first version. MacLen allowed him to continue using "Hey Jude" as background music for the song, but what they had him remove was something that, to me, at first sounded like jibberish. I have no way to slow the song down, so I tried listening extra carefully to what seemed to be being said near the end. I finally was able to make out what sounded like this:
    "Oh Ba Die ah Dee"
    And, it was sung over and over again. so I listened to it over and over again. Until it began to seem just like the little voice was saying, "Obadiah D", or at least it sure sounded like that to me. So, I looked up the Book of Obadiah, using the King James version. Obadiah only has the one chapter. So, I thought maybe the "D" was meant to indicate the 4th verse. I read that, but still wasn't sure I'd understood things correctly, so I waited for a couple of days, as I re-listened to the song a few more times, then allowed things to 'settle' in my brain, with me hoping things would begin becoming more clear over time.

    And, I think things now have, by tonight. I again went to and looked up Obadiah, then went down to verse 4, and here is what it says:

    "Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle,
    and though thou set thy nest among the stars,
    thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord."[Obadiah 4 AKJV]

    In that verse, the LORD is speaking to Edom, or, rather, to the fallen/evil spirit behind Edom, who influences the people related to Esau, Jacob's brother, who despised the ways of God, so gave away his own birthright to Jacob for a bowl of stew! He was always rebellious against God, and his descendants that live in and around the ancient land of Israel still hate, far more than they ever love others. But, the LORD was not addressing the people of Edom, but was speaking to the fallen angel/dark spirit that is behind Edom, spurring Edom on to hate, and to love death more than love life. God said this about that:

    "...all they that hate me love death."[Proverbs 8:36 AKJV]

    {Need to continue this in next reply}

  8. "Saint Paul" continued.
    Part 2

    Also, the letter "D" is the 4th letter in both the English and the Greek alphabet. In Greek it's known as "Delta", and it's shaped like a pyramid. The satanist, Manly P. Hall, claimed that the letter "D" was the first letter in the name of their 'god', small 'g'. 2 "Deltas" placed together, with one point facing upwards, and the other facing downwards, in a "diamond" shape["Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds", by John Lennon], shows satan's saying, "As above, so below". His 'motto' is "Do what thou wilt", or "anything goes".

    I think, if I'm right about what is being sung in the last minute of "Saint Paul", what Knight was referring to, by pointing to that verse from the Biblical Book of Obadiah, was that, no matter where 'they'/the evil ones go to try and hide, God, Himself, will go and get them and bring them back to 'face the music', in the end, as He promised that He would. Also, I can hear the high-pitched voice at the end of the song saying, "Love you, yeah, yeah, yeah...!" over and over again, to the tune of "She Loves You[yeah, yeah, yeah...!]".

    Also, I think I know what Knight meant in this verse, too:

    "And if tomorrow comes, you know, they'll all hear St. Paul say:
    Let me take you down...down, down, down, down..."

    He apparently means Paul wants what the Lord wants--to "take them DOWN"--and, that will happen, probably sooner than we might think, at this point. :)

  9. First time I saw the Beatles, I, as a ten year old child was enchanted. I knew i had seen something remarkable. They appeared on Ed Sullivan Show two days before my February 12th birthday, 1964. I always considered them the best birthday present for a long time. What is ironic I wrote a fan letter thanking them for cheering us up after poor President Kennedy was killed by the "crazy, communistic, lone gunman". We sure were duped many times history. I was devastated in 1969 when rumors Paul died. I never like music after Revolution and I thought they had fallen something sinister, thinking drugs or worse. I never liked WINGS, ever. Saw many classic rockers but never event considered seeing them. Sir Faul never gets my attention now except for this long time mystery I have picked back up to study. Sir Faul literally creeps me out. He is such an awkward ridiculous man. I have noticed some of the beautiful music by Lennon/McCartney originals speeding up and sounding bad, or Faul doing them again...ugh. The whole thing has been such a turn off for so long, I just did not realize at the time. See it now. Thank you Tina Foster for your wonderful research and others like you too, Clare too. I hope everyone wakes to the fact before Sir Faul dies. That will take more divine intervention as Paul was heavenly. He is due. A little more irony as my grand girls have been introduced to The Beatles, especially Paul. My nine year old looked at a comparison and pointed out the real Paul in an instant from sixties picture comparisons. Thought that amazing. Again, thank you. Love Paul. RIP

  10. Hi--something else occurred to me about the reverse speech found on the recording of "Saint Paul"--if the latter version of the song was the one used to play backwards to find the reverse speech, then that might explain why Knight is heard to say:
    "They bought me out. (head wrapped)
    They bought me out.(miss him)
    They bought me out."

    Because, if the song used was the latter version, by that time MacLen had bought him out, insisting the last minute or so of the song be removed, then they paid him money to do so, before allowing him to re-release it minus the clues he'd placed inside that last minute's worth. To see if that's right, the original version needs to be played backwards in order to hear if the same expression of 'guilt' by Knight can be found on it. If so, then I'm wrong--but, it won't be a first for me, unfortunately--I'm still just trying and failing, is all. :)

  11. I'm sure the maclen music part is because there is a direct lift from Hey Jude at the end of the song. Song credits today have Lennon/McCartney included...


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