Sunday, September 20, 2009

Don't it make Paul's brown eyes *green*

Observing Paul McCartney's eye color change from brown (or hazel) in 1966 to green in 1967 makes me think of the Crystal Gayle song, "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue." PIA'ers will use every rationalization possible to explain away the difference, but it is, in reality, just another giveaway that Paul was imposter-replaced.

Paul McCartney had brown eyes, although sometimes they appear hazel.

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In this picture, Paul's eyes appear to be hazel, but his eyes still have brown tones, unlike Faul, who has green or olive tones.

Madame Toussaud's wax figure of Paul depicts Paul as having brown eyes. Madame Toussaud's prides itself on its accuracy.

On the other hand, Faul's natural color appears to be green. He may have worn brown contacts to disguise his true eye color, because they do appear brown sometimes.

In the 1967 promotional video for "Strawberry Fields Forever," the camera zooms in on Faul's eyes, giving us a good view of his green eyes.

Then, in Magical Mystery Tour (1967), Faul shows us his green eyes again during the "Fool on the Hill" segment.

Yes, indeed. Come on. This has got to be the world's worst double.


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  1. Yes, it is obvious that Faul has lighter colored eyes.

  2. I look like Faul" Paul naturally. I was born on the same date of the issue of Newsweek in which Faul gave an evening press conference in Scotland to "verify" that he was still alive. I am the reincarnation of Craig Badiali, a Blackwood Regional High School senior of New Jersey, United States, who died in an anti-Vietnamese Conflict suicide pact with his then girlfriend (Joan Fox)3 days after the Paul-is-Dead controversy was universally acknowledged (10.12.1969 + 3 = 10.15.1969).

  3. I have been an astute stute student of P.I.D. for the past thirty years. There was an issue of the Sun Tabloid circulated in the States in 1981 that profiled a midwestern professor who taught an undergraduate class on the subject. I have my own observations on additional clues: Check the lining of Faul's lining of his Abbey Road Blazer. Could that be an image of his corpse (like that seen in the reflection of the window pane in the Beatles Anthology video? Lennon mumbles someything between a verse and chorus in "Don't Let Me Down" on the b-side of "Get Back", (hence the album (cd) track on HEY JUDE.

  4. More notes on PID (FAUL): BILLY MARTIN = (related to George Martin? Hence Lennon's resentment of the finetuning and polishing of the Faul tunes whilst exploiting John's songs with experimentation (aka hidden clues)? Strawbeery Fields is a cemetary in UK we've learned. Thus, the memorial for John in New York of the same name (tanks for the mammories of Yoko)? How Come Ken Dashau of Break Balls with the Beatles (NY-Q104.3) claims he is the authority on the Beatles yet still is misguided in his off-the-cuff remarks that "Savoy Truffle" is by Lennon when Beatles 101 knows well and fooking good that it is by George Harrison about Clapton's munchies binge?

  5. My musical genius comrade swore to me that the 1990's Paul McCartney added the "Plastic soul" contention at the beginning of "I'm Down" on ANTHOLOGY. This conversation centered on Paul McCartney being candy-arsed (since the Beatles) without either of us even recalling PID.

  6. Even if Paul did die and they got a look-a-like, kudos to them because they did a pretty amazing job.

  7. I don't think "kudos" are in order, considering that they engaged in criminal impersonation to cover-up a murder.

    However, I suppose they deserve respect for their ability to pull the wool over so many sheeple's eyes for so long.

  8. Sometimes peoples eyes change color from moment to moment, and permenantly. My uncles eyes changed color from brown to green and would change to hazel. I'm just saying. I'm not negating this is not the real Macca. It sure seems like this is a differnt man.

    God Bless you Paul.

    P.S. Why haven't any other rockstars talked about this?

    1. It was a secret, remember? On pain of death...

  9. I just love this. I was simply looking for profile pictures of Faul/Paul, and found your blog. ~Caty

  10. very interesting remarks. i could have done without the monster picture at the bottom of this page though, it sort of discredits all other info you supply that seems instead quite rationally laid out.

  11. ^ The monster picture of Faul was definitely meant tongue-in-cheek. One of the cointelpro "debunkers" posted it to discredit PID. The bright blue eyes were hilarious, since Paul had brown eyes, so I just couldn't resist posting it. Thanks for your comment, though.

  12. I am shocked, amazed, and dismayed at the cover-up of Paul's death, no matter how it really occurred. I have enjoyed listening to the songs for years, and now a lot of the "magic" has been taken from the quartet based on this information. Though I believe it, sometimes ignorance is bliss.

  13. This here is a fantastic rare photo of JPM's BROWN eyes in color. Taken in France in 1965. Feel free to add it to your collection.

    And P.S. Please remember to make a post for JPM's B-day on the 18th!

  14. I just stumbled on this the other day via you tube. If it's a different person, then why are Paul's eyes brown on the Let it Be Film when he is playing the piano or on Hey Jude. The Faul Paul does have hazel greenish eyes, however they may be contact lenses. And being older person im sure he has had cosmetic surgery....thanks~

  15. ^ you just answered your own question: contact lenses.

  16. The real Paul McCartney in black is a once in the life of the earth occurance. It's just meant to be that the looks bring in and help enable the music to reach greater audiences. To me, this is what a real artist looks like because nothing is overdone because there's no need to overcompensate. That's a genius; plain jane and refrain so he gets a real glimpse of the world.

  17. hes an impostor i dont understand why the people are stupid never you cant change the eyes color its imposible I am doctor believe me if you try to change the color of your eyes you have a rate to stay blind by the rest of your life maybe some people tell but he can use Coloured Contact Lens but in all the photos????? but paul I mean faul or the impostor if you put it all the day and all the week for 46 years its imposible i know this lens are cover by a lubricant to protect the eyes but use it for many long time exist the possibility to have a serious damage in the eyes this man its william campbell not paul paul its death!!

  18. I think a talented musician named William Junior Cambell became Paul. He was from a Scottish group called Dean Ford and the Gaylords who became Marmalade and replaced Junior Cambell with another Junior Cambell. Listen to pre 1966 Dean Ford and the Gaylord's recordings on you tube because you can hear Faul MCCartney singing in the background.


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